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Footplay among Friends - Part I

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Ok, so this story is fairly long-winded. It all started in the very early hours of 2010. I was at my friend's New Year's party, I'll just use her first initial 'A', she was 24 at the time. A bit of background, she and I are pretty close, we're both theatre people, we've done a lot of shows together. But she also knows of my foot fetish, because one day we were at a pool party, and I just couldn't stop staring at her sexy bare feet (this was the first time I'd seen her barefoot), and she basically called me on it. But she was cool with it, and since then, she didn't mind me looking at her bare feet and she'd even intentionally footsie me a few times when we were swimming or both happened to be barefoot together.

Ok, so her New Year's Eve party, she's barefoot as usual. And I'm sitting at one end of her couch and she and her then-current boyfriend (a pretty cool guy) are at the other end. I don't exactly know how it started, but she lay down in his lap and they started play-wrestling. It got to a point where her head was positioned on his lap and then she turned over on her side and he picked her up or something, I don't know. All I know is all of a sudden her soft bare soles came right into my face, like literally touching my lips. My mind was just racing, I mean I couldn't believe it and she stayed like that for about 30 seconds or so, and I just tried to take it all in, I mean they felt so good on my face. Later we happened to be in the kitchen together and she said 'I bet you enjoyed that' and she laughed and gave me a big hug. I'm sure she could feel my boner too. Long story short I had a GREAT masturbation session when I got home that night.

She had always been a HUGE tease. She would intentionally flash just about everybody all the time backstage and in the dressing rooms when we were doing 'Reefer Madness' (I was Ralph, she was Ms. Poppy). Hell, during our midnight show. Anytime we'd all be backstage changing, she was walking around totally topless, just talking like everything was normal. God that was a fun, hot show to do. She'd also mentioned to me that she'd had boyfriends suck her toes, which of course made me extremely jealous.

About two months after New Years, she had an indoor beach party. It was a huge party and everyone was in swimsuits and bare feet (God bless space heaters!). I spent a good portion of the party just walking around, checking out all the girls, and 'accidentally' brushing my bare feet against there's. I was getting quite aroused. About halfway through the night, 'A' and her boyfriend disappeared. As I was going to the bathroom, I happened to hear noise coming from her bedroom which is right near the bathroom. I could hear her and her boyfriend moaning and then heard her screaming. I stood around and listened as long as I could without looking too pervy to anyone else then went to the bathroom then back into the living room.

About a half hour later, 'A' returned to the living room, wearing nothing but her bikini bottom (and even that wasn't on all the way). Her tan skin was gleaming with sweat, and she sat down right next to me!!! I asked her where her top was, and she said 'I didn't feel like putting it back on!' (you see why I love her?). After she came in, some of the other girls took their tops off too, but they were all with their boyfriends, so I was a gentleman and didn't look at them (ok, ok, I peeked a few times). My cock was creating quite a tent in my trunks, just looking at 'A' with her bare chest sweaty and still heaving trying to catch her breath, her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass (so I'm not that good with metaphors, ok?); not to mention looking down to see her sexy bare feet, her strawberry-painted toes.

I asked her where her boyfriend was, he was asleep in her bed. And then, and I swear to you this was totally accidental, I brushed my bare feet against hers. And she then proceeded to play probably a 15 minute game of footsie with me! The feel of the sweat-covered skin of her feet on mine, oh, my God! The whole time she was asking me questions like if I ever masturbate thinking about her, if I ever look at her feet on social network sites (she has ALOT of barefoot pics)...the answers to both questions were obviously 'yes' . She looked down at my crotch and saw how huge my cock was and said I should probably go to the bathroom and take care of it, so I did, I got in not 10 strokes before having an incredible, messy orgasm. After I cleaned up after myself and came out, she hugged me, pressing her bare chest against mine. I said 'thanks!' and she said 'no problem'.

Of course, laying in bed that night, it hit me I probably could've asked her to maybe come into the bathroom and let me masturbate to her in person.

Seriously though, after that night, she was pretty much all I thought about, I'd have given anything to make out with her, suck her little hard nipples and suck her pretty toes. I'd have loved to have to made a move, but it just REALLY sucked that she was taken.

But then, roughly a week later, call it synchronicity, call it coincidence, but one night she went from 'in a relationship' to 'single' and then to 'it's complicated'.

(Part II coming soon, trust me, it's quite hot. Comments?)



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