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Fly Ball

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I just read the story from Carol titled Don't Do This At Home! It has reminded me of my own experience with insects. I'm glad that she had the courage to write about it and that the Webmaster included it, as it illustrates the tendency of early teens to experiment with their bodies.
I was raised on a dairy farm in New England. On hot summer days when we quit for lunch my dad, my brothers, and I would take a break after lunch since we had started the day at 4 AM. Usually we would nap or read the news.
When I was around thirteen, I discovered masturbation quite by accident and it quickly became a favorite pastime for me. I jerked off several times a day whenever I could find a free moment and place. That summer while we took our daily lunchtime break, I searched for a secluded place to jerk off. The barn was a good place but I was constantly afraid of being discovered. I found a place in the heifer barn where I could bed down in some hay and I had a good view of the yard and could keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors.
If you have spent any time around dairy farms you will have noticed that they are a breeding ground for flies. As I would jerk off I had to constantly shoe them off me. For some reason I decided one day that I would let them have their way on my cock. I lay down with my pants down to my knees. With in a few minutes there were several flies landing on my belly, legs, and dick. I just laid back and watched them as my dick grew. It was so erotic to me at that time to see them running all over my dick. I noticed that they soon found the moisture at my piss hole. The sensations were just incredible to me. I could feel their tongues busily licking around my piss hole. Soon my dick would reward them with several drops of precut. As it dripped down my dick they formed a buffet line along it. Still more flies were joining them.
It was interesting to see how they interacted with each other. There were some who were skittish and ran from others. There were others that would make unprovoked attacks on others driving them off. Every once in a while a couple in love would mount and copulate right on my dick. As they ran up and down the underside of my dick, balls, and even my anus it sent all kinds of sensations through my body. Some flies were biting flies and I laid still as they would drill my dick head. I watched them fill up with my blood. It was so erotic and sensational to me that sometimes I had spontaneous ejaculations.
This went on for that whole summer and then I went on to something else. Thanks for posting these stories. Many of them remind me of my own exploration of sexuality as a boy.



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