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For Katie from Elizabeth

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Katie, thank you for your kind comments. I am flattered that you may like to get off with me, and it made me do this.


OK.. the reality first. I am, as I said in my last story, a virgin. I have had limited sexual contact and only with boys. A little kissing, touching and mutual masturbation, never having gone the whole way. I consider myself 'straight', but now and then I do fantasize about being with another girl. Sometimes I masturbate to that too. In reality, I have never so much as held another girl's hand.....

The Fantasy...

Katie and I met up purely by accident. Somehow, I knew it was her and she knew it was me. Katie is a little shorter than me but has legs to die for and I am envious of her breasts which are not large, but are much bigger than mine. We go for a coffee and talk. I feel her leg sometimes touching mine under the table, but it is purely innocent. Next we head for a clothes store. I told her over coffee I am a shop-a-holic and love trying on clothes. We pick a couple of outfits and head for the fitting rooms. In there, we find there is only one cubicle.

We pull the flimsy curtain across and hang up the clothes we want to try on. I have picked a long, flowing summer dress and she has a much shorter dress. I already think it may be too short but am too shy to say anything. We strip off to our underwear and I am slightly shocked that she is not wearing a bra. I take a quiet look at her breasts and look quickly away. Damn, but the cubicle is small. We keep bumping into each other and once, as I am sideways on to her, I look down. Her bare ass is against my thigh! Oh my! Is she wearing panties? I look longer. Thank goodness, she is wearing a pale green thong! For a moment, I thought she was totally naked.

I slip my summer dress on. Katie stops what she is doing and turns to look at me. She casts her eye up and down and shakes her head. 'Better without the bra.' I blush. Even so, I reach behind and unclipped mine and slip each arm out before pulling it away from me. Katie nods. 'MUCH better...but I think the material is very thin. Step outside so the light is behind you.' Standing there naked, she tugs the curtain aside and I step out. 'Yep. Thought so. I can see your panties.' I scuttle back into the sanctuary of our cubicle. 'Well? Slip them off!' She makes it sound like a command and I obey her. I cast an eye down as I slip my panties off. Don't we all? Every time? Just to see if there is anything 'embarrassing' in there. In my case, there is. I am clearly wet.

I ball up my panties and toss them on the floor. Katie steps up to me. 'Elizabeth, you look good enough to eat.' The next thing I know, she is kissing me and moving my hand to her breasts. In return, she slips the dress off my shoulders and it falls to the floor. Her hand cups my small breast and she whispers into my mouth 'You have the tits of a schoolgirl.' It feels a little humiliating, but also highly erotic to be told that. Then her hand tracks down to between my legs. I part them in response to her urgent push and feel her finger between my moist folds. She finds my clitoris and I gasp. Then she kisses down my body and, kneeling in front of me says 'I TOLD you you were good enough to eat.' I feel her finger slip deep into me. I lean back against the cubicle wall and spread my legs a little wider. I look and feel like a reluctant virgin giving in to the pleasure my body is giving me. Katie fingers me harder now and with two then three fingers. I look down. She is squatting with her knees wide and has her left hand between her legs. I can clearly see two fingers deep inside her. A voice, barely a whisper, enters the cubicle. 'My ass. Finger my ass' It is my voice. Katie smiles up at me and I feel her finger, slick with the wetness of her pussy press firmly against my ass before I relax and let it slip inside. The effect is instant. I cum. I cum very very hard and Katie gulps 'Fuck, Elizabeth!' I look down and she is soaking wet. Her face glistens. I have squirted onto her face, the orgasm was so strong.

Then, she stands up. I know I want to return the favour and I begin to squat, but she pulls me upright. She guides my hand between her legs. 'Tell me about fucking your dad. Pretend to be him for me'. I begin to finger her.

'Oh Elizabeth. Your little pussy is so tight baby.'

'That's it, let daddy press inside you. I wont hurt you.'

Katie responds with 'Ohhh daddy, that feels so good.'

We carry on like this for a few moments before she wants to step out of character. 'Oh Elizabeth, I love you.' She melts into a kiss with me and I taste myself on her lips. I feel her vagina contract around my fingers and with a loud series of sighs, she cums on my fingers.

We both smell of sex. We dress, take the clothes back and walk the short distance from the mall to the bus stop. On the bus we hold hands like a couple of lovesick schoolgirls. We even kiss a couple of times.

Then, we arrive at her flat. Once inside, I experience the true abandon that is love between two women.

Katie, I really hope you enjoy this.



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