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First With a Girl

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Some things we never forget.


I was devastated. My two buddies from across the street were moving to the suburbs so I may never see them again. Yes, Kevin was a year older then me and Bobby was a year younger and I was almost thirteen. Baseball would never be the same or would anything else and by that time, we even had circle jerks going but only Eddie and I could cum. There were six of us alltogether back then.

About three months later, my parents took my sisters and I to see our old neighbors. Wow, they had a super house, a ranch so big at the time and with a nice yard and all. Kevin and Bobby had a very nice bedroom of their own while I still had to share a bedroom with my two younger sisters. They even had a full basement where they could rollerskate and all.

After the house tour and getting caught up on what they were doing, school, sports and all, we went to their bedroom and soon, masturbation came up. Kevin, a year older then me had a much smaller cock and still could not cum nor could Bobbie of course. One thing led to another and they told me they would masturbate in front of their older sister Carol who was either fourteen or fifteen. Yeah right I said. Carol had never seen a guy masturbate until they did it for her and never seen Jism, we then called our ejaculation fluids. They wanted me to do it in front of her. NO WAY.

Soon, Carol was in the room with us and the boys immediately locked the door and dropped their pants and underwear to around their ankles and sure enough, they started working on their little cocks while Carol watched them but wanted to see me as she knew from them that I could make Jism. At first I felt panic, but soon it didn't seem like such a bad thing to do. Hormones kicking in I guess.

I was really turned on and had a very hard boner and finally agreed to do this if she would show us her cunny, we called it. She had no problems doing that as her brothers saw it often. At first I just unzipped and took out my cock but the boys and her immediately had me take down my pants and underwear like they did and Carol sat on a straight back chair in front of us with no panties on, her skirt up around her waist and her legs on the side of the chair. She had very light brown hair on top of her well defined cunny crack.

Back then, I could, and often would, cum in like maybe two minutes and often stayed hard enough to cum again in another five or ten minutes and this was no exception as no sooner did I see her cunny, something I'd never seen live, at least not on a grown woman, when I could feel myself going over the top and ropes of Jism came shooting out and maybe three feet in front of me, on the hardwood floor they had. As I did this, I tried hard to keep my eyes open and on Carol's face which looked like shock or something. She was fascinated with what she just saw.

One of the boys got an old tee shirt and cleaned the floor and yet, I remained as hard as they were and Carol by then walked over to touch a bit of my jism with her finger, smell it and taste it. She then asked if she could pump my cock which as I was still so turned on, I readily agreed to. She was standing directly in front of me, bending over a bit masturbating my throbbing cock and I just had to feel her cunny which she let me do by spreading her legs a bit wider.

I had no idea what a clitoris was but noticed that when I rubbed my finger up high and slid it up and down, she really wiggled and it definately excited her. None of us guys had any idea that a girl liked anything like that. We knew virtually nothing about sex other than what we saw in the porn stash my dad had hidden and that was just inserting your cock. Yet, with Carol squirming against my finger and making moaning sounds, Kevin and Bobby on each side of me, it was too much and in probably less than five minutes, I told all that I was about to shoot jism again and told Carol to go faster which she seemed to know what to do already. Cum I did with Carol's face very close, by watching it shoot out and in utter awe at this. The first shot hit her neck and yet she kept pumping faster all the time. I doubt it was as much as the first time but it was a lot and I felt totally drained. Carol wanted one more show but I was done for then and in fact, made her stop masturbating me as I was far too sensitive to continue much to her chagrin.

I didn't see the boys for about another year or so I guess and by then, Kevin was able to shoot jism too but his cock was not all that big. Maybe five inches and Bobby's was already a bit bigger. Carol, well, she had boyfriends they said, and no longer participated with them in their parties. Too bad they moved away but we moved shortly after our last visit anyhow and I never saw them again.



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