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For This Relief, Much Thanks

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"For This Relief, Much Thanks"by Julian Blake


The five of us had gathered in the small classroom to do our homework together. It was French translation and we decided that five average brains were better than one average brain. Everything started seriously and we had completed nearly half a page when Dave‚??s right hand disappeared below the desk and he started fidgeting.

"Sorry, but I‚??ve got a hard-on!" he said with a smile.

"Let‚??s see!" challenged Paul.

Dave stood up and revealed the bulge in his trousers. That was enough to get my prick swelling.

"So much for French translation!" I grinned. "Mine‚??s up now! What are we going to do about it?"

"Well, I‚??m going to the lav for a wank ‚?? won‚??t be long!" Dave started towards the door.

"Hey, why go to the lav ‚?? what‚??s wrong with wanking here?" said Nigel.

"What, in front of you lot? No way!"

"What if we all wank together?" I suggested. Hector, who was known as a compulsive wanker and who had mutually masturbated with several boys from our class although not with any of us, jumped at the idea.

"Great idea! Let‚??s see who can come first!" he said enthusiastically, starting to unbutton his flies.

"No, why rush it? Let‚??s just whip out our cocks and enjoy ourselves" suggested Nigel, "Come on!" And he too undid his flies and revealed a throbbing, erect cock, which he started to rub slowly.

It did not take long for us all to free our erections and start to masturbate, each in his own way, Hector and Paul with the fist firmly clasped around the shaft, Nigel with just the thumb and forefinger gently stroking the head, I with a thumb and three fingers while Dave leant back in his chair, undid his shirt and rubbed his penis against his stomach.

"That looks good," I said and followed suit.

"It‚??s better if you rub like this" Dave advised and placed the palm of his hand on my penis and gently rubbed it from side to side against my stomach.

"Wow, careful ‚?? I‚??m going to come!" I gasped. It was truly wonderful. He stopped for a moment and looked at me and then at his own penis.

"Go on!"

I paused for a moment and then took hold of his penis. It was warm and throbbing and reacted enthusiastically to my touch. I held it gently and moved my hand up and down. Dave took hold of mine and ‚?? lo and behold ‚?? we were actually wanking each other. For me it was the first time, but I got the impression that it was not the same for Dave. I glanced at the other three. They were gazing at us, fascinated ‚?? and, I suspected, enviously! Hector was the first to speak.

"Why don‚??t we all do that!"

"O.K., but there are five of us. Who‚??s going to be the odd one out?"

"Nobody. Look, let‚??s sit in a circle and each wank the person on his right."

So we arranged five chairs in a tight circle, dropped our trousers and pants to the ground for greater freedom, and each took hold of the penis on his right. It was an incredible experience. You could tell just how the person on your left was feeling, by the way his hand treated your penis.

"This is fantastic ‚?? but I don‚??t think I‚??m going to be able to hold out much longer", panted Dave.

"Nor me", added Nigel.

"Look, let‚??s all try to come together," I suggested.

"O.K. - but make it soon," smiled Hector.

We all looked at each other in turn, trying to gauge the right time to ejaculate. We were so carried away by the surges in our loins that we didn‚??t hear the door open. We did hear the voice that followed.

"Excuse me! Am I interrupting something?"

Everyone froze, and tried to look normal, which was not an easy thing to do with one‚??s trousers round one‚??s ankles, particularly for Hector and Paul who ejaculated immediately on hearing the headmaster‚??s voice from the doorway.

"Er ‚?? well, sir‚?¶" started Nigel.

"I think the best thing to do would be to make yourselves respectable and report to my office in fifteen minutes. All right?"

"Yes, sir," came an embarrassed chorus. The headmaster left the room, leaving five flabbergasted boys to pull up their trousers. Hector and Paul wiped the sperm from their legs, trousers and the floor and Nigel threw caution to the wind and finished what he‚??d been doing before they‚??d been so rudely interrupted, ejaculating into his handkerchief. Watching him, my erection, which had started to subside, immediately sprang to attention and I had no option but to follow suit. Dave ignored us both and finished adjusting his dress.

"Well, we‚??re for it now!" he said, dejectedly.

"I suppose so. Oh, well ‚?? it was nice while it lasted!"

The five boys went immediately to Mr. Calder‚??s office and reported to the secretary.

"What have you been up to? He wants to see you one by one. Who wants to be first?"

Nobody seemed very keen, and so I said:

"I will ‚?? I may as well get it over with."

I went into the headmaster‚??s office where Mr. Calder was sitting not at his desk but in an armchair by the window. He was around fifty, balding and athletically built.

"Come and sit down, Blake." He pointed to another armchair directly opposite his.

"Well, sir, I don‚??t know what to say‚?¶."

"Don‚??t say anything until I‚??ve spoken, Blake. Just listen, and answer my questions. So, you were masturbating in the classroom during prep time? Well, I‚??ll say at once that I actually don‚??t think there‚??s anything wrong with masturbating."

This rather took me by surprise.

"No, it‚??s quite a natural function. I do it myself."

This took me even more by surprise.

"You, sir?"

"Yes, me, Blake. Why does that surprise you? How often do you masturbate?"

"Oh, about twice or three times a week," I lied, having done it at least once a day over the last ten days or so.

"Is that all?" Mr. Calder crossed his legs to conceal a rather obvious erection. "When I was your age I did it nearly every day."

I now felt ashamed, but felt I could not go back on what I had said.

"Do you often do it together?"

"No sir, it just happened."

"Hmm. Well, I‚??m sorry I interrupted you ‚?? did you ‚??er finish?"

"Most of us did, sir."

"Well, you‚??d better be careful in future.Iunderstand, but there are those who wouldn‚??t. Miss Laver, for example."

Miss Laver was the R.E. teacher, a very devout spinster to whom sex was the business of the devil.

"Yes, sir, I understand, sir."

"Look, keep this conversation under your hat, won‚??t you? I understand you ‚?? you understand me, right?"

"Right, sir."

He stood up, revealing a painfully obvious bulge in his trousers. He casually tried to adjust it, but without success.

"Tell Faber to come in, will you?"

