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Flying UnUnited

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I hope this fine lady reads this as she will know which story is hers. If I have gotten it wrong, add a comment


Flying UnUnited

I fly a fair amount for work, maybe one to two weeks a month. I have seen a lot of stuff happen on airliners, but this one takes the cake as the most erotic and unusual thing I have experienced. I was flying back to my home city of Houston from Chicago's O'Hare airport. The aircraft was a boeing 737, which has three rows of seats on each side. This is pertinent as I normally fly on those puddle jumper embraer 145's, that have one seat on one side and two on the other. Without the three side by side seats I don't think it would have happened. Anyway, This relatively attractive lady sits in the seat next to me, and another gentleman in the aisle seat. Yes I had gotten stuck with the window seat, as I prefer an aisle seat, much easier to go to the lav if needed. All three of us settled into our seats and were trying to catch a little nap, which is real difficult from the time you push away from the gate until take off due to the little safety speech unless you have to wait in line to take off, being O'Hare we had to wait about 30 minutes, so the three of us just closed our eyes, and tried to nod off. We finally lifted off, so we could recline our seats, closed our eyes and began to catch a little shut eye...so I thought.

I stirred at some point, probably after 15 or 20 minutes or so and looked over in the ladies direction. She had her coat draped over her torso, from her shoulders down to about mid thigh. In the area I would think her pubic area should be her hand was rythmically moving. I kept my eyes open just a slit, so that if she looked over, I hoped she would think I was sleeping. Her eyes were shut, I assume to pretend to be asleep, but her breathing was a little ragged for sleep.

She continued this for another twenty or so minutes, and she had actually began to almost gasp. Suddenly her hand was completely still, and she was holding her breath. Suddenly she let her breath out slowly, but her hand remained still as the flight attendant stopped at our row to see if we wanted drinks and pretzels. Thinking we were all asleep she passed us by and continued to the next row. The lady slowly began to move her hand again, and her breath increased this time much faster than the first time. I wasn't sure if she had actually reached orgasm or had just edged herself. I couldn't tell if her hand was inside her sweat pants, or her panties or not, and really didn't care.

This woman was really enjoying this flight, and I was really enjoying her, enjoying this flight. Watching this whole episode was so hot, I had produced my own little tent, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. Suddenly she began to almost gasp again, and she held her breath again, and once again her hand stopped. This time her eyes were closed tight, more like clamped tight, she had edged again, and had gotten almost too close. I reached up and carefully turned off my air, and throttled hers back as much as I dare, so as not to bring her attention to it...although I think she was very much into her own world at this point.

A few minutes later she relaxed, and was really obvious she had almost let go. Her cheeks were flushed, breathing was more even, but too heavy for sleeping, and she unpointed her toes, which I hadn't noticed were pointed before. Now that there was less air circulating around us, I caught a very slight hint of a woman's wetness. She must have been rubbing on top of her pants, as I would think there would be way too much wetness to be quiet while rubbing. A few minutes later she slowly began the rubbing again, and this her motor was already running in peak performance, and it wasn't but just a few minutes before she was at the edge again.

This time her cheeks stayed flushed, and she was gasping very quietly, and raggedly releasing her breath, trying to be quiet. Her toes pointed toward the front of the aircraft. This was a totally erotic sight, and I could now catch an obvious scent of her wetness. She lost her breath, it just left her, in one long exhale as she rolled her head back against the headrest facing the roof of the cabin. I could see her whole body contract under her coat. She relaxed but for just a second as the next wave ravished her body, and she repeated her exhale and contraction. These exhales and contractions happened three more times, and I knew she had finally reached her orgasm, and it looked really intense.

Another fifteen minutes later, she had regained her composure, fluttered her eyes, and nonchalantly looked away at the guy opposite me to check to see if he was still asleep, and he seemed to be, then rolling her head toward mine, I opened my eyes to meet hers, and said 'That seemed really Intense'. The lady's eyes opened wide, and her cheeks flushed again, but her best reply was 'What are you talking about?' Without saying a word, just giving her a silly little smirk, she finally returned the same knowing little smirk to me. Then she asked me if she had been that obvious. I replied trying to make her feel less embarrassed, and told her not really obvious at all, but incredibly sexy. I told her I was going to write this story and was going to post it on the Solo Touch website. I assured her I wouldn't attach her real name to the posting and asked her if Gwendolynn would be acceptable to her. I wrote down the address of Solo Touch for her, and told her to look it up some time, as it would be mid November before I could post it, and we agreed on a title. Gwendolynn, if you read this, and have anything wrong feel free to correct me.



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