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First Time With Cousins

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Although this story is primarily about my male cousin and me, his older sister played a big role in this discovery.


Masturbation has always been my favorite pasttime since I was eight years old and in the third grade. I have a cousin who is two weeks older than I am, and it was on Thanksgiving vacation at his house that I quickly learned the pleasures of self satisfaction.

Jimmy was a little squirrely when our family arrived at his house and prepared for Thanksgiving dinner the next day. He and I had engaged in many hours of 'exploring' each other, comparing size and hardness of our little cocks. We were old enough to know that any touch or stimulation would quickly lead to a little erection, and we had many hiding places on their two acre lot that lent themselves well to hours of fondling, squeezing, and exploring ourselves and each other. His mother had caught us in the bathtub just last summer and told us that boys aren't supposed to do those things to each other. That little warning did nothing to stop us.

Jimmy's cock was larger and thicker than mine and he took every opportunity to prove it when we went 'exploring'. When erect, all of his foreskin was pulled tightly away from the head and his cock curved upwards a little. Even though I was circumcised I had more foreskin and I could easily pull it over my head which felt very good at times. My little penis was skinny and straight as an arrow.

Carol was Jimmy's older sister by three years and a tough tomboy. Both of us together were no match for her whatsoever, but we would pick fights with her just to sneak a few feels here and there. She didn't seem to mind at all and got her own share of gropes in. She wasn't at all gentle and sometimes it would seem we were in a death gripe when she mercilessly squeezed our balls through our clothes until we gave up. There wasn't a time we didn't sprout our little erections only minutes after starting these wrestling matches. Looking back on the whole scene, I'm convinced Carol knew exactly what she was doing and enjoyed every minute. Carol was to play a huge role in our sexual development in the future.

That evening we headed to the basement shower which was another place we could feel each other's slippery cocks and soap each other up. Their shower was large, probably eight feet square with a bench and cabinets on one end. We removed our clothes and just as we were about to get in Carol appeared out of nowhere and the fight for the shower was on. We knew if she were to go first, there would be no hot water for us, so Jimmy and I put up a heroic battle, naked as jaybirds, slipping all over the shower floor. Carol was in her usual attire, bra and panties, and we groped every part of her like there was no tomorrow which made her a little angry. We slipped to the floor which was to our advantage, but Carol had a wicked habit of kicking and got me square in the stomach.

It was a horrible feeling, gasping for air in a terrible hurt while Carol snickered and started to stand up victoriously. Jimmy leaped up and turned on the shower which caught his sister by complete surprise. He then tackled her back to the ground in a rage with icey water spraying over them. Her panties became soaked and her pubic patch was clearly visible. Her bra was no different and soon the placement of her pointy nipples was more than obvious.

Slightly recovered, I threw myself on top of them both and grabbed her arm with all my strength. As she jerked away, her bra slipped down revealing two beautiful, soft, white mounds and hard little nipples just inches from my face. We all froze in place, our bodies heaving as we breathed. I looked up at her and to my surprise found she had a crooked little smirk on her face. We agreed it was a stalemate and rolled off of each other hot, red and exhausted out of the cold shower spray. My little cock was so hard it throbbed and ached like never before and Jimmy was in the same condition, but I had never seen it so purple and big.

Even Carol commented on the size and appearance of Jimmy's penis which was jerking and throbbing. We all started to giggle and then Carol again surprised us my removing her bra and panties completely and adjusted the water so it was appreciably warmer. She wet her hair and started to bathe just as though we weren't there. Jimmy and I pretended to wash our hair but stood mesmerized by this maturing girl before us.

Carol asked me to wash her back and handed me the soapy washcloth. I acted as though it was all second nature and proceded to wash her soft skin. Jimmy was busy soaping up the area between his legs and then Carol also started soaping herself between her legs. I could hear little grunts come from Jimmy as he slid his slippery soapy hand over his now bright red penis with Carol intently staring at him.

My washcloth got down to her bottom and Carol leaned forward against the wall and stuck out her butt and asked for me to continue. She said do like it was my own dirty butt, so I awkwardly tried to wash her there, then finally got down on my knees in back of her. The cloth slipped between her cheeks and she involuntarily squeezed them together for just a moment then completely relaxed giving me complete access to just about everything there. I took the liberty of pushing against her hole and she drew back a little saying not so rough. I tried again but she drew away again and then turned around and I was face to face with her shiney, pussy with thin whisps of curly pubic hair. She spead her lips apart and Jimmy rushed over so as not to miss anything.