In spite of my recent orgasm, I also had an erection, which Mr. Calder noticed. He smiled. I left the office and Nigel took my place.

When we exchanged notes afterwards back in the classroom, it turned out that we had all had more or less the same conversation, that Mr. Calder had had an erection the whole time, and that he had not without some obvious pleasure eyed the erection of each boy. Hector seemed to have had slightly different treatment in that he had been shown the headmaster‚??s bathroom. From his sheepish look we were pretty certain that it had been more than just a look around, but Hector was not saying anything. We all agreed that we would respect the headmaster‚??s wishes and keep our conversations with Mr. Calder to ourselves.

"Fancy old Calder wanking!"

"Well, men do ‚?? my old man does." said Nigel. " I burst in on him in the bathroom once when he was wanking in the bath with a soapy hand."

"Coo, what did he say?"

"Nothing at the time ‚?? he just pretended he was washing himself. But he came to see me afterwards. I was in bed. He said he felt it was time to tell me something and proceeded to talk about the changes that happen to boys when they reach puberty and all that crap."

"What did you say?"

I had already started wanking before he came in, so I stripped back the bedclothes, continued wanking and said "Thanks dad, but I‚??ve been wanking for two years now. If you keep quiet about my wanking, I‚??ll keep quiet about yours!" He just smiled and went out."

"Girls do it too, you know. My big sister showed me how she puts two fingers up her cunt." boasted Dave. "She said she would show me if I wanked in front of her, so I did!"

Out of respect for my own sister I decided to keep quiet about the time she was in my bed and I showed her how I masturbated. We were reading together and she accidentally touched my penis which was erect. Fascinated, she asked to look at it ‚?? so I showed it to her and told her that when it was stiff like this I had to rub it up and down to make it limp again. She asked me to show her ‚?? and nearly screamed when I came all over her!

Hector‚??s family story was somewhat different. It involved his Uncle Henry, who was a mechanic and who used to visit them frequently to service their car, lawnmower and anything else that was falling apart.

"My mother asked me to tell Uncle Henry that lunch was ready. He was working in the garden shed and as I got near it I could hear what sounded like our dog sort of whimpering. I looked in the window and there was Uncle Henry, his stiff prick sticking out of his flies, wanking our dog while the dog licked his prick. The dog was humping up and down and then it came all over Uncle Henry‚??s leg. Then Uncle Henry came, and the dog started to lick up the cum. That‚??s when I decided to go in."

"Cor, what did he say?" said Paul, stroking his erection.

"He didn‚??t seem all that put out, actually. He just did up his trousers and asked me if I masturbated. I of course said yes, and he said "Good show ‚?? great, isn‚??t it. Try it with the dog sometime." ‚?? and we went in to lunch."

"And did you try it with the dog?"

"Of course. And it really is great. I did it with Uncle Henry too! I told him I‚??d tell Dad about the dog if he didn‚??t let me play with his prick!"

Making a mental note to do it with our dog at the earliest opportunity, though not with my Uncle Jack, whose breath smelt, I decided that now I had to contribute my family story. Telling them about wanking all over my sister was out, and so was the time I saw my father sucking off the gardner behind the garage. I did not want them to think my father was gay. So I went back to the beginning.

"It was my elder cousin who first taught me to wank. I was twelve and we were sitting alone in the sitting room. My parents were out somewhere with my sister. We were wearing our pyjamas, ready for bed and mine were a bit open in the front. This obviously excited him and suddenly he put his hand on my prick. He asked me if I played with myself and I said sometimes in bed and he asked me if I "came". I didn‚??t know what that meant so he said he‚??d show me. His prick was big by now and sticking out of his pyjamas. He started to rub mine, but nothing happened. He told me to try to pee, so I did. At first I couldn‚??t, but then I peed all down my pyjamas and couldn‚??t stop. Anyway, it had the right effect, as I got an erection. He started rubbing it and told me to do the same for him. After a while he stopped rubbing me and took hold of his own prick. He suddenly started shaking and moaning and then he came ‚?? all over me and the sofa! Then he told me to keep on rubbing myself ‚?? I did and then I started to feel something down there ‚?? well, you know what ‚?? and I came too. So there we were, with pee and spunk all over my pyjamas, the sofa and the floor. We cleaned most of it up, but because of the pee stains on my pyjamas I had to tell Mum that I‚??d had an accident and didn‚??t get to the loo in time!"

"Did she believe you?"

"I doubt it, as we hadn‚??t been able to completely get rid of the spunk stains, but she didn‚??t say anything."

"I sometimes pee in my pants and then wank ‚?? when I‚??m alone at home and can wash the pants afterwards," said Nigel, "I shit in my pants too, sometimes. It sounds weird, but it turns me on."

"I"ve done it when out running," I confessed. "It turns me on too. Look, why don‚??t we organize a peeing and shitting session ‚?? we could do it on a free sports day and then wash our pants in the river."

The others agreed unanimously, and as we were all by this time rubbing our erect pricks through our pockets, we finished the job in hand, ejaculating into our pants.

The idea of peeing and shitting in our pants was foremost in all our minds over the next day or two. I had the chance of a dress rehearsal as my parents took my sister to a concert one evening, leaving me on my own. I took some dirty clothes from the clothes basket, put them on, and went out into the garden. I hadn‚??t peed since I arrived home, and I definitely needed a crap. I walked casually around the garden relaxing my bladder and bowels. Peeing was not easy as I by then had an erection, but as soon as the shit started to come, the pee came too. I had a brimful bladder and the warm liquid flowed down my legs and I could feel my pants filling out. I shit a hell of a lot and could feel it squidging all over my arse and it started to ooze out of my pants and between my legs. I did not have to more than just touch my prick to come. It was fantastic. Now came the difficult bit ‚?? cleaning myself up. I got into the bath, stripped off and shook what I could of the shit into the loo. There was still a lot stuck to me - including my prick which I had pushed back between my legs. This got me excited again and I wanked once more, the shit making quite an original, if messy, lubricant. I then washed all the shit off in the bath, bunging up the plug-hole in the process. It took me several minutes to get rid of it! Then I rough-washed my pants and jeans and put them in the machine with the rest of the dirty washing and switched it on. Fortunately my parents did not return until towards the end of the cycle, otherwise they might have guessed what I had been doing, from the colour of the water! It was difficult to imagine that our free sports day could be more exciting. But it was!

