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Flying Solo With Solo Touch

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This site RULES! I read it every morning. This is a story and a technique. I'll try to keep it short as possible, even though the story took place over three days.

It all started on a sleepover at my friend's house. We'll just call him Bob. Anyway, I didn't masturbate at all that day, and was getting really horny and had a lot of erections. I just tried not to think about it or anything sexual, and hid my erections. I would sit with my knees against my chest, and my hands wrapped against my legs, but sitting. I couldn't masturbate that Friday night because every time I tried, Bob would toss and turn in his bed. I was on the floor next to him and I would be too nervous to continue, and for some reason I was too brain dead to do it in the bathroom.

So I took my hand out of my boxers and remained hard all night. The next day, he came to my house for another sleepover. We spent time playing computer games, I got toasted due to my lack of attention. Then while I was playing I had the biggest erection I had ever had! It almost hurt! I didn't realize this until Bob said, 'Is that a giant killbassa (Type of sausage) in your pocket?' I was Sooo embarrassed! I quickly sat in my position again and didn't say anything. I must have been blushing. He then told me not to worry and that it happens to him all the time. I was still just as embarrassed.

That night, I still couldn't masturbate because he was sleeping on the floor right next to me, and my bed is a loud squeaker. So I spent Saturday night hard as hard can be. The Sunday night after, I went another night without touching 'the staff of power' as my stepfather was asleep in the adjacent room! It was driving me wild! But, come Monday morning, my folks went to work. (They work on weekdays from 6:00AM, to 5:00PM so I have a lot of solo time.) I got up at about 6:10AM, and went to my computer, and online to... of course... www.solotouch.com! I went to the archives of November and saw 'The First time between friends', a story posted on November 2nd, 2004. I always read either female-female, or female-male stories. (They tend to be more detailed and are usually hotter to me.) I opened it and pulled my boxers down.

I always synchronize my pleasure with the stories. As Katherine and Sam started feeling each other's breasts, I rubbed my nipples in a circular motion. (For some reason, I have sensitive nipples.) When they rubbed each other's clits, I started my favorite technique. (DO NOT USE LUBE FOR THIS ONE!!!) I start with my left hand, (Even though I am right-handed) and put my thumb on the top of my penis, and my pointing finger on the bottom, (like pinching a finger or a snake.) I rub up and down from head to base, taking the foreskin with it. Back to the story. As I get closer and closer to cumming, I visualize their wet pussies. I increase speed, and keep near the edge until I read that Katharine saw Sam sqirt and...OOOOOOHHHHHH MMYYYY GOOOOOOODDD!!! I had the biggest orgasm ever. I had never cum that much before. It was AMAZING! I even moaned a lot, and I almost never moan at all! Three days of tension instantly released! I think I even got some on my keyboard! After that, I was paralised for about three minutes! That is kind of strange considering that guys don't normally do that. I cleaned up a few minutes later and took a shower.

Sorry that the story was so long, but I wanted to tell it accurately. Katherine wanted to get someone horny with her story, and she did! In fact, after I finish this story, I am heading to the archives.

I will write about my first orgasm later.

I hope my story got someone off! Comment if you liked it.



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