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First Time With My First Girlfriend

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This is my second contribution. It is about my first girlfriend. I already mentioned her briefly in my first contribution.


This story is about the time I had with my first girlfriend. We have been together for eight months. She was 17 at that time and I was 20. She was still a virgin and so was I. We lived an hour by train apart and could see each other approximately every third weekend.

When we met we would first go to our bedroom and make out on the bed for up to two hours. It was no caressing or fondling yet, only kissing very deeply. We would start by sucking each others lips and proceed to exporing each others mouth with our tongues. Our tongues circled each other. It felt so good. After two hours my lips and tongue felt sometimes a little numb.

From the first night on we slept together in the same bed. She slept in a tshirt and panties and me in a tshirt and boxers. We always had no lights on and it was really really dark. I would start to caress her belly under her shirt under the covers. Then I would proceed to her breasts. She would pull the shirt over her breasts but would never ever remove it. I would also roll her nipples between my fingers which she liked a lot. Her breasts and nipples felt so good. Then I would move on top of her and kiss her deeply. Then I would kiss her neck and move down to her belly. After kissing her belly I kissed her breasts. Then I took her nipples in my mouth. I would circle them with my tongue and suck on them. I really liked sucking on her nipples a lot. After this she did the same to me. I also liked it when she took my nipples in her mouth and sucked on them.

After this, in the first night I moved my hand down her belly and inside her panties. I caressed her pubic hair and moved further to her pussy and waited if she would let me. I asked her if I could remove her panties and she agreed. This was a really big surprise for me because she was really reluctant in having removed her shirt. I had never felt a pussy before and thought that I have to spread her outer labia apart to caress her. But she was so soaking wet that my finger slid right between her pussy lips. My heartbeat was so fast, she must have felt it. I caressed her clit in an up and down motion and then in cirles. She liked it a lot. I wanted to insert a finger but after a little bit it hurt as she was still a virgin.

She came twice without any noise because we didn't want her parents to find out what we were doing in our first night. Afterwards she put her panties back on and removed my boxers. She wanted to feel my cock, her first cock ever. My cock was already hard as a rock because it was really exciting for me to feel my first pussy. She was a little surprised that it was slightly curved. She thought that all cocks would be straight. So she started to feel and caress my cock and it felt really great. I was not able to cum because I was too nervous.

In our second night I brought her to orgasm by fondling her clit with my fingers. She really liked it a lot. Then she wanted to jack me to an orgasm and started to stroke me. As I told her that I was close to cumming she hesitated because she didn't want my cum on the sheets so that our parents would see the evidence. So she let me cum on a towel.

We really enjoyed masturbating each other. We never had intercourse in these eight months because she was afraid of the pain of the first time. She now has a new boyfriend and I know she has intercourse with him.

I hope you liked my story. I would like to hear some comments.

Happy jacking and jilling!



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