We only had three days to wait. The plan was to go jogging, wearing tracksuit bottoms over the shorts we would be wearing for the "session", so that we would have something clean and dry to return in! We would finish our jogging on the "island" ‚?? which was on the part of the river where the school went swimming. There was a danger of others being there too, but it was big enough for us to be able to find a sufficiently secluded spot. We set off at three o‚??clock and jogged a couple of miles before making for the island. Of course, nobody had had a shit that morning and we all drank lots of water at lunchtime, so that we were bursting by the time we got to our destination. The running had got my bowels working and it was all I could do to hold the shit back! So, as soon as we found a good spot, we took off our tracksuit bottoms and let go! We of course all had erections which we arranged vertically so the pee squirted up on to our stomachs and then ran down our legs. Peeing in one‚??s pants is fantastic enough, but watching others doing the same is out of this world.

"In anybody shitting yet," I asked, "because I am!"

Once I had started, there seemed to be no end to the amount of shit, which filled out my pants and then started oozing down my legs.

"Here it comes!" shouted Nigel, and he too started filling his pants. Hector was the only one who had any trouble with shitting, but he too managed in the end and we were soon bathing in our own shit and piss!

"God, I‚??m coming already," said Paul, and freed his prick to release a spurt of sperm. We all followed suit, and none of us needed more than a slight touch to reach orgasm, so excited had the pissing and shitting made us. As the excitement died down, Paul suddenly exclaimed:

"Hey, there‚??s somebody watching us!"

And there in the bushes was a younger boy, about thirteen, who, as soon as he realised he had been seen, tried to run away. He didn‚??t succeed, as his shorts were round his ankles ‚?? he had been watching us and wanking himself. We grabbed him and pulled him into the open.

"Spying on us, eh? How could you?"

"I won‚??t say anything! Honest!" he whimpered.

"No, you won‚??t, or you‚??re in trouble. Fancy wanking on the island! What will your form master say?"

"Don‚??t tell him, please!"

"All right ‚?? but you‚??ll have to do penance!"


"Shit and piss in you pants like we did, and then wank in front of us!"

"No, I can‚??t do that!"

"Yes you can, and you will! Or else‚?¶"

"I don‚??t need a shit or a pee!"

"Well you‚??d better produce something or‚?¶"

"All right, I‚??ll try!"

And so he stood there and heaved and after a few seconds the piss started running down his legs. The expression on his face changed. He was obviously enjoying it! Then there was a short fart, his face turned red and the shit started to come. It wasn‚??t true that he hadn‚??t needed a shit. His shorts quickly filled with rather runny shit which soon started to run down his legs. There was the sound of laughing from the bushes and we quickly revealed three more thirteen-year-olds who were enjoying their classmate‚??s ordeal. They tried to escape, but we quickly rounded them up and stood them next to their friend.

"O.K. Since you were watching, you know what you have to do!

And so we enjoyed watching three terrified thirteen-year-olds peeing and shitting in their pants. Without exception they all got erections while doing so. We did as well, but decided to clean ourselves up before we did anything about them.

""Right lads, let‚??s get washed ‚?? and then you lot are going to wank!

"Sorry, but I don‚??t wank," said the youngest boy. "I‚??m only twelve."

"Then why‚??s your cock so hard? With a cock like that, you can‚??t make me believe you can‚??t wank!"

"Well, I‚??ve never wanked, honest!"

"Well, you‚??re going to start now." Come on, take it out!"

The boy knew he had no option and so he lowered his shitty shorts to reveal a very stiff prick, with only a light bush of pubic hair. Hector went up to him and put his hand on his prick.

"Try rubbing it, like this.." He started to wank the boy, who put up no resistance. After thirty seconds or so he started to show signs of enjoying it.

"O.K. Now carry on by yourself."

"What about you?"

"We‚??re going to do it later ‚?? this is your solo."

So the boy continued to rub his prick, and his three classmates started to follow suit.

"Not yet, you lot. Wait and watch!"

This was easier said than done. They were all so aroused by watching their virgin classmate reaching his first orgasm that two of them came with just a brief touch of the hand and the third gave three or four quick rubs and spurted his sperm all over the wanking twelve-year-old who then shook, squirmed, let out a cry and ejaculated, with a delighted smile on his face. We were all on the edge of orgasm but held back.

"O.K. you three. Since you couldn‚??t wait, we‚??ll all get cleaned up and then we‚??ve got something else for you to do." said Paul.

We all stripped off and jumped in the river to get rid of all the shit. We washed our shorts and then returned to the bank. Our erections had subsided in the cold water, but as we ran about to dry ourselves, they started to fill out again.

"Right, young-uns, you have a job to do. You‚??ve all wanked yourselves ‚?? now wank us!" ordered Paul.

The four looked at us in disbelief, but they knew we meant business. We lay down on the grass and beckoned to them.

"Who‚??s the oldest?"

"I am," said the tallest and best endowed boy.

"Right, you can wank me and Dave at the same time. The rest of you wank Julian, Hector and Nigel."

I decided to be wanked by the "newboy". He had a soft, artistic face and would probably do the job, if not "professionally", at least with feeling. I guided his hand to my now solid prick and he started gently rubbing it up and down. The others were all rubbing quickly and rather roughly, though none of the "wankees" seemed to mind. My hand wandered towards my wanker‚??s flaccid prick. I held it gently and stroked it. Immediately I could feel it stiffening. God, if this lad really is a beginner, he‚??s pretty potent. Soon his prick was fully stiff again and I rubbed it up and down in the same way that he was wanking me. He smiled at me and we silently continued. The others seemed to be concentrating simply on reaching an orgasm. We were concentrating on enjoying ourselves. His prick was so sweet ‚?? not long, but quite thick and well-proportioned. I then did something I had never done in my life. I shifted my position until my head was level with his crutch. Then I gently took his prick in my mouth. It was an incredible sensation ‚?? for me and also obviously for him. I sucked, tickled his prick with my tongue, and then took the whole shaft into my mouth. It was incredibly arousing and I could feel myself about to come. Suddenly the boy bent down and took my prick in his mouth. This was too much. I sucked him more and more vigorously and could feel him beginning to shake. A few seconds later I could feel a stream of liquid filling my mouth ‚?? and then I came as well, filling his. He was rather taken aback and spat out my sperm immediately. I savoured his for a while ‚?? it had a slightly different taste from mine, which I had of course once tried out of curiosity. Our moment of ecstasy was interrupted by a sudden round of applause. We had been too involved in our mutual fellatio to notice that the others had ejaculated already and were sitting and watching us, wiping their sperm over their bodies as they did so, and, inspired by us, having a quick taste!

