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First Time With My Neighbour

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My first time with another guy, but certainly not my last.


This all started when I was about 12 or 13 I think, a long time ago so I'm not sure, I just know it began a couple of years before my 16th birthday.

The boy who lived two doors away from me (we'll call him Jim) and I, often spent hours in each others bedrooms listening to music etc, occasionally he would get out a porn mag and we'd sit on his bed and just rub our hard dicks through our trousers. This then developed into a masturbation session where we just wanked ourselves until we came (but thats a different story).

Anyway we used to sit close together on the bed and have a mag each to look at. Then this one day Jim says to me 'I've only got one new mag, we'll have to share'. So this day we sit really close together with the mag resting on each of our thighs. I'd never thought of a guy in a sexual way before but the way our legs were touching and the pix of naked women were making me really feel sexual.

Jim who is sitting on the left then reaches over to turn to the next page of the mag, and as he does his hand briefly brushes against my trousers right where my cock is getting hard.

As he turns each page I notice that he is starting to move each page slower and his hand is beginning to rub me through my trousers, but, still not for long as he is trying to make it look like he is just turning the pages.

Eventually about half way through the mag I have forgotten all about the pictures as it is now taking Jim about 30 seconds to turn each page, and he is giving my cock a good hard rub each time. I can see he is rubbing his cock too through his jeans and so I decide to turn the next page.

As I turn the next page I actually turn it and leave my hand resting on his hard dick, at this we look at each other and we both know that neither of us minds.

Jim reaches over and undoes the button on my jeans and unzips my fly, he then begins to rub my cock through my boxers. The feeling is wonderful as this is the first time that anyone other than me has had their hands anywhere near my cock.

I unzip Jims fly and push my hand inside his trousers rubbing his semi-hard erection through his boxers. I can feel it growing in my hand as I slip my hand under his boxers and take it in my hand, it actually grows as I begin to stroke it.

At this point Jim leans over and pulls down my jeans and boxers and my six and a half inch cock pops up totally hard. He kneels down between my legs and with one hand he starts to cup and tickle my balls as the other starts to slowly pump my cock up and down, my circumsised head now glistening with what I now know is precum.

I can feel his hot breath on my cock as he softly runs his clenched fist up and down my throbbing shaft. As he is kneeling on the floor between my legs I can also feel him rubbing his cock against my leg to keep himself hard. It isn't long before I lean back and my breath gets shorter and we both realise I am about to cum.

Jim takes his hand away from my balls and holds it just below my cock head as he makes the last few pumps on my cock hard and fast which causes me to gasp and shoot cum into his open hand, Jim then takes his hand and rubs some of my cum onto his cock head before rubbing the rest into my stomach and cock.

As this is my first time with another guy I am not sure what Jim wants me to do but he stands up and climbs onto the bed above where I am now laying back, he shuffles forwards on his knees until his cock head is about level with my nipples, then he takes my hands and guides them to his balls, getting me to gently play with them and occasionally tug them - I am finding this well hot as I can see his cock right in front of my face almost glowing red as he begins to breathe heavily.

Then Jim takes my hands and guides them to his eight inch cock where I wipe the precum and the remains of my cum from his head and around his dick. He then gets me to put both hands around his cock and lowers himself so that as he begins to fuck my hands the tip of his cock touches my chest every time he pushes forwards, as he pulls back a small drop of precum is visible glistening on my chest.

I can tell he isn't going to last long as he begins to fuck my hands harder and faster, the precum and my remaining cum lubing my hands. So to him I presume it feels like he really is fucking someone rather than being jerked off. With a couple of really hard thrusts I feel his weight collapse onto my chest as he shoots a load of cum all over my chest and hands As he is laying there I can feel his cock throbbing between the two of us and then he lifts up slightly and using his hand on his cock he rubs it all over me until all the cum is rubbed into me.

I have to say it was an amazing experience for me as it was the first time I had masturbated with anyone, and we have done it many times since and more (which will appear in another story). But we've stopped now as we are both married - oh to have one more Jim session.



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