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True story


My wife and I had only been married a year or so and were still getting to know each other sexually. Since it was my second marriage and my wife was 30 we both had a fair amount of sexual experience before meeting and were becoming more comfortable talking about it. I was actually getting pretty turned on talking about our past experiences. Especially when they pushed the normal boundaries a bit.

She has a moderate to full bush that she keeps trimmed but I wanted to see what it would be like if she shaved completely. She said she would, only if I did it first. She had asked me to trim the hair on my shaft recently, so it wasn't the first time I heard the request. I said OK, only if she would do it for me.

She said I would have to be hard while she did it so it would pull the skin tighter and make it easier to shave. I asked her how she knew that and she didn't answer. Then I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. I stripped naked for her and then sat on the edge of the tub. The idea was getting me pretty excited so I was already half hard. I asked her if she planned on helping with the erection and she asked me if I could handle that part while she got the shaving cream and razor.

We had talked about masturbating but had never done it in front of each other at that point, so I was a little nervous. I hesitated and she said 'oh come on, I know you know how'. So I started slowly stroking my cock up and down. She stood and watched and bit her lip a little as I got really hard. Then she said, 'it looks like you're ready' and got the razor and soap. She ran some warm water and soaped me up and as she approached my cock with the razor I said 'that looks a little scary, So, you've done this before?' She said 'only a little on the shaft, but not the full Monty'. with a smile. She stroked me up and down to make me nice and hard and it turned me on to think of her stroking some other guy's cock to shave it.

She shaved the shaft all the way down in smooth strokes with a few strokes of my cock in between each. She made little moaning noises as she went and I asked her if this was turning her on. She pulled up her skirt and showed me her wet panties and said 'what do you think?' Then she cut the rest of my pubic hair to about 1' and rinsed me off. She had me stand up and look in the mirror while she stroked my cock. She said 'it looks hot, do you want to stop or are you OK with going all the way?' I really liked the hairless feel of my shaft as she stroked me. It made my cock look bigger. There was something a little weird in the back of my head but I said OK because I was so turned on by her stroking my throbbing hairless erection.

I sat down and she started shaving the rest of my pubic area. She had me stand up and shaved my balls and under my balls up to my asshole. As she soaped me up she gave my asshole a little rub and I involuntarily tensed my muscles and my cock throbbed. It felt electrifying and she could tell. She said 'you like that, huh?' I just nodded as my cock was throbbing and dripping pre-cum. She reached out her finger and scooped the pre-cum off my cock and looked me in the eye as she slowly licked it off.

She said 'OK, you're done. Let's see how it looks.' She rinsed me off and turned me around to stand naked in the mirror to see my completely naked cock, balls and whole pubic area. I was struck by that weird feeling again and she asked 'what's wrong?' I told her it was kind of a self image thing. It freaked me out a little that I looked like a little boy again.

She moved me closer to the full length mirror, stood behind me and looked over my shoulder. My cock had started to droop and she reached aound and started stroking my hairless cock with one hand and massaging my hairless balls with the other. She asked 'did you get this hard as a little boy?' I nodded yes as my cock stiffened under her attention. 'Did you play with your cock when it got hard?' I said 'yes.' I looked at her stroking my hairless cock with her thin small hairless arms and hands. It looked like I was a little boy jerking off in the mirror. She reached for my hands and brought them to my cock, wrapped my fingers around my cock and started me stroking myself. 'Is this how you used to do it?' I was throbbing and oozing pre-cum. I could see my wife in the mirror taking off her skirt and panties and start to rub her clit. She nudged me closer to the mirror so I was almost touching it. She asked 'did you used to cum on yourself when you were a boy?' I nodded yes and she whispered 'Cum for me.' I stroked faster and shot stream after stream of hot cum on the mirror. She gently pushed me into the mirror and rubbed me in my cum. Then I turned around and hugged her and we laid on the floor and let my cum soak in.

After a minute or two she said 'wow, we have all kinds of new things to talk about.'



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