"Well, is there anyone here who hasn‚??t enjoyed himself?" asked Dave.

Everyone laughed ‚?? and of course nobody volunteered an answer.

"And is anyone going to tell anyone about what we‚??ve been doing?" asked Paul.

This time nobody laughed, but it was obvious that the message was understood. Our afternoon on the island would remain our secret.

I could not stop thinking about how much I had enjoyed sucking that twelve-year-old‚??s prick, and it began to worry me. Was I perhaps gay? Probably not, as I was still aroused by what was still left of the pictures in the porno magazine I had "borrowed" from Dad. When I had found it there were just one or two sperm stains on it ‚?? now most of the pages were stuck together with my dried sperm. But perhaps Dadisgay and it‚??s genetic! I mean he did suck off the gardener. I decided that there was nothing to lose by talking to him about it ‚?? so that weekend I asked him if I could go fishing with him. He was very happy to take me, so we set off for the river. Eventually I plucked up courage to speak.

"Dad, did you ‚??er play with yourself when you were a boy?"

"You mean did I masturbate? Good God, of course I did. What boy doesn‚??t? Hey, don‚??t tell me that you haven‚??t started yet, because I won‚??t believe you!"

"Yes, of course I wank, Dad. But, did you wank with other boys?"

"Yes, frequently ‚?? and we wanked each other. It‚??s quite natural."

"It doesn‚??t make you gay?"

"No, of course not. It‚??s something you grow out of when you start to go out with girls. And it‚??s much better than getting a girl pregnant."

"What about sucking another boy off?"

"Well, I admit that I did that too. Do you?"

"I did the other day. Will I grow out of it?"

"Yes, of course!"

There was a brief pause while I plucked up the courage to continue‚?¶

"Dad, if you grow out of it, - I mean ifyou‚??vegrown out of it ‚?? how come I saw you sucking off Mr. King behind the garage a few weeks ago?"

"Oh, Christ. So you saw me! Well, it‚??s going to be difficult to explain‚?¶"

"Look, you don‚??t have to apologize or anything like that ‚?? just tell me you‚??re not gay!"

Dad laughed, obviously relieved.

"No, I‚??m not gay. Look, I‚??ll be perfectly frank with you ‚?? Mum and I don‚??t have sex anymore. She doesn‚??t want to and I respect that ‚?? but I still need it ‚?? regularly. I wouldn‚??t dream of being unfaithful ‚?? at least I wouldn‚??t sleep with another woman ‚?? and most of the time I masturbate when I need relief ‚?? but I also have a need for physical contact. Harry King and I were chatting and the subject came around to sex ‚?? we talked about masturbation, then we started to masturbate and one thing led to another. It was simply physical contact ‚?? like you and your mates. I have to admit I rather envy you. It‚??s much better masturbatingwithsomeone."

"Why don‚??t you masturbate with Mum? I mean, women masturbate don‚??t they?"

"Yes, and I‚??m pretty sure Mum does, but she refuses to admit it ‚?? and she seemed shocked when she woke up once to find me masturbating beside her. That‚??s the main reason why we sleep in separate rooms now."

All this talk about wanking had inevitably given me an erection and it seemed pretty obvious that Dad was in a similar state.

"Look Dad, all this chat has got me worked up. Since we‚??re being open with each other, I‚??ve got to have a wank now. Shall I go into the bushes?"

"Good grief, no. Do you think Ihaven‚??tgot an erection? I‚??m happy to wank in front of you if you‚??re happy do do it in front of me!"

"Really? Wow!"

So without further ado we undid our flies and released our swollen pricks. It was a strange feeling wanking in front of someone from whom I had carefully hidden my sexual habits but at the same time I felt closer to my father than ever before.

"It‚??s like we are ‚?? well ‚?? mates!" I said happily

"That‚??s exactly how I feel." replied Dad. He looked down at my prick, but did not say anything.

"Do you want to ‚?? er touch me?" I asked tentatively.

"Why not? You‚??re my son!" he laughed and took hold of my prick.
"And you‚??re my father!"

I took hold of his, which was slightly longer and considerably thicker than mine ‚?? or than any of my mate‚??s. We each rubbed the other‚??s penis, smiling affectionately at each other. When we both felt ready to come we returned our hands to our own members and with a heave a shake and a groan ‚?? we ejaculated into the river. It had been a wonderful experience ‚?? perhaps the first time I had combined sex and love. It had seemed so natural. Whether this was a once off or the first time of many, neither of us knew, and it didn‚??t matter. We continued fishing for a little longer and then made our way home. We didn‚??t say very much, but we both felt that something wonderful had happened.

For the next day or so I found myself thinking about what Dad had said about Mum wanking and thought how awful it must be to always do it in hiding and not to be able to admit it. I made up my mind I wanted to help her and decided that the best thing would be to enlist the help of my sister Chrissie. So that evening I asked her if she would like to read with me in bed. She agreed readily ‚?? and when we were together I realised why. She assumed that I wanted a repeat of the previous adventure! Her hand went immediately to my prick, which, for a change, was not erect.

"Come on, Julian! Make it get big! Hey, look what I do!"

Chrissie lifted her nightie and opened her legs, revealing her fanny with its light bush of hair. She lowered her hand and found a place beneath the hair and started rubbing it. Then one finger entered her fanny.

"Gosh, where did you learn to do that? You know a lot for a thirteen-year-old!"

