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First Time With Cousin

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True story of a first time experience


This was my first sexual experience with someone else.. My cousin had come over to stay at our place for a few days-I was 13 and he was 12 at that time. I shared my bed with him while he was over.. When it was bed time the first night, we weren't really feeling sleepy and talked for some time while in bed. Somehow the topic of sex came up and at one point he asked me if I ever experienced 'gooey stuff' come out of my cock. I said I had a few wet dreams where I woke up wet and discovered that. I asked him and he said he had wanked since he was 10. All this talk had made both of us horny. He put his hand around my tummy while we were talking and then moved it down after a while over my stiff cock. Then without saying anything he slipped his hand in my pants slowly and into my underwear. He touched my penis which was hard as ever and caressed my balls. It felt sort of funny because no one had ever touched my cock before, but it was so pleasurable at the same time. He then asked me if I had ever kissed anyone and I said 'no'. He said 'do u want to?' I said 'yeah' and we moved our heads closer and our lips touched and then our tongues made contact. Soon we were french kissing for minutes. I slipped off my pants and underwear and let him touch my penis more as I drew closer to cumming. He started rubbing it like I had never tried before: moving the foreskin which covered the head completely up and down. The head of my penis which had been hardly exposed was extremely sensitive and gave me sensations I had never experienced. In a few minutes I got an ecstatic feeling in my cock and squirted out my milk. My goodness, I had never consciously experienced this before. It was the best feeling ever. As he realised I had cum, my cousin stopped masturbating me and said 'you can touch me too'. It was my turn to return the favour. I pulled down his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his penis was sticking out hard like rock. I touched it and felt the wetness that had resulted from an amazing amount of precum from his excitement. I repeated the movements he had performed on my cock, rubbing it up and down gently. Within a minute he shot out a load of cum and gave a slight moan as he did. We both felt sleepy straight after this and dozed off as if nothing had happened. The next night we were both excited in anticipation, and surely enough we ended up jerking each other off again. This time we also touched our cocks on each others' and rubbed them together till we squirted. Every time he came over or I stayed at his place we did the same until we were about 16 or 17.



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