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First Time With My Friend

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I was 14 then...so naive!


I was a high school band geek & I'm proud of it. No, this is NOT '...one time at band camp' stories!

A neighbor from down the street was spending the weekend with us because her parents were taking a little vacation. She was a sophomore and I was a freshman. We had known each other for years, dating back to elementary school. We were both in band, she played flute and I played (still do once in a while) sax. It was early October and we had come home from the Friday night game (There is a high school in the Valley) and had gone to my bedroom and were ready for bed.

We were talking and of course the subject was boys! I talked about how our high school has this big tower that looks like a huge penis. Is that weird or what? Guess it shows how I was thinking! I had never even kissed a guy but she and her b/f had 'done the big nasty'. I as so interested in what it was like. Understand that I have been an active masturbater since I was 11 so I knew all about orgasms, I just had never done ANYTHING with a boy.

I kept asking her questions, what did it feel like to kiss with a tongue? What does it feel like to have him aqueeze your boobs? What did it feel like to touch his dick? On and on I asked questions, the entire time getting more aroused and wetter as we talked. I could tell she was excited to talk about it but was also getting a bit tired of all my questions.

Finally after one of my questions she simply said, 'Like this' and wrapped her arms around me, kissed me with tongue and her hand slipped under my shirt and began to fondle my boob. I thought I was in heaven! Soon she was stroking my thigh and getting higher. I was getting so wet now! How I wished right then I could f-a guy right there! Then her hand began to rub my pubic area. Oh this was wonderful! Next thing I knew she had pulled my panties to the side and was circling my clit. My heart was beating so loudly! I loved the feelings! She removed her night shirt and I did too. The feeling of her warm boobs pressing into mine was devine! Her fingers kept working on my 'happy button' and I was sure that I was going to have a heart attack because my heart was beating so hard and fast. It was like our entire bass drum line was my heart. I was sure my parents could hear it in the other room. I was building to what I knew was going to be a good orgasm. My gawd, it was tremendous! I had to work very hard to keep myself quiet as I exploded in ecstasy.

'And that, Kelly, is what f-ing is like' she told me. I did nothing for her that night, though over the next year and a half we did about everything two females could do!

Unfortunately for me she moved away to Clovis, Ca. and we have only seen each other once since. Yes we got together for some hot times then, We stay in touch and she is going to be down here for Christmas visiting other relatives. She has hinted that we need to 'get together' some night, just the two of us for some more girl/girl fun. Makes me aroused and quite moist just thinking about it.

By the way, there are enough clues in this story that some of you who know me and the area will recognize it. Did you have any idea I was bi? My name is NOT changed to protect the guilty!

Hope you have fun diddling!



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