"Susan showed me! She‚??s been doing it for ages. She learnt from her big sister. She hasn‚??t got a brother though ‚?? and she‚??s jealous of me seeing you wank!"

"You mean you told her? Coo, I didn‚??t tell anyone."

"Why not? Come on ‚?? start wanking. I see I‚??ve got you worked up."

She certainly had. My prick had risen from my pyjamas and was standing vertically.

"Let me do it for you."

And without waiting for my consent, she started rubbing my prick with her right hand while she masturbated herself with her left one. She really did it extremely well.

"Hey, have you done this with anyone else? You‚??re very good at it!"

"No, honest. Look, I‚??m going to come soon. How about you?"

"Yes, so am I - look, I‚??ll finish it myself‚?¶"

And so, fifteen-year-old brother and thirteen-year-old sister, lying next to each other, masturbated themselves to orgasm. I came just before Chrissie and ejaculated all over her stomach. She wiped the sperm all over her fanny as she orgasmed.

"Hey, careful! You might get pregnant!"

"Gosh, that would be funny ‚?? pregnant by my brother!

"It wouldn‚??t be funny at all!"

"Look, Julian, Susan wants to watch you wank. Will you do it for her?"

Susan was quite a girl ‚?? mature for her age, with large tits.

"Well ‚?? yes ‚?? but she‚??ll have to let me touch her tits"

"I‚??m sure she will. And you‚??ve got to bring one of your mates so that we‚??ll have a foursome. Who‚??s got the biggest prick?"

"Hey, I‚??m not sure that anyone will agree. Well, actually, I suppose they will. Er ‚?? I would recommend Dave, he‚??s pretty potent and very experienced."

"O.K. Then we meet at the pavilion on Saturday at six! We can go into the copse and find a secluded spot."

"So you‚??ve got it all organized then?

"Of course!"

"Look, there‚??s something else. I need your help ‚?? at least Dad and Mum need your help‚?¶"

And I told her about my fishing outing with Dad and about their ‚?? or rather Mum‚??s - sexual problem.

"What I think is that you‚??ve got to corner Mum ‚??in bed if possible ‚?? and start talking about masturbation. Tell her you get the urge but don‚??t know the best way to do it. Show her how you try and see if you can get her worked up."

"Shall I tell her about us?"

"Not to start with, no, but if she masturbates with you and enjoys it, tell her you‚??ve done it with a boy and go on about how great it is. Then ask her if she does it with Dad. When she says no, make her promise to try."

"O.K. It‚??s worth a try. Hey, perhaps we‚??ll end up with all four of us doing it together!

"Wow ‚?? but why not? It‚??d be great!"

So, one result of this wanking session was that I proved to myself that I‚??m probably not gay! And next Saturday would confirm it. But there were four days of wanking to go before then, and I still hadn‚??t wanked the dog!

My chance came the following evening. Mum and Dad went to the theatre and Chrissie was with Susan ‚?? masturbating, no doubt. I had quite a bit of homework to do but wanking Billie was foremost in my mind. Billie was an Alsatian cross and had been with us for about four years. He and I got on quite well together ‚?? now we would see quite how well. As soon as we were alone together I gave him something to eat and then put on a loose pair of shorts with no underpants. I sat in the armchair and started to wank through my trousers. As the pre-cum started to flow I called Billie, who came over immediately. His nose went straight to my crutch! He was obviously quite excited, but there was no sign of an erection. I tentatively touched his prick which was completely limp. I rubbed it ‚?? and took out my own prick. This seemed to do the trick. Slowly Billie‚??s prick emerged and soon it was fully extended ‚?? pink and pointed. Billie was now jumping up on me and licking my prick vigorously. I took hold of his and started wanking it. He moved backwards and forwards with the movement of my hand and got more and nore excited. Then suddenly he ejaculated ‚?? several bursts of rather liquidy sperm which went all over the carpet. He calmed down for a moment, but continued to lick my prick ‚?? and then got just as horny as before. I had a wicked idea. Would he fuck me in the arse, if I let him. I took off my shorts and wiped some pre-cum on my arse. Then I bent over, doggie-fashion and stuck my arse in his face. He licked it furiously and then his forelegs went up onto my back. I could feel him rubbing his prick against my arse. I lowered myself a little and moved my arse-hole towards where I could feel his prick. He didn‚??t seem to be getting the idea ‚?? but I put one hand behind my back and succeeded in guiding his prick towards the hole. As soon as he felt an opening, in it went ‚?? and then he went wild. He went in an out at tremendous speed. It hurt a bit, but his prick was not much thicker than the finger I sometimes insert while masturbating, and the pleasure far outweighed the pain. I managed to get one hand to my prick ‚?? though I was on the verge of coming without any handwork. Billie rammed faster and faster ‚?? and then I felt a series of spurts inside my arse ‚?? and I came too. Billie then jumped down and immediately licked up my sperm, which was all over the floor. I collapsed onto my stomach, exhausted. Wow! I had done it! Not only had I wanked a dog, I‚??d been fucked by one. I was one up on Hector‚??s Uncle Henry!

I decided to tell the others the next day. I think Hector was the only one who really believed me. But that was their problem. But everyone forgot about it when Nigel came up with a suggestion for the "wank of the day". It was for us all to wank during Miss Laver‚??s RE class! And not in our trousers, as we frequently did during class, but openly, so that the others ‚?? though not Miss Laver of course, could see. The theme of her next lesson was the miracles of Christ ‚?? and we realised it was going to be a miracle if we succeeded and that if we were caught the consequences were going to be far from minor, particularly after the undertaking we had given the Headmaster. Hector started the ball rolling as soon as Miss Laver turned to write something on the blackboard. He took out his already erect prick, provoking one gasp and several giggles. Miss Laver turned round angrily, but everyone froze, and she suspected nothing particularly untoward. Hector‚??s initial success encouraged the rest of us to take out our erect or semi-erect pricks, and start to wank. A ripple of uneasiness spread across the classroom, but to Miss Laver‚??s eyes everything was normal. She turned back from the blackboard and started with the lesson.

"Right, who can tell me what the first of Christ‚??s miracles was‚?¶?"

