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For My Wife's Pleasure

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My wife and I have been married for 20 years. Our sex life has been pretty typical until about six months ago.

Our son had gone off to college and we found ourselves with the house all to ourselves. Our sex life had become pretty routine and I thought we should take advantage of the situation to spice up our sex lives. We grew a little more adventurist but I was usually the one to suggest something as my wife was always kind of shy about trying new things until she got into it.

One night after dinner we were sitting in the living room watching TV but not much interesting was on so I made a few passes and we started a little sex talk. We ventured onto the subject of fantasies.

After some prodding, she shyly admitted that when she was a teenager, she wondered what it would be like to watch a guy masturbate. That kind of surprised me as I had always thought women weren't as turned on visually as guy's seemed to be. I asked her if she wanted me to masturbate for her and surprisingly she said yes.

I had never masturbated in front of anyone and the idea seemed kind of weird, but at the same time I wanted to encourage her sharing any thought or fantasies. After a little nervous thought, I said OK and suggested we go to the bedroom and she could help get me started.

She said no, I could do it here in the living room. The curtains were closed but it still added to my nervousness. I asked her if she wanted me to just sit there on the couch and she thought for a minute and then said, I know, and picked up some couch pillows and put them over by the wall. Then she went into the dining room and got a chair and went down the hallway and left the chair towards the end and came back and turned off the hallway light. I wasn't sure what she was doing.

She came up to me and pointed down at the pillows on the floor and told me to undress and lay down there and she would go down the hallway and sit in the dark where I couldn't see her. I thought, wow, a women who has a voyeuristic streak.

I said, this is kind of different. Although I didn't see anything wrong with masturbation, it had always been kind of a private thing. I asked her, maybe you could get me started. She said no, masturbation was supposed to be about awakening your own sexuality and that's what she was interested in seeing was me arousing myself in my own way without anyone else. It seemed a little more in-depth than just watching me, but it intrigued me.

I pulled my sweat pants off and pulled off my shirt and lay down on the floor and she went down the hall. I looked but could barely see her silhouette. I began to fondle myself but felt pretty weird knowing she could see me but I couldn't see her. It seemed like a long time, but eventually I became semi-erect.

This made it easier to masturbate but I still felt self conscious. It took a while but I finally began to feel that slight sexual tingle and my penis grew more erect. I couldn't remember the last time I had masturbated as I rarely did, probably due to getting older and life in general. Even when I was younger, once I was married, it didn't seem as important.

Maybe because it had been so long since the last time I had masturbated, I began to kind of enjoy it and kind of forgot about my wife watching me. As I got more excited, I remembered about my wife, but for some reason it added to my arousal. Kind of like being a kid and doing something naughty and you might get caught but it thrills you none the less. It didn't take long until I got pretty excited and it became more exciting knowing my wife was watching. I found that I had to slow down or I would bring myself over the edge and I wanted to maintain the excitement not only of my sexual excitement, but the excitement of being exposed doing something so usually private.

Finally I couldn't tease myself any longer and I went over the edge into an intense orgasm and then ejaculation. All I could do was just lay there and stare at the ceiling. My wife came in and knelt down beside me and her eyes were really big. I asked her if that's what she wanted. and she told me yes, and that she hadn't expected to get so aroused by it. I asked her to get me something to wipe up with, but she said in a sultry voice that she liked seeing it there.

We talked a little bit about the experience until the puddle began to roll off one side of my stomach. She cupped a hand and scooped it back up onto my stomach and then got up and went to get a towel, licking what remained off of her hand.

We talked about the experience and she said that what really turned her on other than the event itself was seeing me in a new way. It made her realize that I was a sexual human being unto myself. She had seen her sexuality as relating to 'us' and this had expanded her view that we were sexual individuals, me by arousing my sexuality by myself with no help from her and of her own arousal without any help from me other than by watching this personal part of me.

Since then we've incorporated masturbation into our sex lives. Not only do we find it visually stimulating, but intellectually as well. Although I really enjoy watching her masturbate, intellectually as well as visually, but I think we both really enjoy me masturbating for her. I like how she is proactive by telling me how she wants me to do it whereas for years she was kind of shy about expressing her wants and desires, and I like how it affects her. I also like the exposing that personal aspect of my sexulaity with her.

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