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Fixing the Fence

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Last weekend I had the most awesome experience and I would like to share it with everyone.


My wife was out of town with some of her girlfriends and I was getting the weekly yard work done. I finished mowing the lawn and was putting the mower away in the shed when I heard the sound of a hammer coming from the neighbor's yard. My neighbor, Jean (not her real name) is a 50 year-old, divorced school-teacher. She is an earthy, independent woman, who practices yoga to keep in shape. She doesn't date much. On weekends she usually works in her backyard and we frequently talk to each other over the fence.

She was repairing a section of her back fence that had blown down. I offered to give her a hand. Normally she refuses any help, but I could tell she needed it - and it was only going to be about a 15-minute project

I grabbed my cordless drill driver, some deck screws, and a hammer from the shed, and walked the short distance to her house. I let myself through her open garage and into her back yard.

I hadn't seen her in while and so we made some small talk. She asked about my summer plans and I asked her if she was taking any vacations this year. She told me she had taken a trip to San Francisco the previous week with her good friend Maureen. I asked her if she had gone to see a Giants game or something since I know that she and several of her co-workers split a season ticket package for the Giants and she goes to 3-4 games per year. It wasn't a Giants game. At first she was reluctant to say exactly what she had done and seemed maybe a little embarrassed. But I guess after all our conversations the past 3 years, she knows that I am pretty open-minded, and non-judgmental about most things. She told me that she and Maureen had done something crazy and gone to a Masturbate-a-thon!

Her frankness and description about the event was amazing! Jean has a friend that lives in SF who invited Jean and Maureen to spend the evening with her celebrating the fact that her divorce was finalized. The plan was that they would have an early dinner out at a nice restaurant and then go to some clubs to drink and dance.

After dinner, they all got in the friend's car and drove to what she assumed was a bar or club. When they arrived at the location, their friend told them to stay in the car while she went to her trunk to get something. The friend came back with a bottle of expensive tequila, shot glasses, lime, and salt. She also had three nicely wrapped presents - one for each of them. They each drank their tequila shot. The presents turned out to be matching pink vibrators!

The friend then explained to them that she had heard of this masturbation event and thought what better way to celebrate the beginning of her new life than to do something crazy like this. Jean said she almost chickened out right then, but after a second shot of tequila and some coaxing from her friend, they all decided to go for it.

From what I gather, the place was set up with pads on the floors, clean sheets, lube, tissue, condoms, etc. There were separate rooms for men, women, and mixed sex. They started in the women-only room and masturbated together using their new vibrators. Then they all got the nerve to go into the mixed-sex room and ended up staying in that room for the rest of the evening.

(Keep in mind that as Jean is describing all of this to me, I am only hearing the highlights of what she is saying because I am trying not to get a raging boner - and I am still putting up the final few fence boards. I was only wearing a pair of light gray athletic shorts (with no underwear), a tank top, and flip flops - normal lawn mowing attire for me. I kept trying to hide my excitement but my 7' circumcised dong was soon rock hard and blowing my cover. My pre-cum created a noticeable wet spot in my gym shorts. I thought for a brief moment that I should apologize for my obvious erection but instead I told Jean how her story was turning me on.)

I have no sexual attraction to Jean, but I felt comfortable enough with her that I pulled out my cock and just started stroking it gently in front of her while she finished her story. I can't believe how good it felt to do this in front of another person. Jean complimented me on the size and thickness of my cock. She told me that the Masturbate-a-thon experience had given her a new perspective on masturbation and that she is now much more open about her own sexuality. She told me that she came a bunch of times in the mixed-sex room while different men watched her.

As I am stroking myself, she put her hand down her own shorts. I could see her light brown pubic hair as she fingered herself. With her other hand she lifted up her sports bra to expose her nice, big natural tits. Standing right in front of her, it didn't take long for me to shoot a monster load of cum. The moment she saw me cum, Jean let out a loud moan and I knew she also had a strong orgasm.

Other than my wife, I have never masturbated in front of another person (male or female). It was easily the most exciting masturbation experience that has ever happened to me and I highly recommend it to others. Wouldn't it be great if we could all have a masturbation partner?

As I said before, I have no sexual attraction to Jean but masturbating in front of her was awesome. I am certain that given the opportunity, we will masturbate in front of each other again. Hopefully sooner than later!



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