One of the keener boys started answering and we continued wanking, making the minimum of movement and staring fixedly at Miss Laver with an air of concentration on our faces. I glanced round the classroom and it was my turn to gasp. At least three other boys had joined our challenge! Oh God! She would be bound to notice one of us! And she did. Me!

"Blake, what have you got under your desk?"

"Nothing, Miss Laver."

"Then please come to the front of the class and relate one of the miracles to us."

I had to think fast.

"Can I do it sitting down, Miss, I‚??m not feeling very well."

"Oh, all right then. Which miracle are you going to choose."

"Er ‚?? the raising of Lazarus, Miss."

Several boys tittered at this, but Miss Laver ignored them. Paul waved his erection at me to demonstrate how effectivelyhisLazarus had been raised! I started my task, but did not stop wanking. The others also realised they had to finish quickly and so there I was telling the story of Lazarus with seven boys wanking all around me. I spread the story out as much as I could, glancing round the room to assess the situation. Suddenly I was aware of sperm squirting and dribbling out of pricks all around me. Fortunately everyone managed to come with the minimum of vocal and physical reaction ‚?? I was really worked up but knew that I had to contain myself a little longer. If I came while I was talking I would be sure to give the game away. I drew the story to a close and looked across to Paul. He had a deliriously satisfied expression on his face and was tucking his prick back into his trousers. Suddenly he started clapping ‚?? and everyone joined in. Miss Laver rapped on her desk for silence ‚?? and I took the opportunity to ejaculate. And what an orgasm! The first squirt of sperm flew on to the desk ‚?? I quickly aimed my prick downwards ‚?? and the next spurt went on to the floor. I put my foot on it, and hastily covered the sperm on the desk with my book. By the time Miss Laver had quietened the class down, my prick was back in my trousers and everything was back to normal. We had succeeded!

Of course the result of this adventure was that our "wanking club" increased its membership to the majority of the class and not only did mutual masturbation become a popular class "hobby", but also mass wanking sessions became a regular occurrence, though not during Miss Laver‚??s class, but in the relative privacy of the cricket pavilion. Individual wanking continued during classes, though largely through the trousers, but the observant onlooker could witness open wanking in the library, the showers, the swimming pool and the computer room.

That evening, Chrissie invited me into her bed ‚?? just for a chat. She seemed pretty excited and it turned out that she had had her chat with Mum the previous evening and wanted to tell me about it. She kept one hand under her nightie and it was obvious what she was doing with it.

"I couldn‚??t think of a way to start the subject ‚?? and then I had an idea. When I knew that both Mum and Dad were in their rooms, I crept into her room and told her I had had a terrible nightmare and was frightened on my own. Of course she suggested I get into bed with her, and we snuggled up together."

"A good start!"

"Don‚??t be silly, she just had her arm round me. Then, after a while, I said: "Mum, can I ask you something?" and she said "Of course" and I told her that my friend Susan had told me that she masturbated, that it was wonderful and suggested I tried. I told Mum I had tried but that nothing had happened and asked her what I was doing wrong. Mum seemed a bit shocked and said I was a bit young to start masturbating. I started to cry and said that all the girls at school were talking about their orgasms, and I felt left out. Then she took pity on me and agreed to show me! She lifted her nightie and told me to watch carefully and copy her. She explained about the clitoris and everything else that I knew already and then started to masturbate. Wow, she‚??s a real pro! I copied her ‚?? and had the best orgasm of my life! We both went off to sleep, and then suddenly I woke up. There was a hand on my fanny! Mum had pulled back the bedclothes and was playing with herself with one hand and me with the other! I pretended to be asleep for a while, and then I turned over and casually put my hand on her fanny. I opened my eyes, we smiled at each other, and then, without a word, we masturbated each other! Then I told her about what you and I did ‚?? and about you and Dad. She didn‚??t seem a bit shocked ‚?? only excited, so I suggested it was time she did it with Dad. She said that she had been so horrible about his wanking that she didn‚??t think he would be interested ‚?? so I suggested that she try immediately. She said she would if I acted as mediator ‚?? so off we went to Dad‚??s room together! He was asleep and so we pulled the duvet back ‚?? wow ‚?? he had such an erection! Mum said I‚??d better go, but I said no way. She started to wank him and he grunted, and started heaving about. Then Mum got worked up and started rubbing herself. She took her hand off Dad‚??s prick and he started wanking himself! That got me going, and there we all were, the three of us, wanking together! Whether Dad was really asleep all the time I don‚??t know, but anyway he suddenly shook, groaned and squirted sperm all over Mum! She rubbed it all over her clit and then she came ‚?? and so did I. Then Dad opened his eyes ‚?? and just smiled and pulled Mum towards him. That‚??s when I thought I wasn‚??t wanted ‚?? so I went. In the morning both Mum and Dad just said "thank you!"

We had both been wanking as Chrissie related her account of the previous night‚??s excitement and as soon as she had finished we both came.

"Wow, well done! It looks as though everything‚??ll be fine between Mum and Dad now. It‚??s a pity I wasn‚??t there to complete the family!"

"I shouldn‚??t think that was out of the question, sometime in the future ‚?? after all, you‚??ve already wanked with me and Dad!"

"Well, if you can arrange it‚?¶."

"I‚??ll see what I can do ‚?? but first of all there‚??s Saturday ‚?? have you arranged it with Dave?"

"Not yet, but I will!"

"You‚??d better. Now you‚??d better go back to your bed!"

The reason I hadn‚??t arranged it with Dave was because I couldn‚??t get that twelve-year-old, the boy whose virgin prick I had sucked, out of my mind, and was considering inviting him for Saturday, instead of Dave! How I was longing to repeat it. But then I realised that I did not want to share him with anyone, especially not with my sister! Oh Christ ‚?? perhaps I really am gay!

Anyway, the next day I told Dave I had to see him on his own and we met in an empty classroom during prep time. I told him about the fiendish plan concocted by my sister and her friend Chrissie and asked him if he was willing. Of course he accepted without any hesitation and then we started talking about details. The general idea was to have a general wanking session, but we would all be naked and were allowed to touch whoever we liked, wherever we liked.

