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First Time With Dick

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I didn't know he wanted it but I learned quickly


When I was in junior high school I was a bit of a nerd and of course that meant that I was attached to that clique. You all remember that situation don't you? Jocks sat at the Jock table, stoners at the stoner table and of course nerds sat at the nerd table. It was just the pecking order and you went along with it. Anyway I became close friends with a boy named Dick, He was a genuinely funny guy and a real brain. He and I would generally get into some sort of high falootin' discussion each day at lunch. After about 3 months of school he finally invited me over to his house.
I remember this day real well because of the snow which had finally fallen and it was only about a week until Christmas vacation. Dick and I walked the mile or so to his house talking about absolutely nothing. We finally arrived and his folks were just leaving. They told us that there were pops and chips if we wanted and that we should watch T.V. downstairs as they were expecting company later that evening.
I come from a large family so I was not used to the quiet and privacy that we were afforded at his house. He got us some pops and a big bowl of chips and we settled down to watch some T.V. on his couch. Now as I said before it had snowed that day so it was a bit chilly and Dick just grabbed a big old quilt and covered the both of us up with it. The couch we were sitting on was more of a love seat so we were sitting with legs touching and soon I, for no reason that I could fathom , started getting hard and not just a bit I was almost uncomfortably raging hard. Dick may have noticed my fidgeting because he said that I was moving around too much. I just sat there for a minute and then stuck my hand in my pants to adjust. Now this he did notice and copped a huge grin. He reached over and turned off the overhead light so the only illumination was from the tube. Then he sorta spread his legs out even wider than they were so I was scrunched into rhe corner of the couch. He then turned toward me and not saying a word undid his jeans buttons. Now I was even more uncomfortable, mostly because I didn't know whether what I thought was happening was or not. Dick usually talked about almost everything but he was quiet as a mouse and grinning like a cheshire cat. Ok I decided that that meant that he was frisky and I was going to do what I had only fantasized about, I was gong to suck his dick.
Throwing caution to the wind I reached over and groped him right through his jeans and I was not disappointed. Hung like a prize stallion it was halfway down his thigh. I wasted no more time with preliminaries and pulled open his fly sticking my hand into his pants to release his fat cock. It was beautiful I judged it to be about 7' and it was also plump around. I looked up at his eyes to see what sort of reaction this was having on him and sure enough there was that freaking grin. I don't know if he had planned this or not but he quickly pulled down his pants and off so that he was sitting there with just his shirt and that grin. I decided to just go for it and lowered my head to his lap and began sucking on that big thing. He laid his hands on the back of my head as if he thought I would quit all the sudden. Not a chance, I was enjoying this and was not going to stop until I made him come. I sucked him for about 5 minutes stroking him at the same time as well as fondling his balls. Now this was the first blow job I had ever given so I don't know as if was doing it right or even pleasing him but all the sudden he pulls my head down with both hands and started squirting and squirting he came more than I certainly had ever. I must say though he really didn't need to hold my head down cuz nothing was going to stop me from swallowing his load.
After he came he flopped back on the sofa and sighed the most satisfied sigh I had heard to that point. He then told me that he had always suspected that I was probably gay and had wanted to see if I would do just what I had done. He said that he would jerk off thinking about ways to persuade me to blow him. I just looked at him and grinned. I didn't think that would be a problem any longer.



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