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Fishing Trip

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My wife hates to fish, but it is my hobby, my sport, and my peace. I love to go trout fishing in the streams way up in the mountains. I took a weekend trip to the mountains without my wife for some peace and quiet and fishing. There is a common campground, yet the fishermen spread out to fish, sometimes hundreds of yards apart. Due to all the bends in the stream and the thick woods one can spend all day fishing and not see another person.

The first night at camp I got to know two other fishermen in tents near mine. We stayed up late by the camp fire talking. The talk wasn't really sexual, although one guy mentioned more than once how horny he was.

The next day we spread out and fished early in the morning. About 9:30am I started back in the general direction of camp. I was quietly making my way through the woods going for the most direct route to camp, instead of taking the trail. About halfway back I saw a movement near a tree about 50 feet away. The two guys I had met the night before were beside a tree, both with their pants around their ankles! Each had his right hand wrapped around the other guy's dick and they were jacking each other off. I froze! I was already in the open and I didn't know what else to do.

I don't know how to explain it, but watching them jack each other made my own dick start to get hard. They still hadn't seen me and my dick was getting bigger and bigger. I thought about how nice it would be to send some cum flying out there in the outdoors. I had jacked myself off while fishing several times over the years when I knew I was alone in the woods and was overcome by the desire for an orgasm, but this was different.

A hawk suddenly squalked and both men momentarily stopped and looked up. When they did they saw me. 'Hey, Bud,' one of them said. 'We just wanted to plant some seeds out here in the woods!' In a split second decision I never thought I'd ever make I said 'mind if I join you?' My dick was so hard as I walked the 50 or so feet over to them.

'Let's see what ya got' one of them said. I took my fishing vest off and unbuckled my pants and let them fall. I pulled my rock hard dick through the fly in my boxer shorts and immediately one of them reached and took me in his hand. 'You have a nice hard dick' he said as he started jacking me. We ended up standing in a small circle, each jacking the guy on our right with our right hands.

This was the first time in my life I had ever touched another guy's dick. The guy's dick I was mostly jacking (we traded off now and then) was about seven inches long, thick, and rock hard. I was amazed that in a way, I enjoyed the feel of his big dick in my hand. They apologized for being caught like that, but they said they walked to the stream together and the subject of beating off came up, and they thought 'what the hell, why not.' So they hid in this area off the trail, where I accidentally found them.

It felt so good getting jacked off out there in the woods, and it was diffenet yet exciting as one by one we shot our loads.

That night we sat together at the camp fire and talked. It wasn't long before all three of us were in one tent wearing no pants or underwear jacking each other off.

I will remember that trip forever, and I also have jacked off thinking about it a hundred times. We all swapped e-mail addreses and have agreed to meet on a future fishing trip.



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