"Which means you and I can touch each other‚?¶" I started.

"And I can touch Chrissie‚??s tits and put my finger up her cunt!" continued Dave.

"O.K. ‚?? but nothing more than your finger!" I laughed. "She‚??s only thirteen!"

The thought of Dave putting his finger up my sister‚??s fanny transformed my semi-erection into a full one.

"Well, I haven‚??t wanked today, but I‚??m going to make up for it now and think of Saturday!"

"I wanked in the shower this morning," said Dave. "But I‚??m ready for another."

So we took out our pricks and started wanking ‚?? first we wanked ourselves and then our hands spontaneously wandered over to the other‚??s prick. It wasn‚??t long before we heard footsteps approaching. We just had time to somehow shove our erections into our trousers before the door opened. We needed have worried - it was the headmaster!

"Ah, it‚??s you two. What are you up to ‚?? or should I ask, whataren‚??tyou up to?!"

"Nothing sir ‚?? at the moment. We were just chatting."

"Would you like to come to my study for a cup of tea?"

"Oh, yes please, sir."

This was quite an honour, something usually restricted to final year boys. Of course we immediately suspected that there would be more to the visit than a cup of tea, but we took it as a compliment, anyway. As we entered his study we noticed his secretary wasn‚??t there, and when we were all inside he turned the key in the lock.

"Miss Brown‚??s taken the afternoon off ‚?? I‚??ll just lock the door so that we aren‚??t disturbed," said Mr. Calder.

Now we knew that we were in for more than just a cup of tea! However, we were in for more of a surprise than we had bargained for. We were offered tea and then told that we were going to watch a video while we drank it. Mr. Calder switched on the television and started the video player. It was something he had filmed with his Camcorder. To start with it looked like a nature study film. All we could see were bushes and undergrowth. Soon, through the greenery we could make out some figures ‚?? and then we had the shock of our lives! Not only did we recognize ourselves ‚?? with Hector, Paul and Nigel, but we immediately recognized when and where it had been filmed. On the island, on the day of our pissing and shitting session. We just sat there in silence, feeling Calder‚??s eyes burning into us. It was very badly filmed ‚?? the camera had obviously been a long way away and there were bushes and trees in the way, but there were clear patches, and it was quite obvious what we were doing! The wanking was relatively clear ‚?? and quite arousing! If it hadn‚??t been Calder who had filmed it we would have revelled in this porno session. As it was, we just had to wait and receive our punishment.

"Do you want to see any more? The bit with the other boys is not very well filmed, but the cock-sucking is not bad!" said Calder with a smile.

"Well, what can we say, sir‚?¶? I started.

"Nothing, my boy, nothing! I‚??ve already told you that I see nothing wrong with wanking and you can be sure that I wanked that day while I was filming it ‚?? and have wanked over it several times since. You can be sure that this film will reach no other eyes than mine. Trust me! But now, I would like to ask you to do me a favour. I would like you to do some filming for me. I have my Camcorder here and all I want you to do is film me while I wank. I‚??ve tried doing it myself, but it‚??s too static. Will you do it for me?"

When we had seen Calder‚??s video we couldn‚??t believe our eyes ‚?? now we couldn‚??t believe our ears! My first reaction that it was blackmail ‚?? film me wanking and nothing will be said about the island session. Then I realized that it would be quite a turn-on to film old Calder wanking! I glanced towards Dave and he was obviously thinking the same.

"All right, sir. We‚??ll do it. Er- where and how are you going to er- wank, sir."

"I want it to look casual and natural. I‚??ll be working at my desk and I‚??ll start feeling horny and unbutton my trousers. I‚??ll start wanking sitting at my desk, and then I‚??ll take my trousers off and go and sit on the chair. I‚??ll finish lying on my back on the floor with my legs thrown back over my head, and I‚??ll come into my mouth. All right?"

"Wow, sir!" was all I could say. Now it was clear why he couldn‚??t film it himself.

And so Calder set up the Camcorder and we filmed him ‚?? at least, I filmed him while Dave watched, rubbing his prick through his trousers. The Head was a pretty good actor. Through the viewfinder it really looked as though I was spying on a middle-aged man who suddenly felt like a wank. He started very casually and then go more and more worked up, and looked pretty impressive when he stripped off ‚?? well-built and athletic. His prick was huge and his erection as hard as iron. He obviously really enjoyed wanking and when he did the final gymnastic display and ejaculated straight into his mouth, it was all I could do to hold the Camcorder steady. By this time Dave was openly wanking and I panned round to him just in time to film his spurt of sperm spraying all over the carpet.

"Well done, Blake! What a perfect end to the film. I shall enjoy watching that. Would you like to see it at once?"

"Coo, yes, please, sir," said Dave, wiping his prick on his handkerchief.

"Er- excuse me, sir ‚?? but could I do something about this?" I begged, pointing to the bulge in my trousers.

"Oh, of course, Blake ‚?? sorry! Very inconsiderate of me. Please go ahead."

I started to undo my trousers, but Calder grabbed my hand.

"No, wait a minute. Can I film it?"

"Why not," I said, flattered by the idea.

"Well, do your trousers up again and I‚??ll catch the whole thing from start to finish. How are you going to wank?"

"Well, Iwasjust going to just quickly relieve myself, sir, but if you‚??re going to film me I‚??ll do it a bit differently. I‚??ll sit in front of the mirror, and stick one finger up my arse.."

"Wonderful! And you, Willis, why don‚??t you creep up behind him and take over half way."

"You mean wank Blake, sir?"

"Of course I mean wank Blake. Don‚??t you want to?"

"Yes, sir".

And so our headmaster, still stark naked, filmed me wanking in front of a mirror with one finger up my arse. He gave Dave a signal to enter the shot and so he came up behind me, stretched out for my prick and continued where I had left off. Both he and Calder had erections again and I took Dave‚??s prick and started to wank him. Calder came closer with the camera and suddenly put it in Dave‚??s hand, motioning him to continue filming. The Calder took my prick and started to caress it, gently at first and then more vigorously. I had never been wanked like this before! The hand of experience was at work. After a minute or so he crouched down and took my prick in his mouth and sucked and licked it until I was beside myself. I could hold back no longer. My orgasm was mind-boggling. The sperm came out in a series of steady streams. Calder took it all in his mouth and when I had finished, dribbled my cum on to his hand and then wanked himself quickly and firmly, coming in a matter of about twenty seconds.

