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First Time With Jesse

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I was sitting in third period English class when I saw my best friend/crush standing looking through the window of the door waving to me trying to get my attention. I looked over at his and lipped what are you doing, and he lipped back to me come with me. So I went up to my teacher and said I had an early dismissal and that I had lost my note, and I'm a pretty good kid who gets good grades and never does anything bad in school so she believed me and I took my books and went. I got out in the hall and Jesse said 'I have a surprise for you' and I said 'what is it' and he said 'look, get your stuff in your locker and meet me in the parking lot' (he has a car and he is the grade above me) so I didn't question him and he went outside and I got my books together...and quickly went outside.

I got out there and I had noticed he grabbed the books out of my hand and carried them for me and he was holding my hand and kissed it. I melted with warmness in my body, he was so tall and handsome he had used to be on the basketball team but was kicked off for too many detentions. I am 4'9' and he is 6'5' he is very much taller then me. We arrived at his car and he threw my books in his trunk and proceeded to pull out this bandana he said 'you have to wear this over your gorgeous eyes for now' and I said 'what's going on I thought you weren't into me?' and he said it his humorous way 'well you thought wrong' and smiled and turn me around and tied the bandana. Then what he did then almost made my heart jump out of my throat.

He slowly turned me around and kissed me ever so softly on the lips...our mouths were slightly open and he stood so close I could feel his breath on me...he helped me into his car and buckled me in and when he moved the buckle over my legs he touched my inner thighs...that little fox...I giggled. Then he proceeded to start the car and drive and he turned on some Led Zeppelin and some of our other favorites, and after an hour and a half we finally stopped and I said 'where are we' and he said 'you'll see' he helped me out of the car and he took off the blindfold and I looked we were at a state park not very far from our town. He had a blanket in his hand and he positioned next to a stream that was near by and he were under all the new spring leaves and the sun was so warm on our bodies...we were very silent for a long while and we were glaring into each others eyes and he said to me 'You know I love you so much...I really do' and I said 'I love you too' he said 'I've wanted to do something with you for a while but I was afraid this would ruin our friendship'

I said 'nothing will' and he put his big hands around me and we started heavily making out he ran his big hands up and down my little body and he was laying so close to me I could feel the bulge in his pants he touched my face and then he cupped my breasts which are a little D's. He looked at me in the eye and said 'can I' and I shyly nodded my head. We both sat up passionately kissing and stroking each others body and he pulled my shirt off... and I slowly started to unbutton his shirt...then he looked at my breasts with all eyes and whispered you're so beautiful...and unhooked my bra from the front. I layed back down so all I had on was my tight skirt on and some lace panties...he leaned over my body and undid his belt and his pants and then he looked at me and I nodded my head again and he slid off my skirt and my underwear...and he took off his underwear as well.

He layed on top of me and kissed me for what seemed like a half hour the he began to rub my clit and pussy and my body began to shake with such exstacy. I orgasmed rather quickly but he kept rubbing and sucking my tits and grinding on me...while we kissed and our tongues seemed to be dancing in our mouths...then he showed me his hard on and how to stroke it correctly I could almost not get my little hand the whole way around it. He groaned and groaned until his cum was all over me and the blanket and we kept kissing and every so often we would touch each others privates ever so gently almost tickling and we both would jump in pleasure. He said to me 'I love you I don't know why I didn't wanna tell you sooner.' I said it was ok and that I was scared that I liked him and that he didn't like me back' finally he said 'we should be together' and I smiled and kissed him we layed in the blanket with our bodies touching.

Later, we cleaned off in the stream touching each other getting every inch of each other and we went back home because by this time school was over he dropped me off at my house and said 'I love you and you are my first' and I told him 'he was my first too and that I loved him from the moment we met' and we passionately kissed and he walked me up to my door kissed and and felt me up again and we have been doing this ever since and we can't stop and we are still together to this day...and we are so madly in love.



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