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For You Women, My Very First Time!

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I still Remember the first time....I want to share with you women.


I am 62 now, but I will never forget the very first time that I creamed. For you women who like to read about the first time, this is for you! I was about twelve or thirteen when I knew there was something that was driving me wild when I was naked. My cock seemed that it was always hard and there was a feeling that I could not explain. I had no idea what jerking off meant or did I even know that anything came out of my penis except pee. I did know I loved to be outside with my prick in the fresh air. I had this urge to rub it on things like trees, dirt, anything that made it feel good. I once found this old drain pipe in a wood shed that was dripping water. I got this sudden urge to stick my cock into that pipe! It felt so good going in, the feeling would build but I did not know what it was going to do! When I withdrew my prick from the pipe it was smeared with rust and cobwebs but it looked so erotic as it pulsated with pure pleasure!

It was my friend who one day, said that his brother made milk come out of his cock by stroking it! I thought that was disgusting but at the same time wondered if that was true. I loved to play with my dick so much and the feeling just kept intensifying when I did. It was a night I was sleeping over with my grandparents, when I was in my Aunts bed, rubbing my erection on her sheets, wishing she would catch me doing it! But no such luck, I had this intense desire for a girl to see 'IT'. While I was rubbing the spongy head on the sheet, suddenly the feeling intensified to a level I had never felt before. I thought something was going to happen but did not know what! I stopped immediately, letting the feeling subside. Now I was determined to get home the next day and see if I dared go beyond that threshold. I was so anxious to do it!

I got home the next afternoon and went directly into the bathroom. Removed my clothes and stood over the toilet stark naked. My prick was hard as steel and angled out from my body about 45 degrees, it looked so good. For the first time I saw something oozing out the hole, it was syrupy and clear. Lots of it began to drain out and I just could watch not knowing what was happening. My prick was bouncing to every beat of my heart. Long streams of clear fluid stretching out the hole in the tip of my cock. Why I decided to use my mother's hand lotion, I cannot explain, except for the fact I loved to put stuff on my member. I used a handfull of her lotion and smeared it all over my prick, starting to stroke it. As the head of my cock would go into the palm of my hand it felt like it was going to explode. I pulled down on the skin, causing the bulbouos spongy head to roll down at a slight angle, pulling the hole in the tip downward. After doing this a few times I was at that threshold I wanted to break through, the feeling was incredible and intense. I started to stroke it very hard and fast. I could not stop now. I was out of control, the aroma of the hand creme, the sight of my prick getting stroked back and forth, it exploded, that very first shot was a long stream of greyish fluid that came out so hard it missed the toilet entirely! My prick was convulsing now...Another large jolt of fluid came out, this time whiter and thicker onto the toilet seat. Another and another and another, cream now dripping from the hole in my cock squeezing every drop out. My cock did not lose it's rigidness but was red from the stroking and shiny with all that hand lotion on it. My very first cum oozing out it's Hole!! Hope you girls enjoyed this as much as I did to share with you!



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