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For Tk Watching With Jenn

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A good male friend of mine told me about Solo Touch a short time ago. This is my way of telling the rest of the story I was telling him a few nights ago. I hope you are ready T.K.


For the last three years year I have rented a room and shared a house with another young lady to keep the cost down. I will call her Jenn.

Jenn is a real nice girl, works hard and looks great. She has a small lean body and likes to show off whenever she can.

Shortly after I came to this house I found that Jenn was not shy about walking around nude in front of me. I was a bit put off at first due to the fact that she never asked if I minded, she just did it. Now it is very normal for me to do the same.

One night about two months after I moved in I was watching a movie when Jenn came in wearing shorts and a tiny top. I noticed her nipples were very pointy and hard as she plopped down on the sofa beside me. She crossed her legs and sat watching with me for about 10 minutes before saying a word. The movie went to a break then she turned to me and asked how I was that night. I told her fine and she said she was not. I asked what she meant and she said she was feeling in need of sex. I smiled and said she should call a friend and go out. She told me she felt like she needed to orgasm now asking me if I ever felt the same way. I told her many times then she asked me how I took care of my desires. I was too shy to say I masturbated or to tell her about my dildos and vibrators then as I searched for words she asked 'don't you masturbate'? I said sure sometimes even though I do all the time.

This is where I left off telling T.K. the story. So here we go with the rest. Jenn asked if I wanted to watch a movie she had seen since the one I was watching on TV was now ending. I said sure then she ran to her room returning with a disc in her hand. She slid in the disc and when it started I could see we were about to watch a porn movie. I did not know what to say so I asked who was in the movie (what a stupid thing to say). Jenn laughed and said she did not know but they were good at what they did.

Jenn was back on the sofa and as the movie was starting she asked if I had ever watched a porn movie with a friend. I said no then she asked if I had ever masturbated with a friend. I said no again avoiding further questions.

Jenn then asked if I was ok with another girl masturbating and as she was talking slid off her shorts. I said I was ok with it and she said she was too. Jenn said she had masturbated with many friends and felt it was quite normal and a great thing to share.

So now there was Jenn sitting beside almost nude which was not new but horny and nude was. Then she pulled her top over her head and she was naked sitting beside me ready to masturabte.

The movie started right into the heavy stuff and we both watched as a girl gave a guy a blowjob. Jenn smiled at me bringing her two feet togther touching on the bottoms with her knees wide apart. She looked at me with a smile, licked her fingers then slid them down to her clit. She then asked how could I just sit there without wanting to orgasm while watching this movie.

I told her maybe soon then she looked to the movie and started to rub her clit. I was not watching the movie but I was sure watching Jenn. I found it so interesting and exciting to watch this beautiful young lady for real rather than the movie plus it was a new thing for me. Jenn was enjoying her clit a bit more now rolling her hips just a bit. She looked over to me and just said 'what' with another big smile. I told her I wanted to see if she did it the same as I did and she laughed. She asked if I wanted to watch the movie and I told her I would soon. Right then she turned toward me and sat against the sofa arm with her legs still wide open. She put one leg behind the cushion and one one the floor and said maybe I should see if she orgasmed the same too. I was up for that and said 'sure I'd like that'.

Jenn started to rub a bit faster now as I watched her hand move back and forth over her clit. She then took her other hand and slid two fingers up inside to rub her g spot. Her breathing was getting quite heavy then she asked if I ever did it the same way. I admitted I did but like my dildo for that. She gave a slight smile then went back to hard rubbing. Jenn said with a real panting voice that I should join her now. I said I was enjoying the show and asked her to please enjoy herself while I just watched.

Jenn masturbated like that panting and rubbing with her hips moving around for maybe seven to ten minutes then her orgasm started to come on slowly. She kept up the same pace but her panting got real loud. A few seconds later and her orgasm came on full and I watched this beautiful lady squirm around in front of me almost like she was in pain. Her orgasm lasted quite a long time. As soon as I thought she must be done it seemed to start again. She continued for quite a while then stopped and just lay there with her legs open and arms over her head.

She calmed down then opened her eyes and I saw that nice smile again. I clapped my hands without making a noise saying that was a great performance. Jenn said it felt so good and she needed those orgasms. She said she had four back to back and I then knew why she was orgasming for so long. I asked her how she gave herself orgasms so close together like that and she said 'lots of practice' with another big smile.

Jenn aked me again if I was going to masturbate. I was so turned on but felt shy for some reason. She said I should only do what makes me comfortable. By her saying that it did make me comfortable so I slid off my tracks then just sat there for a moment. Jenn said go ahead and now I'll watch you.

I sat beside her and she reached forward turning my shoulders to one side saying I should be comfortable like she was. I took the same position then began my show for Jenn. It did not take me long at all before my body responded to my fingers rubbing my clit. My orgasm came within about three minutes of starting. As I came I made sure to keep watching Jenn to see how she reacted to my orgasm. I could tell she enjoyed it by the look on her face.

A few seconds after my first orgasm I told Jenn I was not done and told her not to move from where she was sitting. After a bit of talking I went back to enjoy another orgasm and Jenn joined me this time. She did not have such a long orgasm this time but it sure was nice to watch again. I was so excited that night and stayed masturbating while Jenn watched me for what felt like an hour. Jenn kept telling me just one more each time I would orgasm. After a while I was just too tired and stopped but boy did I ever feel great! I had so many fantastic orgasms that night and my lower body felt like I just had a massage from the inside out. That is the only way I can describe it.

So there you go T.K. That is the story I was too shy to tell you in person. I hope you enjoyed it.

And by the way, that was only the first time we masturbated together. Now it is quite often that we share our orgasms or one of us is enjoying herself out in the open when the other is just there in the house. I have also had two great evenings with a friend of Jenn's too. I enjoy masturbating with the girls as a trio but I like alone time with Jenn the best. We think it's the only way to be together in perfect harmony.

T.K. I guess now we both know a secret about each other.

See you soon.



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