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Flashing Hitchhiking Girls

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First I would like to say that what happened that day over twenty years ago is something I regret and partly I am ashamed of, but on the other hand it still gives me a thrill when I think about it. I still sometimes fantasise about alternate endings, always leaving out the worst scenarios.

At that time, my wife and I didn't have the same working hours so I spent a lot of time by myself and of course this time often was filled with erotic activities, such as reading erotica and jacking off.

But I developed a kind of mania that I didn't have the power to stop. At that time it was still usual that young people hitchhiked through Europe, one boy, two boys, boy and girl, two girls and even sometimes single girls. My mania consisted of that I often went out in my car to where the big roads leading out from my town started, that was where the hitchhikers could be found.

When I found a single girl or a pair of girls I gave them a ride some 20 to 50 miles in the direction they wanted to go. During the ride I led the conversation into the erotic sphere. In the end I proposed one way or another that we should have sex. I actually never succeeded. They stated that they found me nice to talk to and I seemed to be a nice guy, but no... I got some kisses on the chin, that's all. But it was very exciting, that's why I continued, and I got positive feedback from girls from all over the world. But sexually the outcome was zero.

After some years I began to fantasise about flashing hitchhiking girls. This particular summer day I was extremely horny, so fucking turned on, that's why I did what I did. I cruised around the big roads when I suddenly spotted a pair of girls. I stopped and asked where they were heading and offered to take them some 30 miles in that direction. They put their stuff in the rear and jumped in, one in the backseat and one beside me.

It was nice looking girls, not smashing, no sex bombs, but nice looking, and could have been something between 19 and 24 years old. They told me they were from Britain and as the car started to roll we had a light and nice conversation. I was still very horny and had a constant hardon, but I don't think they noticed the bulge in my pants. I really didn't dare to take out my penis and start to wank off.

But after about ten miles I did something that I've only done a few times in my life, I did something although I didn't dare to. It's a strange and scary experience doing something you don't dare to do.

During our conversation, while driving the car, I reached down, opened my zipper and with some difficulty took out my hard penis. It was so strange, it was like parallel world, my small talking with the girls, and at the same time I was doing something private and sexual, masturbating my erect penis. The girl beside me looked at me with a strange expression, but didn't say anything about it, it was like it didn't happen, all too unbelievable to mention. The other girl didn't realise what I was doing.

After just some minutes I felt my orgasm building up. I knew from a scary experience many years ago as a fresh car driver that having an orgasm driving a car was very dangerous. We were approaching a motorway exit and at the same time it started to rain heavily.

- Do you want me to drive you further or is it OK if I stop here? I asked in a husky voice; I was very close to orgasm.

- You can let us off here, said the girl beside me in a decisive way.

- No, why? said the other one in the backseat. It's raining!

- Don't you see what he's doing?

The girl in the backseat peeped into my crotch and looking back I saw that she wasn't shocked, she looked vaguely interested. But the front seat girl was obviously not in the mood and as the car came to a stop she opened the door and went out in the rain and the other girl followed and in the last moment before she went out I came heavily, and spurted my load in a handkerchief that I had brought for this purpose.

The backseat girl went out and I was so taken away by my orgasm that I didn't see the expression on her face while seeing me orgasm. I heard them open the rear and take out their backpacks and off they went.

Shakily I drove back into town. I had never done what I did if it had been girls from my own country, they would very surely have noted my car register plate and contacted the police. I thought girls from another country wouldn't find it worth the trouble contacting the police in a foreign country.

Today I realise I was just very lucky that I got away with it. It could have ruined my life. But still, the memory of the expression in the face of the back seat girl seeing my erect penis ready to shoot it's load has been a source for further erotic fantasies. What could have happened if...

And to end this story: I have never done such a thing again and I never will.



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