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For Small Breasted Woman

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Here is a bit about me too. Cock size, body size & what I like to do.


Hi Small Breasted woman. Here is a bit about me.

I have a ton of time on my hands when my wife was working overseas for two or three weeks at a time. We had phone sex the first time she went but it was expensive so we only now only talk for short times a few times a week.

I am a very sexual guy & just jerking for the sake of climax is ok but I need more. What I do is rent porn movies a few nights a week. I grab a quick bite then off to the sex store I go to get four movies. Yes four, just in case one or two are not great. I do not want to come home with nothing to jerk to.

On those nights I start jerking about 6:30 & I'm not finished until at least 10:00. I make sure to use a ton of lube, a good mix of Vaseline topped with oil. What a great slippery cock that makes.

I'm a tall muscular fit guy & my cock matches my size at eight inches. It's not abnormal but it is large. I love stroking for hours then what a rush the huge orgasm is later. If I make my cock stay hard watching good stimulating porn for that long my orgasm is mind blowing! My balls pull up so tight they feel like they enter my body when I shoot the long ropes of cum. I have actually shot loads into my open mouth by mistake & into my hair. Last year was the first time I tasted my own cum because I shot so hard. It was not bad at all & I've done it again since just because. I figure my wife loves to swallow my cum all the time so why shouldn't I know what it tastes like.

I've cleaned off the wall behind the couch where I sit but it's always after I have endured the absolute best orgasm. I usually jerk off again about 15 minutes later because my cock & balls feel like they are not done yet after such a long jerking session. The second orgasm is just a bit better! I only have one good shot of cum then a few short squirts but it feels like huge shots coming out my cock & my balls end up pulled tight into my body again.

Sometimes I see how many times I can cum in one night. I have made it seven times before it's time for bed & after when laying in bed my balls are very sore & tender. The next morning I always turn on the porn again & jerk before leaving to return the discs. The morning orgasms are great too & my cock is sensitive but not sore thanks to Vaseline & baby oil.

Tomorrow night is one of my alone nights with my big hard cock. I'll be naked from 6:30 on again. All alone stroking my big cock.

I love vids with small breasted fit women like you. I like it when they masturbate or do 69's with another women. I love seeing them suck small tits too & even better if the nipples are long & hard.

Another thing I want to share is something that happened about a year ago. I was in the gym showers late one night about a half hour before closing. A young guy that I see not often was showering in a stall a few down on the opposite side. Our stall have no doors, just short walls. I could see this young guy from behind & I was sure he was jerking. Sure enough he turned & his cock was sticking up toward the ceiling. He is not a big guy but he's buff & tight & keeps his body hairless right down to his cock & balls. His body looked sexy with his huge cock & even though I have no interest in guys it gave me an instant erection for some reason. Seeing as he was showing me his I did the same. I too keep shaved cock & balls & my large cock looks even larger when bald. My eight inches was sticking out for a good show & I gave it a few strokes with soap making it look like I was washing it while I cleaned. The young man kept looking at me while showing his own cock then he gave it strokes while turned toward me. I was afraid somebody would walk in but nobody did. He kept watching both doors then started stroking his cock full on. I just watched him. It was a very short time later that he turned & I watched his shoulders & head jerk while I'm sure he came in the shower. That was a very nice thing to watch. I stayed in the shower until my cock went down to half so it did not stick straight out. He was almost dressed when I strutted out with my half hard cock. He looked at me then to my cock then away. I have seen him on the floor a few times since & only nod hello. No more shower jerking though.

I hope you like hearing about my jerking sessions. I do love small tits.



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