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Five Highschool Girls

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Nothing but fingers.



Right now I am 33 years of age, and my best friend Katie is 32. We met and became friends when we were very young.

When I was 13 I learned how to masturbate and I loved it! I had no idea if Katie knew how to masturbate or if she did it regularly. All I knew is that I masturbated a ton, maybe three to four times a day! Whenever I got horny in school, I would ask for the bathroom pass and go to the large stall. I would take off all my clothes and laid them all on the ground to sit on (dirty floor). Then I would rub myself until I came all over. It was amazing. I tried everything from rubbing my clit, to shoving things up my vagina.

Well, when I was 14 (so was Katie) she was spending the night. We decided to also invite three other girls who I can't even remember the names of (it's been awhile.) So the five of us did what we always do when my parents are out, eat like pigs, talk about cute boys in school and what sex would be like. Well, I noticed that for the first time that while we were talking about sex I could feel myself getting really wet. Katie noticed a wet spot right in the middle of my shorts, and somehow knew it wasn't me wetting my pants.

'Looks like someone needs to go to the bathroom and get off?'

Wow, I was so embarrassed. The rest of the girls laughed with Katie and my face went red.

'Nothing to be embarrassed Lexi,' Katie said. 'We all masturbate!'

Well, even know I was still embarrassed, I was happy to hear I wasn't the only one who masturbated.

'Actually, getting off sounds really good right now.'

I couldn't believe what I just heard come out of Katie's mouth.

But then the three other girls started to agree, and desperately trying to act normal I nodded my head. 'I have an idea,' Katie said. She walked over to me, and picked me up. 'Follow me...' She carried me all the way to my room, even up the stairs. She set me on my queen sized bed. 'Wow, big bed, Lexi. All for you?'

'Yeah, I think it's too big.'

Katie felt differently, 'No! It's perfect size.'

She crawled over to where I was sitting on the bed, and took off my shirt. 'Katie, what are you doing!?'

'Shh.' Then she took off my short shorts. Leaving me in my bra and panties. All the girls took off their shirts and shorts including Katie.

I really had no idea what the hell was going on by this point. Trying to act natural is so hard!

She laid me down and took my bra off. I was about to scream at her, until I saw all of them take off their bras. Great, now I have four girls and myself in my room all only wearing panties while my parents are gone.

I had pretty average boob size, I think I was a 38B. Katie had 36D's clearly the largest in the group. I remember the three other girls had fairly nice sized boobs, about the same as me.

I had noticed that I was getting really really wet. So were the rest of the girls. So they all sat on my bed, and played with each others boobs, then Katie told me to join in. So, I thought I would try it. Playing with Katie's boobs was awesome, they were so big!

Then Katie took off her panties, spread her legs and started rubbing herself. I thought I would go ahead and follow her. Soon after I took my panties off, the three other girls did as well. We were all sitting in a circle on my bed with our legs spread rubbing really fast. It felt so good having other girls watch you get off. Katie was going faster than all of us, and her boobs were swaying back and forth, it was such a turn on, even for a heterosexual woman such as myself.

Then I felt Katie put her finger in me unexpectedly, wow! It felt amazing, I almost came right then. I did it back to her, and it was so hot. Then with a huge explosion we came. So did the other girls eventually. And that was the first time I masturbated with others.



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