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For Cami, with Love

Posted by: Author: Age: 30 Posted on: 3 comments
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I was asked so nicely from Cami & another girl of 19 to invite them to masturbate for me. Instead, I'm going to masturbate with you. I'm going to love your body.

Cami, you sound so sweet & loving, I wish I knew you. I wish you were one of my dear friends who shares their love with me & bares their souls. I now feel you are one of my dear friends. Please love your body with me. I want you.

Masturbating before each other is one of the most loving things we can do together, without actually making love. Yet, it is like making love. We love our own bodies & love each other through sharing our sexuality.

Masturbation is making love to our own bodies, mutual masturbation is sharing with each other as the ultimate high.

Cami......I will touch you, Yes touch you deep within your soul, I will love you, I will tease you, you, are mine once I have you. There is no going back.

You will not be without me. I will keep you in my soul forever. Share your body with me. Let me see your naked body. Let me feel your beautiful skin. Let me taste your salty flavor, all over. I am yours.... you are mine....NOTHING can stop us, we are one, together, loving ourselves, loving each other, touching ourselves, caressing our naked bodies, watching as we masturbate our bodies into uncontrolled orgasmic convulsions.

You will want me.....you will have me....even if, it's only in your mind.


Cami, take the clothes from your beautiful body & lay them on the floor. That's it, I need you naked right now. You look so nice. You told me about your firm body, the sleek lines & firm curves. Yes, you mirror me. I see your firm body naked & waiting for me. I see your firm small breasts sitting high & waiting for me to caress them. I take them hand & caress them with my long fingers. I pinch your nipples & pull them to their full erect hardness. Mmmm they are so perfect. I take your long hard nipples in my mouth & suck them until your body arches back & you press your breasts out even farther than before. I too am naked. Nothing is between us but the dampness of our bodies. Our skin oozes with moisture. Sexy moisture that smells of desire for each other. I crave you naked body. I want to taste the heavenly sweetness seeping from your bodies most private place. I will hold your lips apart, I will drive my tongue deep inside & pull all your juice to my lips, I will lick your body to orgasm. Your orgasm will be in my control. Your throbbing clitoris will dance on my tongue. I will control you clitoris. I will be your reason to orgasm. Your clitoris will be in my control, on my tongue, needing more when I stop, needing even more when I lick you gently. Gentle licks, softly, slowly, you clitoris is begging me to go faster.....I'm going slowly. Your body needs more. More! Please you yell, I need more! I look into your eyes, then I move to your clitoris with my tongue long & pointed. I watch your eyes as my tongue pleases your clitoris. You body moves faster & harder getting closer to orgasm. I keep licking fast & hard. You writhe in pleasure twisting your body from side to side then it's time. You are going to orgasm with my tongue masturbating your clitoris. I lick harder, faster, your body begins to stiffen. Your head goes back, your body tightens. You take may hair in your hands & guide me lips harder to your clitoris. Your back arches hard, you tighten all your beautiful muscles & your orgasm hits with a vengeance! You hold my head & buck wildly holding my lips hard to you nub of pleasure. Waves of orgasm hit hard deep within your soul & you cry out begging me to never stop licking your sex. Your body slowly moves from it's tightened sexual orgasmic spasms to a soft puddle of loving smiles. We kiss, deeply, lovingly & long. There is love for our bodies that cannot be ignored. Now I need the release that you have been given. I have the love for you. I need to orgasm with you. You must rest. Lay your nude body before me so I can take in your beauty. I want to see you. I want to feel you. You are still mine. I move my nude body to lay with you. I touch my feet to your feet, souls touching, toes pressing together. I run my toes gently up & down your legs then stop resting toes to toes. Now I will masturbate while you watch me. My fingers waste no time & move directly to my clitoris. All I want to do is orgasm. I'm so excited right now. I need to orgasm & I want to show you how I do it. You will watch me masturbate to orgasm. '' My fingers move slowly over my clitoris while your watch. I rub faster & faster. My fingers massage my clitoris hard needing that orgasmic release I so desire. Then it's time. Time to masturbate myself to an orgasmic high while you watch. I dig my toes in hard to your soft souls. My heart beats faster & faster, I think about the time before when I licked your clitoris to orgasm & now you are watching my fingers do the same for me. All I can think about is, here comes my ORGASM! It's going to be so good!! I lock eyes with yours & tell you to watch me. Keep your eyes focused on mine. Here I go, I'm going to cum! Ohhh, ohhhh, ahhhh yaaaa oh yaaaa, it feels so damn good!!! I'm coming so hard & you are here to share it with me. My body squirms with orgasmic pleasure back & forth from side to side, then the orgasmic pulses get softer & softer. My orgasm is fading, softer & softer, ah, that was nice. While I come down off my orgasmic high you move to lay over me. Your nude sexy body lays on mine & we kiss deep, mixing saliva with the still lingering taste of you pussy on my lips. We have loved....we will love again. If not together, we will love for real, I our minds. Cami, I have loved you. You are wonderful. I love your sex. I love your naked body. I will wrap mine around yours. There have been orgasms, mine....6 in all. They were great, they were for you. I have tasted your body. I want you to taste me too. I need you again. We will love again. Love Niki.



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