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Fishing Trip With Pops

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My father and I go fishing together once a year up in the mountains. We sleep in the pop-up camper, but pack a tent sometimes and will hike up the river into the hills to get some good up-stream fly-fishing. This particular trip, the weather was incredible, so we planned on only sleeping in the camper once or twice and tenting it the rest of the week.

After we parked the truck in the campsite, we headed out and started hiking up the mountain, looking for a good place to set up the tent. It was particularly hot during the week we were up there, which we weren't really expecting, and we were both very over dressed. My dad stopped ahead of me on the trail and took off his flannel, and tied it around his waist, leaving him in his pants and an old white t-shirt. I never really realized how ripped my dad was, though I knew he had been going to the gym since I had moved out a few years back. His pecs were really defined, and his nipples were jutting out of the shirt. I was pretty warm also, so I took my sweatshirt off, realizing afterwards that I too was wearing only pants and a white t-shirt. My dad turned and saw me,

'Hey Luke, do they have a gym on campus?'

'Yeah, why?'

'Well, you are just looking pretty fit. You've really bulked up since you moved out.'

'I was going to ask you the same thing. When did you get so ripped?'

'Well, I have been going to the gym a lot.'

'I can tell.'

It was obvious that we were both pretty flattered, but we kept hiking until we finally found a nice clearing for the tent ten minutes later. We unloaded our gear, and set up camp, both soaked in sweat. I suggested that we take a quick dip into the river before we settled down for dinner.

We both stripped down to our skivvies, both of us wearing boxer briefs. We dove into the river and horsed around for a few minutes, then we got out and towelled off. There wasn't anyone around, so, without any hesitation, my dad pulled off his wet boxer-briefs, revealing his thick cock. We are all pretty hairy guys in my family, and most of us are pretty sturdily built, so I was not surprised to see a thick bush surrounding my dad's five inches of manhood soft. His balls were pretty shrivelled up, but I could still see how huge they were.

'Come on Luke. It's just you, me and nature out here.' I stood up and peeled off my underwear, feeling kind of ashamed of what I thought was a pretty lackluster package. 'Damn son, you are packing some heat!' He pointed at my cock, hanging soft at about five inches. We towelled ourselves off and then both headed for the tent to get our sweats on for the evening.

When we got in the tent, I realized that I had never been in such close proximity with my dad in the nude in my entire life. A few times, our naked bodies grazed each others as we got into the tent, and this led to some pretty substantial chub. He looked over at me and laughed, 'ahh, you too?' I looked over and saw that he was chubbing up too, his cock swelling more and more while he looked at my cock.

'Ya know Luke, you are a grown man now, and I am comfortable telling you this. I have been masturbating every day since your mom left me.'

'I have been masturbating every day since I was 14!'

He laughed and then reached down and started massaging his goods. 'Have you ever...' and then he stopped and blushed.

'Mutualed? Yeah dad, I lived in the dorms two years. It happened a few times. Why?'

'I have just been curious.'

'Well, no better time than now.'

My heart started pounding as I laid back on my sleeping bag and started stroking my cock. He laid close to me, rubbing his cock slowly and methodically. I glaced at it and saw it in all its glory; it was almost eight inches long, and definitely a fist full. His head was gigantic, and he stroked over it with every pump. We studied each other's techniques, edging closer and closer to orgasm until he stopped.

'Wait Luke, you are doing it all wrong!' He put his hand on my thigh and said, 'watch...wait, do you mind?'

'Not at all, show me the ropes old man.' His big hands ran up and down my thighs until he got to my cock and balls, which he massaged. Then he grabbed my cock and started stroking. 'You're about seven-and-a-half inches right?' He looked at his swollen member as a refrence.

'Yeah, almost. I haven't measured in a while.'

'Not bad, not bad at all. The thing is, it is nice and thick.'

'Yeah, yours too. I had no clue you were such a monster.' He kept stroking, doing little turns and flicks with his hands and wrists, sending surges through my body like I had never felt before.

'Tell me when you are there. I am going to stop, and you are going to get me there and stop. This is called edging. I learned about it in school.'

We edged each other for a good hour almost, using our spit as lube. Before long, his cock was oozing precum and his nipples were sticking out a good half-inch. 'Finish it.' He almost whispered. I decided to start running the operation, and I swung my leg over and got on top of him. He is such a big guy; I hadn't had that much person between my legs since my freshman year. We started grinding our cocks together, me taking both shafts into my hands and stroking them simultaneously. I bent over to him and buried my face into his chest hair, while he took both his free hands and cupped my butt cheeks. He started massaging them and then, when I started speeding up, he slipped his finger into my hole and sent me reeling. I leaned back and shot four ropes of cum onto his stomach.

'Don't stop.' He bucked his hips so hard I almost fell off. His hands were clinging to my thighs and I stroked faster and faster, using my cum as lube, until he shot six ropes of thick cum onto both of our stomachs. I collapsed onto my sleeping bag and sighed.

'Wow. That was great. Just one question dad, I thought you said you were just curious? It seems you forgot to tell me about your sessions in school.'

He licked some of the extra cum off of his hands and then said, 'some secrets are better left un-told.' He laughed and we both skipped dinner and had a few more rounds before bed.



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