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For a Married Female Friend

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When the lady isn't ready, take it into your own hand, and let the show begin.


I love this site and all the stories! Anyway, I've always had this desire to masturbate in front of a woman. At the time I was traveling out of town on business almost every week. My wife (ex-now) made friends with a family up the street who helped pass the time while I traveled. Eventually, I met the family and really enjoyed their company. We would go out dancing and drinking and have a wonderful time together. I found myself admiring the wife, whose husband, like me, was out of town most of the time.

After a couple of years of traveling, I took a job locally, giving me an opportunity to get to know this lady much better. What really turned me on was seeing her work outside in the yard. She would wear these old tattered cut off jeans and a t-shirt while working outside. Those jeans were cut so short that you could see the bottom of her sexy butt cheeks when she leaded over slightly - and even more when she really leaned over!

I believe she did that just for my enjoyment. I would walk up behind her and lightly stroke her neck with my fingertips and massage her shoulders, which caused not only my cock to get hard but her nipples as well. Several mornings a week I would stop in and have coffee with her on the way to work. She would be running around the kitchen getting lunches ready for the kids wearing this very short house coat that would flip up and show off her very sexy butt cheeks. She wasn't wearing any panties, which she later told me she seldom wore. I finished my coffee and gave her a hug like normal except this morning I slipped a hand under that house coat and dipped a finger in one of the wettest pussies on the planet! She giggled and said, 'Not now; I'm already dripping wet,' and preceded to dab herself dry with the dish towel she was holding.

A week or so later, I dropped by after the kids were in bed and we had a couple of drinks and started watching television. She lay down on the couch while I sat on the floor next to her. She had on a pair of her tattered jean shorts and a tee shirt. Soon I was massaging her back and shoulders. I moved my hands down her back and pushed her tee shirt up to expose her sexy back and touch her soft smooth flesh. The next thing I know she turns over and pulls her top off, exposing a pair of perfect 38's!

As I massaged those beauty breasts, I was thinking this is it! My hands moved down past her navel to the snap on her jeans. I unsnapped the jeans and started to lower the zipper, but she stopped me and said that things are under construction down there and that we couldn't do it tonight. Now I'm sitting there with a hard cock that's been seeping pre-cum since she turned over. I sat up on the couch next to her, and asked if I would be okay to masturbate for her.

She said to go ahead. I pulled down my pants and briefs, letting my erect cock free. She stared at my cock while I stroked it with one hand and continued to massage her breast with the other. She asked if there was anything she could do, so I took her hand and placed it under my balls and asked her to gently massage them while I continued to stroke my cock. Between her hand massaging my balls and my hand massaging her breasts, it wasn't long until I was shooting cum all over my leg, carpet, and her arm. When I finally finished cumming, she lifted her arm to her mouth and licked up the cum that had landed on it. It was great! I finally got to masturbate in front of a woman, and the light was on! She saw it all!

That was just the beginning, but I never masturbated in front of her again. I would love to again. Maybe I'll have to touch bases with her again. They only moved a couple of miles up the road, but you would think it was to another state.



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