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Fixing the Machine

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I am a divorced guy, average looks, and work in a small office with only about a dozen employees. Because of that, we are pretty close and informal, and on Fridays, like a lot of places, people wear jeans to work.

We have a new secretary working here named Anne-she is a young Asian woman, 25 years old, and single. She is very cute and always smiles while she is at work.

On a few Fridays I had noticed her in her jeans-they were quite form-fitting, and left nothing to the imagination about her shapely ass. She was not too big chested, but for about two weeks, on Friday she also wore a white, stretchy top which clung to her body and showed off a sexy black bra underneath.

Well, recently the photocopier was acting up, and since Anne was pretty new here, she did not know what to do. It was a Friday afternoon, so not too many people were left, so she asked if I could help her to fix the machine. I agreed and went with her to the copier.

After a few minutes, it became clear that something was jammed in the machine, and it needed two people to fix it. One would have to hold open the document feeder while the other person tried to pull out the jammed paper. As Anne held open the feeder, I tried taking a look inside to find where the paper was jammed, and I put one hand on top of the machine to steady myself as I leaned sideways to look at the paper jam. Anne leaned forward, and her right breast landed right on top of my left hand, pressing against it. She made no effort to move her hand away, and she simply moved about slightly so that her breast was rubbing against the back of my hand. I instinctively pressed back with my hand, and basically massaged her right nipple with the back of my hand. We did not say anything to each other and made no eye contact as we kept this up. I was not sure if she was aware of what was happening, or if she simply felt she was leaning forward to help fix the machine.

After about five minutes of this, I was able to remove all the jammed paper, and we got the machine working. I was excited by the feel of Anne's breast and had a stiff erection happening. I tried to ignore it and went back to my office after Anne said thanks for the help, and she went back to making copies.

I stayed a bit past closing time that day, and at about 5:30 pm I went out to the front desk to check for any faxes that might have come in. Nobody was around, and when I got back to my office, Anne was standing at my door, waiting, and she said she wanted to thank me again for my help, and how she wouldn't have been able to finish her work without my assistance. I thanked her for being so patient while we worked on the machine.

As I made my way back to my desk and sat down, Anne came inside my office and said that she appreciated how much time I spent with her on the problem. She then said that I had very talented hands, and I assumed she was referring to fixing the machine. I told her that I am interested in electronics, so it was really no trouble.

Anne then floored me when she said 'I'm not talking about the machine-you know what you were doing back there, don't you?'

I thought back to her breast on my hand.

'Your hand felt so good rubbing against me-I'd like to repay you somehow,' she said, looking straight into my eyes.

Anne then closed the door behind her as she made her way to my desk, and then she sat down on my lap, and began to caress my thigh and then she moved up and felt my once-again hard cock through my pants.

'Oh, so I guess you are thinking about working on the copier again,' she said, laughing a bit.

'Why don't you get a proper feel with both hands,' she then said, as she took her hand off my pants and lifted her shirt off, revealing her black bra.

I began to caress her breasts, which were small and firm, her nipples poking at the fabric of her bra. I then moved down to her lovely ass, feeling its roundness through her jeans. I knew everybody had probably left the office for the day, but the thought that someone might walk in made this even more exciting.

Anne got up off my lap and stood up, and unbuttoned the top of her jeans and slid them off. She was wearing black panties that matched her bra, and which were tiny enough that I could see her black pubic hair poking out at the sides. She then took off her bra, tossing it on my desk, and then pulled off her panties, standing now completely naked in front of me.

Anne rubbed her long brown hair over her breasts, and looked down at my crotch, which now had a full-sized tent happening. She got down on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out through the front of my pants and started stroking it with both hands. She stayed down on her knees, alternating strokes between both hands, and occasionally spitting on her hands to make them lubed as she steadily jerked me.

I could feel my cum building in me, and she sensed this, giving me a nod of her head to go ahead and cum when I was ready. She kept up stroking at the same steady pace, and when I begged her to go faster, she ignored me and kept up at the same pace.

I couldn't hold out any longer, and I shot out a load of cum which landed on her face and hair. A few drops landed on her hard, brown nipples and she then massaged the cum into her breasts. Her nipples looked like they were two pencil erasers they were so hard.

I wanted to return the favour, so I got up and stood behind her and pressed myself against her back and her ass, which felt so good I was hard again in no time. I massaged her pussy from that position, my hands around her from behind, and gently spread her lips open, and feeling her squishy wetness. I leaned forward so I could get my hand in place, and I stuck my finger inside her, and began to go in and out at the same, steady pace she had used to jack me off.

I kept this up for a while as she squirmed and ground her ass into my body, and she too asked me to go faster. I ignored her request, and kept up the steady, methodical thrusting until she could stand it no longer, and she began to pant, and then moan and buck her ass against me and I felt her pussy spasm in an orgasm.

We both were spent, and we both sat back down in my chair, her on my lap with her ass right against my cock. It felt so good I wanted to enter her, but I didn't have any condoms, and I knew better than to start up again in my office. What we had done was risky enough.

We kissed for a few minutes, and then we used some tissues in my office to wipe up and then get dressed. I drove Anne home afterwards, and we ended up having dinner together and then having some more fun, but that is not for this site.

We are now dating. We have not repeated our workplace adventures and we have not told our fellow workers that we are involved, but I have found out that Anne is really keen on jacking me off in places where we might get caught, and just the other night she gave my cock a workout while we were in a fitting room at a menswear store when we were at the mall.

So much for not taking your work home with you.



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