Neither of us had seen a pussy up close and Carol patiently held herself open, legs spread. Her pussy was red from rubbing it and there were all those folds and soft places that neither Jimmy nor I understood. All I know was that it looked delicious and sensual and by this time my erection was painfully throbbing. We asked if we could touch it and she barked no way, but we were not at all disappointed for this was truly a momentous event for all three of us.

She abruptly turned into the shower spray and rinsed off and we followed suit. Soon we were drying off and we asked for just one more look at Carol's pussy. This time the pubic hair was dry and tangled and she seemed to have an easier time holding her lips apart. Jimmy looked at the wettness and asked what that was, but it must have embarrassed Carol because she promptly wrapped the towel around her and slipped upstairs.

So here are Jimmy and I who had just experienced the moment of all moments staring at each other in disbelief. Our little cocks were both purple with the little veins sticking out and we admitted to each other that it hurt. Jimmy smiled and said he knew something we could do that feels really good, but we would have to wait until later.

Later finally came about nine o'clock. Since their home was small, Jimmy and I were going sleep in the place above the garage which was attached to the house by a small trap door. It was our favorite hiding place although everyone knew about it. We spead our bedrolls out and snuggled in and said goodnight to our mothers. We talked a little about seeing Carol's pussy and in no time we both had erections again and this time the throbbing pain was almost instant.

Jimmy pulled out an object with an electrical cord but the streetlight through the window didn't allow me to identify it. Even when we turned on our flashlights I had no idea what he possessed. Then he plugged it in and flipped the little red switch and the nob on the end started vibrating. He called it a messager and said to put it on my penis. Heck no I said, you do it first and that he promptly did.

The messager vibrated his little penis until it was blurry and then it actually got bigger and purple right before my eyes. Jimmy was bent over staring into space and rocking a little, then he grunted and stiffened his body. Ugh, ugh, ugh, uuuuuuugh he gasped and his face turned red. That lasted only a short time and then he quickly pulled the messager off his penis which was already starting to shrink a little. You have to do this he breathed and gave me the vibrating messager.

I tentatively placed it on the topside of my penis and electrical shock of pleasure shot through my legs and stomach. I felt a tremendous hardness in my throbbing cock that felt better and better and I knew I didn't want it to ever stop. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more a deep intense feeling of pleasure throbbed through my crotch and I found myself groaning ugh with every pulse. Then it was quickly over and the vibration were no longer pleasurable but painful. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced. I looked up at Jimmy who was smiling because he knew how much pleasure I had.

I wanted to do it again, but Jimmy said I wouldn't be able to for a while. I thought he was lying and just didn't want me play with his toy. I laid back in the bedroll and quietly slipped into a deep, restful sleep. I woke up early only to see Jimmy with the messager between his legs rocking and jerking. My little penis went instantly hard at the memories of pleasure the night before and quickly crawled over to watch Jimmy's eyes stare blankly at the wall.

When the messager touched my penis, the sensations began immediately and I knew I had discovered something wonderful. Soon I was feeling that throbbing hardness stiffen my cock and then the pleasurable pulsing and jerking of my body signaled the peak of pleasure. I wanted to do it a hundred more times, but the more I tried, the limper my penis became and Jimmy finally said I told you so.

He said he had to get the messager back in the bathroom closet before anyone got up or else they would know we had it. We were terrified of being discovered and with wobbly knees we sneaked into the bathroom and Jimmy put it carefully back in its case under the heating pad. What a marvelous discovery for a couple of eight-year-olds. Then I began to fret because I had never seen anything like a message at my house. Jimmy said he was sure we had one and I would have to just sneak around and look for it.

We took the messager to bed with us that last night and stayed up as late as we could with those magical vibrations coursing through our little cocks as often as we could. I had to wait over an hour before being able to repeat the pleasure and ended up doing it three times before utter fatigue overcame me. When I woke up, Jimmy had already put the messager away, but not after another pleasurable bout for himself. I was upset but family members were already using the bathroom and I knew he was right.

With three families consisting of thirteen people under one roof, there would be no more time for any messager sessions, but Jimmy and I did have one more chance to show off our stiff penises and fondle.

Later, I would discover that I had experienced my first orgasm. There were many activities with my two sisters and Jimmy and his sister that I knew were naughty, but it was all fun and discovery then. I was too naive to appreciate what I was doing but still knowlegeable enough to know it was titillating and pleasurable.

Much of my sexual discovery was at the hands of my cousin, Jimmy, his sister, Carol, and my older sister, Judy. My other sister, Janice, was two years younger than I and quite a bit more reserved. She was the one we all had to hide from all the time or she would almost always tell our mothers what we were up to. But her turn would come.



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