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For Connie

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Was that you?


I had gone to the coast to sail for three days. On the third morning my boat was anchored off a popular beach, I had just been swimming and now lay back in the warm sunshine. I am very tan, six feet tall and have blonde hair. Working out has kept me in good shape. Since it had been days since I had had a good orgasm which I enjoy almost daily reading Solo Touch, I idly ran my hand over my semi-erect penis under my white nylon shorts. It felt very nice. I was anchored not far from the beach and doubted that anyone would see me. Though I have never bothered to measure it, my joy stick is neither too small nor too large; I suspect about average. When I have a throbbing erection I can hold it with my two fists and have the uncircumsized head sticking out about an inch and a half above my fists. But now it lay across my upper thigh, tingling as my fingers caressed it.

Suddenly, from behind me a powerboat's motor indicated their approach from off my bow. As the family passed, three girls laughed and waved from up front, all were in tiny bikinis. Two were quite young, the oldest, a girl with short blonde pigtails and wearing a hot pink bikini kept looking back at me. My eyes slid over her shapely young curves, the small pointed breasts, the very nicely rounded rear end, a feature that always excites me whenever I see it. I think of how nice it always jerks back in those sheer tight panties whenever she makes herself cum, jerking very quickly maybe five or six times in pure exctasy until she finishes her cum, a sight that always drives me into instant orgasm whether I'm touching my cock or not. It is just too erotic for me to resist.

My hand froze, but I didn't doubt that she saw the large erection that stretched the thin nylon that lay across my thigh. I saw the boat turn round, drop an anchor and back into the beach. The parents got off with beach gear. The two youngest girls jumped over the side to swim. For a while I didn't see the older girl. A set of binoculars lay beside me. I picked them up and looked at their boat.

I saw the blonde with their boat's binoculars looking down the coast from behind the boat's windshield. In a moment her binocs slowly moved toward me. I dropped my glasses fast and felt a bit strange that she was watching me. My erection suddenly grew. I stroked it more obviously. When it's head pushed out the top of my shorts. I pulled it all the way out. I could see the dark round shape of the glasses still focused on me. The family was not paying any attention to their older daughter.

Remembering what a beauty she was, with such a cute round behind in that tight hot pink bikini, my cock stood up proudly, it's swollen pink head glistening with slippery juices. My hand slowly moved up and down it's hard, sending thrill after thrill through my loins knowing that SHE was watching and maybe getting wet from what I was doing.

Abruptly the girl lowered her binocs and came forward to sit down on the foredeck in from of the windshield where no one on the beach could see her. First she looked around casually with her binoculars. Then again she was watching me, totally unaware that I could now see her quite clearly though I pretented to be looking another way. She stretched her long slender tan legs out in front of her, slightly parted, and she slid her left hand into the top of her pink bikini.

Realizing that she was touching herself really excited me. My cock throbbed. I slowed my hand movement. The girl's hand bulged the front of her skimpy bikini. I slowed my movements to keep from shooting too fast. I made it last. Minutes passed, I was breathing heavily, my legs spread and stiff as they lay straight out on the boat cushion. With the thumb of my left hand pushed into the upper base of my cock so I could feel and hold back the incredibly good feeling contractions when the strong spasms occurred, I pulled down my foreskin so that my penis stood up like a glistening flagstaff as I lifted my hips and showed the girl what I had for her to play with.

The girl watched avidly. I could almost see her toes spreading and curling as mine do just before orgasm. When I go into orgasm they spread and move with the almost unbearable pleasure, and mine was building fast. Suddenly I couldn't help it. The pleasure of her company felt incredibly good making me gasp and groan. With each pleasureable throb jets of sperm shot all over the front of my chest, my tanned legs were stiff in front of me. Against my rigid stomach muscles and chest, the hot cum splashed. It spewed cum like a horse cock. I imagined the young girl's slippery large pea-shaped clitoris stiffening under her fingertip then hiding as she gushed come into her hand in huge throbs of pleasure that jerked her hips back and forth in her tight panties at the sight she was seeing.

In a moment my cock had spewed itself well and good all over me but it stil remained stiff, throbbing as I tried to catch my breath, sweat streaming down my face. Abruptly I saw the girl lower her binoculars. She swiftly reached into a small beach bag beside her and I glimpsed something white and fluttery, probably a handful of tissues that she stuffed down into the crotch of her suit. I saw her look down to see how it looked then she stood up and stretched languidly as she climbed back into the cockpit of their boat.

Later I saw her in the water, giggling and playing with her sisters. I'm sure that by now the tissues that had soaked up her love juices were no longer there. But I sure longed to be caressing her sweet cunt where they had been. I slowly tucked my still semi-hard penis back into my shorts and wiped up the mess with my beach towel.

The thought that maybe that was Connie crossed my mind and that was all it took to start hardening my cock once more. I thought how nicely she had rubbed that pea-sized clit, careful not to trigger it too soon, prolonging the pleasure, teasing it until it made her explode and throb with pleasure there. No, I would wait until later to think about that, save it for another cum with perhaps a new true Solo Touch revelation of her joy again. I looked down at the smiling wet face of my friend and said, yes, it is hard to wait and it was growing that way fast.



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