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First Time With Jason

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Ok this was crazy. I'm not gay.

My parents had both gone out and so was my brother. My parents had told me that if I got bored that I could invite a friend over. So I picked Jason. I have no attraction to him it's just that he's fun to be around. So at first when he came over we spent the time online talking to friends while still talking to each other. We talked about both girls and guys, about what they looked like and how they act and stuff.

Anyway, it soon got boring and we wanted to do something else. So we decided to go outside and roam the streets. I live in the mountains so it's not like blocks or anything it's just streets in really random places. So we started to walk up my street still talking. Then he said he was going to doorbell ditch this one house. I waited behind a bush when he came running. The door didn't open. We looked through the window and it turned out the guy and girl were a little busy, if you know what I mean!!. We were like woa. The Girl was HOT!!! So we soon got away from that, now talking about sex.

We kept walking. We doorbell ditched one more time and this time the guy came after us. We ran forever! through some sprinklers too. So we were all wet and dirty when we came home. I decided I needed a shower and I told him he could wait in my room. I was in the shower when the image of his dick came into my mind. I was thinking 'what the?' because I had never thought about this stuff before. His dick was pretty big. I'd guess seven inches. Mine was six so I didn't care. I finished my shower and quickly got out. I came out naked and there was Jason. I was really suprised and I asked him what he was doing. He said he needed a shower too.

I got a towel on and told him it was ok, we could wash his clothes and he could wear some of mine. So he took a shower. I was waiting in my room and noticed he was taking a really long time. I walked in and there he was in front of the mirror, naked and jacking off. He was tanned all over, which I thought was weird and his dick was sticking straight out and very hard. He didn't stop. He asked if I ever did this. I answered yes. He asked if I wanted to now. So I said whatever, and quickly stripped down. I got in front of the mirror and started to jack. It was actually cool because it felt like there were four people in the room.

He asked me if I ever thought about men. I said no, except for myself. Then he admitted that he was kinda gay. I was ok with it because he's been my friend for a while. He asked me all these questions like if I had touched another guy's cock. I said no, just mine. Then out of the blue he asked if I would stroke his. I stopped and asked if he was serious. He took his hand off his cock and started to stroke mine. IT FELT SO GOOD! I stopped and was in a sort of trance. Subconsciously I took my hand off and stroked his. It was really big. Girth is what got me. Suddenly I was at the point of no return. and suddenly he stopped. I was kinda pissed but then he did something weird, he grabbed it and stroked really fast and I shot everywhere! On the mirror even! I was in heaven, then I felt something really warm on my hand. Jason had come everywhere. In the sink, on the mirror, on the counter, all over my hand. I couldn't believe how much he had shot.

We had some great times that night, but we never did it again. We're still friends and I'm still not gay. Its all good.



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