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First Time With My Wife

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All true except the names.


In high school I went to a traditionally mostly black high school that had been integrated fairly recently; a majority of the students were still black. As a result, in high school many of the young women around me were black, most of them pretty and to a horny teenager like me simply irresistible. However, I was quite shy and not particularly striking in looks, never mind the fact that many of the black girls were not eager for the company of a white boy like me, so for much of my high school career I went around hard and dry, without even a kiss, as I fantasized about the joys of their brown skin against my white skin.

Towards the end of my senior year we had a school dance. I showed up a little late, when the dance was already in full swing, and spent an hour and a half talking to friends, including a new student Tanya. She had enrolled a couple of months before after her mother had moved to our city for a new job, just after the end of winter break. She was about two inches taller than me, with beautiful medium brown skin and relaxed, lightly curly hair. She was fairly thin, with average breasts and wide hips, and we had chatted a few times before; we both had sarcastic senses of humor and similar tastes in music. In looks she wasn't a stunner, but she had striking eyes and a fine personality. Needless to say, I had thought about her repeatedly when masturbating, but then I did the same while thinking about two dozen of my other classmates and figured I had no more chance with her than with any of them. Anyway, we went to a very large school with well over two thousand students, and the gym was full. She and I were at the end of one of the bleachers by this time making sarcastic comments about the popular students, being catty, scandalous, and a bit jealous all at once. She was dressed in a cream-white dress loose on her belly but tight across her chest, with its lower hem a third of the way up her thighs and the front dipping down enough to show a tight soft cleavage that she caught me several times staring at; I was in loose slacks and a gray shirt.

After some comments about the richer girls who wore more jewelry than clothes and the athletes who should spend more time doing pushups and less time downing cheap beers, she surprised me by saying out of the blue, 'Doris over there's dancing with Tyrone almost as close as they dance naked after school.' I choked but replied gamely, 'He doesn't look like he'll last much longer.' She smiled approvingly and said, 'He's already lasted twice as long as any other time. Or so I hear,' with a wicked smile at the end. I replied, 'You'd think with all the practice he gets he'd have learned to control his pitching better.' She grinned, 'Oh, honey, he's the master of the fastball. It's just a shame he has to go to the bench after one strike.' I looked her in the eyes and she winked, then nodded at another couple on the dance floor. 'See Cassie over there? Barely comes up to Henry's chest?' I nodded, and she added casually and mischievously, 'She must be having a growth spurt. In the past she's only come up to his belly button.' After a second I coughed, loud, and she laughed. I just swallowed and asked, 'Tell me more,' and she gave me some more gossip, this time about one of the mixed couples on the floor, and though I didn't realize it at the time she was checking my reaction closely. 'Jake over there used to like his coffee with lots of milk, but he's been drinking it darker and darker each month.' This was a reference to a series of three girlfriends, the last of whom was very dark and very stunning; at the moment they were rubbing against each other as close as the chaperones would allow. I shrugged and said, 'He's just been working his way up to the good stuff.' She grinned and after a pause a slow ballad started. She asked, 'Want to dance?' I swallowed again and said, 'Sure.'

The gym was dark and the floor was packed; we were surrounded by three couples we didn't recognize, and the fact that no one I knew was watching us was a relief to me, since I had hated rumors and whispers about me ever since I had started elementary school. Tanya put her hands on my shoulder as I put my hands on her waist, and after about ten seconds she slipped close and my arms slid around her. As she moved her soft, plump body against me I immediately hardened, and she just hugged me tighter and rubbed harder against me. After the dance ended we ducked back behind the bleachers and I breathed out raggedly. She took a deep breath and said, 'Want to take a walk?' I just nodded. She looked around and said, 'Okay, I'll go to the bathroom. Wait ten minutes and go the other way and meet me around the corner from the toilets.' I thought for a second and placed it, and when I nodded she strolled off leisurely. I waited ten minutes, then a little longer till a loud song started, and walked slowly to the other exit and crept out. Around the corner from the bathrooms she had mentioned was a doorway to the basement in a small alcove, and she smiled as I walked up to it. 'Keep walking, out the door, meet me outside.' She met me a minute later and kissed me matter-of-factly. We walked on past the maintenance buildings and on to a little patch of trees next to the exercise fields where there was a hollow. We sat down in the grass in the hollow and she said, 'Amazing there's no one here. It wasn't like that in the past.' She laughed at my face and said, 'You're not the first boy I've brought here, you know.' I must have looked jealous because she laughed and kissed my cheek and said, 'Just the cutest.'

