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Follow Up To Summer Camp 1995

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This is a follow up story I have been wanting to write.


I told a story back in January of my camp experience in the Summer of 1995. Megan our camp counselor spoke to her friend Danielle who was also a counselor for another cabin of girls. Megan came in on Thursday night and said she spoke to Danielle who had found out that her girls were secretly touching themselves too. She told Megan that the girls didn't think she knew a thing. Megan invited Danielle and her group to come over Friday night for a group building activity.

All the girls in my cabin were horny because Megan told us to try and not masturbate for the last two days. Since I had my first orgasm I was becoming addicted to my clit. I would constantly pull on it and tweak it. I could tell I was going to explode when I came again.

Friday night seemed like it took forever to get here. Megan invited everyone over after dinner. Danielle brought over four girls with her, two of the other girls had gone home for the weekend. Sue, Denise, Joy, and Linda showed up and we knew who they were from camp and did some teamwork activities when we broke into groups last week. All the girls were cute Sue was a redhead and the other girls were blonde.

Danielle asked us how we liked camp so far and we all agreed it was a great summer so far and we were having fun becoming close. Megan said the reason we invited you here was to talk to you girls about what goes on at camp. Prior to them arriving Megan had told us we would have to get the other girls to participate so we had to play dumb and just admit to any questions she would ask us.

Danielle said we have to talk to you girls seriously for a minute. There was a girl at another cabin that accidently hurt herself. Sue said what happened? Megan said this may sound strange to some of you but she hurt herself masturbating with a hairbrush. She cut herself and had to go to a doctor. We were instructed to talk to you all about sex and masturbation in case you had any questions because we are sure people will be spreading rumors in the next few days on what happened. Danielle said ladies we are all young women now and there is nothing wrong with playing with yourself to have orgasms, it is part of growing up. We just want you to be safe. Megan said do any of you not know how to masturbate? No one raised their hands. So everyone here masturbates? Danielle said I masturbate everyday and I am proud to say I do. I love having orgasms. The girls in her house were giggling a bit and so were we.

Megan said do all of you use your hands? Renee in my group said I masturbate and I use my hands. Danielle said what do you do. She said I rub my clit in a circle and insert my fingers and when I cant take it anymore I rub my pussy real fast and I cum real hard. Megan said that is very normal. Anyone else? Joy said when I am at home I share a room with my little sister so I usually do it in the bath. She said I usually position myself under the running water and let the water run on my clit and I have a big orgasm. Danielle said I never heard of that before but maybe I will try it one day. Joy said one time a year ago she was propped under the faucet and she was mid orgasm and she had her eyes closed and she forgot to lock the door and when she opened her eyes her mom was sitting there. We all laughed. Megan said what did she say? Well Joy said I was whispering I'm cumming oh my god oh shit and when I looked over my mom was speechless. I was shaking for a good 30 seconds. I asked her how long she was there and she said she saw me right before I was orgasming. Mom said she masturbated too but never used the faucet. She said her mom showed her how to use her hand properly but Joy said she preferred water but had to use her hand here at camp cause they didnt have a bath. They only had a shower at their cabin. Megan said Joy this might be your lucky day cause we have a bathtub and a shower.

Danielle said Joy if you wouldn't mind showing us how you get off I think it will be a great learning experience. Once you show us Megan will show you her vibrator. Megan said are any of you girls horny and want to masturbate? Everyone from my cabin said they were. Renee said she wanted to use the water after Joy. Joy said I dont know I am shy. Danielle said you have a great body and we are all girls we have the same parts. We want to have better orgasms and you know another way. Megan said we will all get in our panties and t-shirts to make you more comfortable. Joy agreed. We all squeezed into the bathroom Joy got undressed she had a cute body and a small blonde patch of hair but she was so pale her hair was barely visable. She turned on the water got in the tub and propped herself under the water. I asked how long does it take for you to cum? She said only two minutes. The water was running on her clit I was right there staring at her. She put some water on her nipples and she began to pinch and make circle marks on her nipples. After a minute or so you could tell she was almost there she was licking her lips and began to moan. She raised her hips and from what I could see was squeezing her butt cheeks together. She let out a moan and squeal and she said I am going to cum real soon I am going to cum. Oh shit my pussy I'm cumming! She was bucking a little and slumped into the tub. We all clapped and she got out and put a towel around her. The girls in my cabin said that was so hot.

Renee said I want to try. She got in and once the water hit she said holy shit! This feels good! No less than a minute later Renee was cumming but she furiously began fingering her pussy when she got close and rubbing her clit. She was staring directly into Danielle's eyes and she was saying Oh fuck! you like that? You like watching me get off Danielle? Danielle put her hands in her panties and started rubbing.

