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For Her

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This has never happened nor will it ever but if I ever did get the chance to be with her for one night, I would do everything in my power to make sure it's one of the best nights of her life.


Arriving at her house in my 1968 dodge charger, in a nice black suit and tie, clean shaven, just got my hair cut looking down on my lap nervously, I take a deep breath in. Looking at the passenger seat, sitting there one lavender flower, one more deep breath I take the flower and hesitantly walk to her door.

At her door I quickly adjust my suit and tie when I go to ring the bell my finger momentarily pauses, the ring of the bell sent shivers throughout my body and a small surge of adrenaline runs through my veins making my breathing hasten, drying my mouth waiting for the door to open felt like waiting for the ice cream truck to come around your neighborhood. Killing me with anticipation the door opens and time seems to be a snails crawl. The door revealing who've I've been waiting for this whole time, red heels, giving her a slight height advantage, an ankle bracelet, no pantyhose, she doesn't need it, mid thigh high red dress with a v-neck but not too revealing. She has small breasts I would guess high A low B, and a gold necklace.

Our eyes meet and I get lost in her beautiful blue eyes and her hair in waves looked like the sun shining down on a field of wheat. All I could do is stare in awe but I quickly turn it to a smile, I compliment her on her appearance and hand her the flower. She brings it to her nose and thanks me for the flower and compliments me on my appearance but I'm bashful. Thinking to myself that I should have dressed better some how I walk her to my car, opening the door for her she thanks me again and gets in. Closing the door I get in and we take off for the restaurant. The ride there we talked about her and what's she doing, all I could do was focus on her and soon the car was filled with a lovely smell of cookies! She smelt like cookies which lead me to laugh a little, she asked me what I was laughing about. I told her she smelt like cookies and that was making me hungry, we both laughed and she placed a hand on my lap. I nearly lost it but kept it together when we arrived at the restaurant.

We got a booth, drinks, food, we talked, laughed, touched hands from time to time. Near the end of dinner and the beginning of desert she was lightly rubbing her leg up against mine, looking at her and her looking off in the distance in the other direction, from her being there and rubbing my leg I was growing. She got up to go use the restroom and I stayed seated till I was good and ready to get up and went to pay the bill.

When she came back, we went to the car and headed to her house. Asking if she had a good time she reassured me that she did, getting close to her house she gently placed her hand on my thigh and gradually moved her hand up and down my thigh ever so slightly getting closer to my erect cock which was thankfully hidden by the darkness of the car and my pants when we arrived at her house. I got out and walked her to her door, we said a few things, we said our goodbyes as I started to walk away I could tell she wanted something more but I kept walking until I stopped in my tracks.

In life you get one chance, one opportunity, one moment, and I realized that if I did nothing I would regret it, this was my one moment. I turn around, her about to open her door I swiftly walk up to her and grab her hand. So soft, so gentle, she turned around and we get lost in each others eyes. Bringing her closer, her breath faint with chocolate and mint from our desert we kiss. Her soft lips tasted like cinnamon buns our tongues meet and dance around each other, she pulls away as I lightly bit her lip she looks up at me with eyes filled with desire, I open her door and walk her through, she leads me to her living room.

Taking my jacket and tie off rolling up my sleeves she goes for my belt. I take her hands and place them away from me, I'm not worthy for her to touch me so. Standing her up I turn her around and unzip her dress letting it fall to the floor revealing her beautiful breasts and erect nipples, and a red lacy thong, I lightly run my fingers down her back making her arch in response. I start kissing her neck from one side to her back to the other side of her neck, her moaning with my little kisses I start rubbing, lightly pulling, and pinching her nipples she breathes in deeply.

Still kissing her, playing with her nipples I take my other hand and run it down her belly and over her panties, she whimpers with the touch. I pick her up and bring her to her bed and lay her down, looking up at me with ambition I couldn't believe this was happening. I get on bed with her, me hovering inches away from her lips we kiss again. I take my lips and kiss her down from her chin till I get between her breasts, there three moles on her chest I kiss each one and lightly kiss and bite each nipple.

Moaning with each kiss and bite she smiles at me, I kiss down her belly till I get to her panties. I kiss her thighs from the top to her panties she jolts with each kiss, a little ticklish there. Her panties had a nice dark wet spot, kissing her wet spot tasting her delightful juices she shrieks a little. Removing her panties exposing a completely bald glistening pussy I get so close to her, she wiggles with each exhale on her pussy. Kissing around her pussy and lightly on top of her clit hood she moans, licking from the base of her pussy to the top of her clit she takes one sharp breath.

I start tonguing her, she moans, rubbing her clit, she moans louder, sucking her clit, she starts grinding her pussy against my tongue I start to finger her, I can taste, feel, and hear her wetness so I finger her faster and circle her clit until her orgasm rips right through her. I feel her contraction around my fingers and lick up all of her juices that come out of her.

Getting up I look down on her at her beautiful spent self, breathing deeply she looks lovely. I pull the covers over her beautiful body and tell her to get a good nights rest, she leans up and kisses me and stuffs her panties into my pocket. I hope you've enjoyed my fantasy and please tell me what you thought.



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