As we kissed she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and pushed her breasts against my chest; soon she started breathing heavily as she caressed my chest. I followed suit and ran my fingertips over her chest. She pushed her breasts against my hands and looked up at me with her mouth open in the dim light. I grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed, feeling the soft flesh filling my hand and pushing around the sides. Then I squeezed the nipples, and she closed her eyes and pulled my lips to hers. As I pushed my right hand down the top of her dress, she pulled away again to reach behind her to undo the zipper. After undoing the top of her dress she removed her bra and pulled me to her as I cupped her beautiful brown breasts, which I squeezed and fondled as I kissed her neck. I looked at them as I ran my fingers over them, with coal-black nipples and aureolas on warm brown hills that seemed to glow with a golden-brown light.

Soon she whispered to suck on them, and as I did she reached down to my crotch and squeezed. I looked at her and she smiled and said, 'All mine?' I nodded and unzipped for her. She reached inside and ran her fingers around the head. She then pulled out my penis and held it firmly. 'Nice. I liked it when we were dancing. I thought you were going to come in your pants.' She then started stroking with her right hand and said, 'Baby, come for me.' I squeezed her breasts tightly as my belly knotted up, and as she ran her hand up and down my shaft streams of sticky white hot cum shot out onto her breasts, dress, and arm, and she laughed as she milked me dry, 'Good boy, good boy.' I pulled out a handkerchief and tried to wipe her dress clean, but when I moved toward her breasts she said, 'Just leave it there.' I did and looked at the drips of clear come spattered on them and she squeezed her breasts together with her arms and moved them around until the cum shined in the moonlight, then after a minute took the handkerchief from me and wiped them clean.

As she curled up next to me, I asked her, 'When did you decide...'

'...that I wanted to be with you? Last week. I was sure tonight.'

'How many times have you been here?'

'With other boys? Twice.'

'Did you do this with them?'

'Yes, I like doing it. A lot.'

'How long?'

'Have I been doing this? Four years.'

I looked at her and she laughed, 'What?'

'You've been doing it almost as long as I have.'

She laughed loudly and said, 'I've been doing it to myself longer than that.'

'I'd like to see that.'

'I'll show you.'

With that she lifted her dress to show no panties underneath. I looked at her face and she laughed, 'Why do you think I had to stop off in the bathroom?' She pulled up the hem to her waist and sat down with her legs spread facing me, thick black curly bush hidden in shadow, and reached down with her right hand. She lay back so her pussy was in the moonlight and began rubbing her clitoris with her index finger. As her breath came faster she rubbed with all fingers, her pink insides showing with each stroke, and soon came. 'Your turn,' she said, and as I knelt beside her I fumbled around as I learned how to touch her, and she reached up to stroke my penis as it quickly hardened again. Soon I had two fingers inside her tunnel, and as she moved rhythmically under my caresses she stroked me steadily. She was pushing her hips upwards against my fingers, then moving her hips in small circles, and whispered, 'Wiggle your fingers inside me,' then 'Harder, honey,' and her thick scent filled the air as her juices flowed over my fingers and onto the grass. Fortunately, I was able to hold off longer this time, and as her breath quickened I felt her pussy squeeze raggedly; soon her thighs closed tight and she moaned once as her body stiffened. I then came, shooting a load of cum on her face and neck.

Suddenly we realized we were not alone. A black couple was in the hollow, standing there watching us half-naked with their hands at each other's crotch. The girl said, 'That was hot, don't stop 'cause of us,' as she stroked her boyfriend. Soon he pushed her down to her hands and knees and entered her roughly with his fingers as they watched us; she thrust back stroke for stroke and smiled, a squishing sound exciting us even more, as I got hard again and started pumping Tanya's pussy. Soon the girl came and we were close. 'Do you have protection?' she asked, and when I shook my head she sighed, 'Oh well,' and as the other boy got hard again his girlfriend dropped to her knees and took him in her hand, causing me to spew again all over the grass and Tanya to thrust up hard against my hand in a sharp, short orgasm. She sat up and leaned back against me as we watched them; soon he grabbed her hand and thrust hard, and as the girl sat up with cum running down her chin and dripping onto her small pointed breasts Tanya said to her, 'Good job, Anita.' As they laughed Tanya looked back at me and winked, and we left the two of them to their privacy, at least until the next couples came. As we walked towards the school, Tanya steered us towards the left, where a low rise next to a maintenance shed afforded a little privacy, and whispered, 'I'm better than Anita, baby. Wanna see?' I said yes, and she said, 'Only if you return the favor.' 'Of course,' and she put her arm around my waist and said, 'Good boy.'



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