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For Kate

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Well babe I'm just laying on my bed thinking about if I had you alone at my place for the night with nobody here. I'd have a shower and get dressed in a singlet and a pair of jocks, my hair would be done. I'll walk back into my bedroom where you are laying on my bed in nothing but your black lace bra, your red lace undies and that sexy little nightie. I'll take you in my arms and carry you into the living room and lay you down on my couch.

I'd whisper in your ear that tonight is all about you and you have my full attention and desire. I'd start kissing down your neck making my way along your shoulders until I reach your bra strap, I'll reach up with my hand and gently pull it off your shoulder and continue kissing along till I reach the end of your shoulder and then make my way slowly back to the centre of your chest were I'll then make my way down your cleavage. My hand reaches to the bottom of your nightie were I pull it up exposing your stomach, my lips kiss over the silk of your nightie down to that sensitive spot just under your boobs.

My lips kiss along that sensitive little spot back across to the other side of your body, my hands reach up and softly but firmly caress your boobs. I continue kissing back down the centre of your stomach until I reach the top of your panties when I pull them down ever so slightly kissing the bottom of your stomach and down just a little bit, when suddenly I get that sweet and erotic scent of your ever increasingly wet pussy.

I let your panties go and start kissing back up your stomach until I find my way back to your boobs, I lean you forward and undo your bra strap and pull it if along with your nightie, so now you are laying there in just your sexy red panties, I cup your boobs in my hand and start flicking your nipple with my tongue, I feel you buck underneath me and I feel your hand reach down to touch yourself but I push it away and I lean back up towards your ear and whisper tonight I'm doing everything for you. 

I kiss my way back down your neck and down your chest until my warm tongue finds it way back to your hard nipple, I swirl my tongue all the way around it, flicking it often as I cup your other boob in my hand. I start to move away from your nipple kissing all over your boob and licking underneath it and once again to that secret little spot, my mouth continues on down your stomach once again until I reach the top of your panties, I gently pull them to the side exposing your pussy to the cold air from the air con, I see your pussy twitch slightly and glisten from the wetness that is seeping out down towards your ass, my finger slides in with no resistance I push it deep inside you and I run it down the walls of your pussy, once more I am hit with that amazing scent that keeps me wanting more.

My finger hits your clit and I gently tease it, working it softly, you let out a few soft moans and you reach for your nipples, you find them and squeeze hard as you throw your head back in pleasure. My finger slides down from your clit and down your slit and you moan louder as it enters your dripping wet hole, I force it inside you as deep as it can go. I work on your clit, flicking it like nothing else matters, you beg me to force my fingers back inside you, I abide and slide two fingers deep into you and I finger you hard as my thumb furiously flicks your clit.

You grab onto the arm of the couch and squeeze as hard as you can, your legs start to buck and you thrust your pussy onto my hand and with a couple more flicks of my thumb you cum, your juices come seeping out of your pussy. I pull down my jocks and rip off my singlet my big arms hanging over the top of you as I jerk my already rock hard cock. Now I'm as horny as I can get and all I want is you. But you tell me firmly, no fucking, but you can finger or fist me as much as you want. I grab onto your legs and pull them up over my shoulders, your curled up like a ball as I thrust my cock between your firm thighs, I need some pleasure.

You reach up and grab onto my arms, you moan into my ear. Once again I have no option but to abide and grab the top of the couch and I start fucking between your thighs as hard as I possibly can, with each thrust of my big cock, you start bucking your hips again and we both start to moan aloud with shortened breaths.

I then bend you over the arm of the couch and I look over to where your were sat and there is a big circle of your wetness and that just makes me want it more, I grab your hips and pull them up, then force your legs apart, and slide my fingers back into the edge of your pussy until I have my whole hand poised ready to push deep into you.

I plunge my whole hand into your sopping wet pussy and fist fuck you like the naughty girl you are. You lean over the couch as far as you can go, and it pushes your ass higher into the air and I follow with my hand still deep inside you and you give a deep growling moan and I fuck you harder. With each thrust of my hand I'm fighting the urge to cum against your thigh with my rock hard cock. I keep going until I nearly blow when I grab a pillow from the couch and push your face into it as I moan loud. I know your cumming and I keep going, telling myself I'm going to cum, but just before I do I grab my cock with my other hand.

I stand there and look for a few moments, my hand buried down the slit of your pussy feeling your juices on my fingers. I then pull out slightly and run my thumb over your asshole and get it nice and wet. I slowly slide my thumb deep into your asshole and slowly start fucking your ass as well as your pussy again. I pick up the pace and you beg me to go harder and harder making you scream, I don't know if it's pleasure or pain but I can't stop, I'm on the edge of cumming when you thrust your ass hard onto my cock and try to pull away but I don't let you, you scream your cumming and at that point with one last push we cum together and I blow my load all over your ass....



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