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First Time With Two Friends

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Sticky mess round my friend's house


Me and my two friends Dan and Lee were the horniest teenagers. We had known each other since we were 12 and regularly watched porn round each others houses, but sadly without masturbating or touching. I was, and still am secretly bi, but at that point, for all I knew, Lee and Dan were straight.

Soon after I turned 18 what I had been hoping for for years finally came true. We were having fun found Lee's house on a Saturday afternoon, when finally we decided to watch the porn video that Dan had brought with him. We all went to Lee's room and chose our seats, Lee sprawled on his bed, Dan on a computer swivel chair and myself on a small sofa. As the video began it became obvious that we were all growing noticeably large boners with Lee especially trying his best to rearrange his cock in his jeans.

I watched him from the corner of my eye, his rearranging turning me on far more than the sex in front of me on the TV. It was then to my complete surprise that I saw the head of his dick momentarily flash over his waistband line then disappear again.

'Hey Lee, flashing your cock to us now are you?' I said immediately, in humour. Lee looked over, giving me the biggest grin I had ever seen. As if I had expressed my delight out loud, Lee took the expression on my face as confirmation and slowly pulled down his jeans and boxers, me and Dan looking on with smiles on our faces.

By now, forgetting the porn on the TV, Dan turned to me mischievously saying, 'Well, if you can't beat em', join em'!'. He too, seductively lowered his jeans and boxers revealing a circumcised dick around 7' long, perhaps one inch smaller than Lee's. Realizing that my wildest fantasy was coming true before my eyes I quickly dropped my trousers revealing my own 7' throbbing dick, removing my t-shirt shortly afterwards-Dan and Lee followed suit. So here I was with my two best friends, completely naked and jerking our cocks.

I completely forgot that I should perhaps stop doing anything which might make the other two become suspicious of my sexuality, but when I stood up and sat down next to Lee on the bed, neither protested. Dan soon followed, sitting next to me. From what I remember, I found the fact that our thighs were touching the horniest thing, that small bit of body contact giving me the hardest cock I can ever remember. We continued jerking. After maybe five minutes of silent masturbating Dan's breathing became heavier. Me and Lee watched him unashamedly, knowing he was close to climax. Closing his eyes, Dan tugged for the final few times then rope after rope of thick white cum erupted from his dick, landing not only on his own defined chest, but also my own as well as a dribble which ended up rolling off my stomach and into my nest of pubes. He looked at the cum apologetically but the smile on my face put him at ease. He stood up from the bed and left the room to clean up, leaving me and Lee on the bed to finish up.

We started jerking again. After two minutes of intense wanking whilst staring at each others dicks, Lee started breathing more deeply, almost identically to how Dan had done five minutes previously. It was in that moment that Lee turned his head to me, and almost embarrassed to ask, said 'Do you want it?'. The fact that Dan was out the room seemed to give him courage. I nodded slowly. Lee, getting onto his knees, positioned his cock over my chest and seconds later his penis exploded it's load all over my body. Literally, from my thighs to my neck I was covered in ropes of steaming hot cum. As soon as he collapsed back into his previous wanking position my own dick exploded, adding my own mixture of cum into Dan and Lee's cocktail. As if he had timed it, Dan walked back into the room to find myself and Lee lying exhausted on the bed, covered in sticky juices. As if the situation had finally became clear to us, all three of us burst out laughing uncontrollably, it seemed putting it into words would just be too much of a challenge. As we started to dress I wiped up the pools of cum over my body and the bed with my own pair of boxers, stuffing them slyly into my backpack.

After saying our goodbyes we left each other to go home. I've done nothing with Dan or Lee since, but I'll always remember it as the first time I ever experienced the joys of mutual masturbation.



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