"Did you get all that, Willis?"

"Yes, sir!" answered the bewildered Willis. Calder took the camcorder from Dave who immediately fell upon his throbbing prick and ejaculated almost immediately.

"Thank you boys!" said Calder. "You can get dressed now. Of course, you won‚??t mention this outside this room, will you?"

"Of course not, sir" I assured him, and Dave murmured his assent. We got dressed and left the Headmaster to spruce himself up in his bathroom.

There were still nearly two whole days to go until Saturday evening and I decided to give my prick a rest. This was easier said than done! I lasted throughout Friday, in spite of a number of uncomfortable hard-ons and an invitation from Hector for a quick mutual wank in the shower after games. But as soon as I got into bed, my hand went automatically between my legs - up went my prick and it was a question of either a wank or a sleepless night. I didn‚??t rush it though ‚?? I kept myself on the edge of an orgasm for as long as I could and then finished by humping my pillow and imagining it was Susan!

Saturday morning I spent doing my homework and keeping my mind as far away from sex as I possibly could. During the afternoon I underwent one of my masturbation training sessions, that is masturbating to the edge of orgasm and then stopping until the excitement cools, and then repeating the process. I‚??d got the idea from a book and found that it ensures one hell of an orgasm and loads of sperm when wanking an hour or so later! At five-thirty Dave arrived and Chrissie came out of her room to check that we were ready for the rendezvous. We agreed that Dave and I would leave first and then she would call round for Susan and they would meet us at the pavilion. When we arrived there were several boys on the playing field kicking a ball around and so we went straight into the copse to see how the land lay. It looked promising, so we returned to the pavilion. At a few minutes after six, Chrissie and Susan arrived. I could see at once that Chrissie fancied Dave ‚?? and why not, he was quite good-looking. She would fancy him even more when she saw his prick! I certainly fancied Susan. She wasn‚??t the most beautiful girl in the world, but she had the most fantastic tits ‚?? the biggest I‚??ve ever seen on a thirteen year-old. Her eyes dropped immediately to my crutch, which immediately got my trousers trembling!

"Well, so we‚??re all here!" I decided I ought to do some introducing. "Dave, this is Chrissie and this is Susan. Girls, this is Dave. The boy with the fastest prick in town!"

This broke the ice and we set off giggling for the copse. We found an open spot with some inviting grass, and sat down.

"Right, so how do we organize this? Susan, it was your idea in the first place, so‚?¶"

"My idea?" Susan interrupted. "It was not! Chrissie said you wanted to wank in front of a girl who wasn‚??t your sister! I just said I didn‚??t mind!"

"Ooh you little fibber!" laughed Chrissie.

"Look, it doesn‚??t matter, does it, as long as we all want the same thing!" I mediated. "And I certainly want to wank!"

"O.K., but first I want a pee." Susan said out of the blue and there and then took down her tracksuit trousers, crouched down and urinated in front of us. This really turned me on! I undid my trousers and revealed my swollen prick to a "strange" girl for the first time in my life.

"Come on, Dave. You too!" said Chrissie.

"I will if you pee too!"

So Chrissie repeated Susan‚??s "pissing" while Dave dropped his trousers and revealed his throbbing member, which he proceeded to wank, approaching Chrissie as he did so. She was at first rather taken aback, as Dave‚??s prick was both thicker and longer than mine, but she soon got a grip on herself ‚?? and on Dave‚??s prick! Susan, who was watching boys masturbate for the first time in her life was intrigued ‚?? and very worked up. Her hand went down to her still damp pussy and found a familiar place.

Then we all took our trousers, knickers and pants right off and continued the job in hand; some of the time we wanked ourselves, some of the time each other. Susans hand went to her tits ‚?? and mine followed close behind! It was the first time I had touched a girl‚??s tits ‚?? and I nearly came immediately. Susan found it extremely arousing and quickly took off her tracksuit top, and lay on the grass completely naked. I stood over her and wanked, while she inserted two fingers into her fanny and quickly pushed them back and forth. I lay down beside her and put my hand towards her fanny. She removed her own hand which I took as an invitation ‚?? so I gingerly put my index finger into her hole. She shuddered with enjoyment and put her own finger on her clitoris. I looked across at Dave and Chrissie. They were also naked; Chrissie was lying on her side and masturbating while Dave rubbed his prick between the cheeks of her bottom. Suddenly it slipped between Chrissie‚??s legs and rubbed against her fanny.

"Hey, careful, Dave. Don‚??t go too far!"

"Don‚??t worry old chap!" panted Dave.

"Spoilsport" laughed Susan and opened her legs wide to clearly reveal her open, inviting vagina. "Come on! Fuck me!"

"Don‚??t be silly, Susan. You might get pregnant."

"You‚??resilly! I was only joking! When are you going to come? I want you to squirt your spunk all over me."

I knelt down over her, and touched her fanny with my prick. Oh, how I wanted to push it in. Instead, I slid up her stomach and pushed my prick between her tits. She held her tits together to create just the right pressure and I pushed my prick backwards and forwards. Susan‚??s hand went down to her fanny and she started rubbing it fast and frantically.

"I‚??m coming!" I gasped. And I came. And how! My masturbation training session had worked! Vast quantities of sperm shot out in regular bursts all over Susan‚??s face and hair. She came at exactly the same moment and gave such a heave with her body that I nearly fell off her. I milked the last few drops of sperm from my red but still rock hard prick and lay down beside Susan. She smiled at me and then glanced towards Dave and Chrissie. I followed her glance just in time to see Dave‚??s load squirting all over Susan‚??s stomach and small breasts. I turned back to Susan. She was wiping her fingers through the sperm on her face and putting it in her mouth.

"Not bad!" she said.

I kissed each of her nipples in turn and said:

"Not bad!"

But the thought that was going through my mind was:

"Hurrah! I‚??m NOT gay!!"

To be continued‚?¶




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