Megan said Danielle dont cum yet. Let us go back in the common room and get more comfortable. Renee got out of the tub and put on a towel.

I could tell everyone was wet and horny. I was so horny I could barely take it. Megan said everyone get naked and everyone did. The three girls from Danielle's camp had nice bodies with average boobs and short pubic hair. Danielle and Megan were wearing thongs which they took off and showed us their shaved pussies.

Before we begin has anyone else here been caught and Denise said she got caught by her mom too last year. She was masturbating in her room and her mom was suppose to be out and next thing you know she walked in. Denise said I had two fingers in me and I was almost about to cum and the door swings open. I was sitting at my computer desk with my legs up on the table about two feet from the door. My mom walked in looked at me and said sorry and shut the door. Later that night when I was going to sleep she knocked on my door. I said come in and she came over and sat on my bed. She apologized and I said it was ok. She asked how long have I been touching myself and I told her six months. She asked if I was having orgasms and I said I was but didn't have one today. She said do you know about your clitoris? I said no. So she told me what it was and how to rub it and she told me when I turned 15 she would buy me a toy.

Danielle said your mom sounds cool.

Megan had a stopwatch and said ok everyone sit on the floor we are going to have a rub off race. Whoever cums first gets to use my bullet vibrator. I wanted to use it so bad I needed to cum. Who wants to go first Danielle said I do but I don't need to be timed I have my own toy in my bag but I want to show you all how I cum with my hands. She got a chair and we sat in a semi circle around her. Danielle was so sexy and was more mature than us. She licked her fingers and got them really wet and started rubbing her clit slowly at first. HMM that feels so good. She licked her fingers again and said I taste sweet. Megan said who wants to cum raise your hands? We all raised our hands. On your marks get set go. We tore into our pussies like crazy women, all the grunts and moans and squishy sounds coming from that room were unreal. The smell in the air alone was making me more hornier than ever. Sue came in 45 seconds flat her skin was so light but the area around her pussy was so red from rubbing. I heard her scream I'm cumming! I looked over I could see her stomach muscles contracting she was rubbing so hard I could see her legs begin shaking. It might have been the hardest I ever had seen anyone orgasm out of everyone I had ever seen. After Sue came Danielle came to a shaking orgasm follwed by Megan. Megan came over to me whispering that she wanted to see me cum. In no time I came. It was a very strong orgasm I was flopping all over the place and told everyone I was cumming. I could feel their stares on me. I heard a bunch of people orgaming while I was recouping. I looked over and saw Renee stand up and face everyone and she said I am going to cum so hard! She was clenching her ass cheeks. Her legs started to wobble and her knees buckled as she began cumming. She kept saying oh fuck oh fuck! She was out of breath and fell to her knees I missed a few people cum but I heard them but wish I saw their faces. I notice people look to almost be in pain when they cum. It is so hot to watch someone get themselves off.

Danielle said wasn't that fun! Did everyone cum? We all said yes. Megan said a promise is a promise, Sue it appears you win. You get to use my toy, do you think you can cum again. She said yes she was horny from watching everyone cum after her. She got in the chair and she handed her the bullet. She put it to her clit and started cumming but Megan said keep it on your clit don't move it until I say so. Sue was twitching her face was priceless her eyes were closed and her nose was all scrunched up. She was shaking as she was slumped in the chair she was on her tippy toes and you could see her legs shake out of control. Megan said you can stop if you want. She let out a loud moan and finally stopped shaking. I could tell her clit was swollen. The area around her clit was so red from rubbing. Her face was just as red from cumming and holding her breath. She said that was the best feeling ever.

Danielle said Denise you never used a toy before why dont you try my toy its called a pocket rocket. It was very small but a little bigger than the bullet. She got in the chair and Danielle said I want to see how many orgasms you can have in three minutes. Megan time her! The time started and almost instantly Denise was cumming she was also a fingering her pussy too. She came five times in three minutes. Her eyes fluttered and she liked to curse she screamed I'm fucking cumming and almost looked like she was about to cry from all the orgasms. When she was done she said it feels so good not to hold in your orgasm. She said I always have to be quiet so no one hears me. We all agreed it feels better to let it out.

After that night we all became closer friends. It was our secret and we got together a few more times and tried some other toys but nothing compares to that night we all met up for our girl talk.

I am now 28 years old and still like watching people orgasm. Recently I have watched my sisters, my mother, my aunts and my sisters nurse orgasm within the last three months. It is so hot I can't wait until our husbands go hunting next week. I will let you all know what happens.




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