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Flying Fun

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What was supposed to be a routine flight suddenly became very exciting


My football team flew to a recent game, a real treat, considering we usually take the bus. The tournament ended on the first week of summer break, so we split up to begin our individual vacations. I decided to fly home on the cheapest redeye flight. During the tournament, I hadn't jacked off because I shared a room with somebody. Needless to say, football always gets my hormones up, and I had a perpetual boner and heavy balls the entire time. I boarded the flight looking forward to getting some sleep, getting home, and having some quality time with my cock.

The plane was pretty empty, and it appeared it would be a routine flight for me. Then this hot girl comes down the aisle (well, maybe she appeared hotter than she was because I had not squirted for about a week). Much to my satisfaction, she sits right next to me.

The plane took off, and we engaged in the customary small talk. As I looked at her, my dick became a steel rod. I was wearing sweat pants, and my boner was obvious. I'm not that great looking, but I do have a nine inch member going for me. Soon enough, she stole a few glances at my hard-on, and finally commented, 'Are football players always this horny?' I responded, 'Only when we're with beautiful ladies like yourself.' She leaned over and started kissing me. I grabbed the airplane blanket, draped it over us. The plane was dark and the crew was in the back.

Underneath the blanket, I learned this girl was not interested in a long-term relationship at all, lucky for me. We continued kissing and then she started moving her fingers around my crotch. I shuddered, and then realized something. The plane's going to land soon, and this boner isn't going away. In addition, my cock was straining for freedom. Soon, she granted my engorged member the freedom it needed, and she started stroking and touching lightly. I remind you, it had been a week, and I needed to shoot a load badly.

Soon she had me near my climax. As I prepared myself to blast, she suddenly stopped! A week's worth of cum settled back in my balls, and I groaned in frustration. I needed to get off.

She began stroking this time, and I thought my cock might squirt again soon, but she held off right before I jismed. 'Argh', I thought, I'll have to jack off at this point.

Playfully, she reached down a third time, and began stroking and fondling my sac in earnest. I began feeling that familiar sensation in my groin. This time, she showed no signs of letting up. She felt my pecs and my muscles, and kept on jacking. As my load began to bubble to my shaft again, I whispered to her, 'C'mon, it's been a week since I got off.' She gazed seductively into my eyes, and began pumping furiously. My cock strained, my balls rose up, my back arched, and I blasted onto the blanket. Two, four, six, eight full shots of my cum. She kept stroking through my orgasm. She kissed me again, and we cuddled the rest of the way home.

When the plane landed, and I exited, the attendant said, 'I hope you enjoyed your flight.' I just grinned back.



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