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For Molly - Non Touch Orgasm

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Molly's story on November 7th reminded me of a fun night I had years ago with my ex-girlfriend. A link is provided for easy access to her story.


They say that the mind is the most powerful sexual organ in the body. Women seem to understand this more than men, possibly due to the fact that men's sexual organs are all external. Because of that, men don't think that sexuality is 'inside them' the way that women do. Molly has found ways of bringing about orgasms without the need to physically touch herself. Consider yourself enlightened and lucky, Molly. Some people seem only able to discover what excites them physically. Open-mindedness is always a good thing.

Some years back, I found myself in a long-distance relationship that left my girlfriend (who I will refer to as Katie for this story) unable to have a physical relationship due to the miles that separated us at the time. We used the internet and the phone to keep in touch with each other and a lot of our coversations involved us trying to figure out a way for one of us (or both of us) to relocate so that our relationship could fully blossom.

That being said, our conversations also revolved around us telling each other how we would make love to each other when we finally would get together again. That usually got us horny (although sometimes it would make us a little sad because we were so far apart and wanted to be together). Of course, two love-sick people on the phone, horny as could be, would often result in our having 'phone sex'. We would usually take turns telling each other what we would like to do, while the other 'played'.

The one night, something unusual happened. I was telling her what I would want to do, but she wasn't touching herself. She had her eyes closed and was just imagining what I was telling her.

My voice is somewhat of a blessing. I've had women telemarketers call me up to sell me something, only to have them forget what they were doing and instead flirt with me. I've been told that my voice has the ability to 'send tingles' through a woman's body. It's nice to be able to do that, and helped Katie through a lot of lonely nights.

As I told Katie what I was doing to her, I also described how her body would react. Without going into a lot of detail, let's just say that some of the women I've known over the years have taught me a lot and although I'm a guy, I understand more about a woman's body than even some women do. (I know that sounds a lot like I'm just bragging, but it's somewhat important to the story. I don't usually share this ability unless I know someone really well beforehand. I save that for women that I really care about.)

As I continued talking her through the scenario, I heard her breathing and moaning as she would usually do while caressing and fingering herself. I asked her if she was touching herself and she told me, no. She admitted, shyly, that the story I was telling her was really turning her on. Needless to say that put a smile on my face and made my jeans pretty tight. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to make her happy, in any way I could.

Further into the story I began to describe her body's build up to orgasm. She told me later that every little thing I described would actually happen to her. I started to be more emphatic with my words, and sped things up to match how aroused she was. I told her that her body was tensing up and that she was beginning to cum. Turns out she really was and my voice and description was enough to make it actually happen for her.

Her breathing and whimpering moans sounded just as intense as they would have if she was really touching. After she came back down from her orgasm I 'held her in my arms' and she told me that she was able to cum, just from listening to my voice and imagining what I was telling her I was doing.

At the time, Katie and me were very much in love, and I believe that was a strong factor for us. I also believe that women are capable of many things that seem to be out of the grasp of men. That may be due to guys being less open-minded or our tendancy to focus on more physical things when it comes to sex. For a woman, having candles lit in a room can be a turn-on for them. For a guy, it seems more of a turn-on to see a woman naked. If there's a way for guys to have a no touch orgasm while being awake, I haven't found it, at least not yet. Maybe someday that will happen; for now I just hope. :)

Molly, your no touch orgasms are definitely a blessing, but you're not alone. I know other women besides you and Katie that have been able to do it, also. I do hope that your story will inspire others to tap into what you've discovered for yourself.



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