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For Old Time's Sake

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I couldn't believe this happened, but I would LOVE to share it!


My roommate and I had had a pretty crazy night and she asked me to sleep in her room, 'for old time's sake' (like before we had lived together). She claimed she was 'too hot' and stripped her pyjama pants and t-shirt off, me following suit with just my bottoms. For a while we both had been experiencing a bit of sexual tension, making out at parties, playfully flirting, etc. So at this point, I was getting pretty turned on with her lying practically naked next to me.

After a while, we both grew really quiet and I made the boldest move I ever have in my life: I reached over and caressed her breast lightly with my hand. She didn't move or say anything, so I rolled her nipple lightly between my fingers. At this point, she just sighed a little heavily and shifted her hips. I continued, dragging my fingers to her other breast and doing the same. Soon, I felt the bed shaking a little bit, and her breathing was becoming heavier. I then realized that she had her hand underneath the covers, and she was rubbing herself! I got SO wet and excited, I could not believe what was happening. So I moved my hand under the comforter and placed it on top of hers, outside of her panties, while she rubbed away at her clit. I enjoyed the feel of her hand moving in circles on her pussy, and soon moved my hand underneath hers and for the first time, touched another woman's pussy besides my own.

She moved her hand away and I slipped my fingers between her lips and massaged her clit. She was panting and moving her hips around under my hand. I was getting so turned on, I was breathing pretty heavily, too! I just couldn't stop myself from leaning over and going to her breast with my mouth. First, I ran my tongue around her nipple (she gave a nice gasp at that), then just sucked it between my lips while my fingers worked away at her pussy. It was amazing because she was arching her back, pressing her nipple more into my mouth, and she was rolling her hips all around under my hand. I started to alternate between sliding my fingers into her and just massaging her clit. I knew she was getting close when her breathing was becoming really labored and she was moving her hips around even more, so I started to rub even harder and move my fingers at her entrance. She gave a little moan and kind of froze with her back arched off the bed, and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting. I gave her clit a few more slow rubs then pulled my hand away. She just sort of looked at me, smiled, and rolled on to her side.

We never talked about that little 'incident.' I went to my own bedroom before she woke up and pretty much avoided her all the next day. I always get so horny remembering this night, and this is the first time I've actually shared it. Now, I'm REALLY turned on and have to go... take care of some business. Haha. Maybe I'll come back and discuss one other *interesting* night we shared...



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