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First Time With Bryan

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Thanks to everyone that contributes and helps people like me to tell my stories, it is liberating.


At around the age of twelve to thirteen I realised that I was paying more attention to boys my own age rather than girls, although I took advantage of every situation with girls that came my way!

One day (when I was 13) while we were at swimming classes I noticed one paricular new boy that was wearing white coloured swimming trunks. At first I thought they were underpants, but discovered they weren't. For some reason this colour made his penis more obvious as he climbed out of the water each time.

I made sure I stood next to him when we had to finally get out of the pool and get changed, he seemed friendly enough towards me. We got to the point where he was about to takes his trunks off. As he started to slip them off he turned his back on me. I was so annoyed! I got to see his butt but that really wasn't what I wanted to see!

Over the next couple of months I made sure we became good friends and spent most lunch breaks together. Finally the day came when I was able to ask him home for the weekend. Friday night came and we had gone to bed earlyish. We talked about sex etc. a little bit, but neither of us knew much about it, so the conversation was limited. I don't think we even discussed masturbation.

I wasn't sure how to bring it up or take the conversation any further, so I turned the lights off and said goodnight. I felt very frustrated about having him so close but not being able to get things to where I wanted them to be, if you take my meaning!

About fifteen minutes later Bryan was making noises, hard to describe here but part moaning/groaning and part showing frustration. I said 'What's the matter with you?' He said 'I feel like a pull'. (That was the terminology we used in those days) I said 'Well have one, I don't mind.' He said 'I can't be bothered, I'm too tired.' Without even thinking about it I just said 'Well come over here and I'll do it for you!' I couldn't believe my luck! There was silence for a moment and then he said 'Can I do it to you too?' I couldn't believe it, he obviously wanted exactly what I had wanted.

I said he could if he really wanted to!! He got out of his bed and came over towards mine, he stood there beside my bed and slipped his PJ bottoms off. At last I could see the outline of his penis. He climbed into bed beside me and I rolled on my side to face him. My hand went straight to his penis and I remember my first impression was that it had a bend in it!

So I took hold of it and rubbed it up and down gently at first, it was more a case of wanting to enjoy the sensation of holding him at last, rather than wanting to 'pull him off' quickly. As I lay there stroking him I felt his hand go into my own pants and nearly 'died' at the feeling he gave me. I made some comment like 'this ain't bad is it!'

He slipped the rest of his PJs off and I did the same. We lay on our sides and just let our penises lie together. I don't really know how big we were or how much hair we had, not much I don't think. Once we had been lying there for a few minutes it felt like as though we had been closer than brothers all our lives.

After a while of just lying there and holding each other he rolled onto his back again and took my hand and put it on his cock. I started to rub him more quickly now, eager to please him as much as possible. I doubt whether I rubbed him for more than a minute or two when I felt his hand on mine again, gently at first, then more firmly as he came close to orgasm. The moment was not hard to detect. There was no sperm that I remember, just a beautiful feeling of him coming to a point of absolute pleasure and relaxation.

We lay there for a another little while and then he eased me onto my back. Rather than starting to 'give me a pull' right away, he simply caressed me, rubbing his fingers over my cock and my balls, sometimes bringing his fingers up to my stomach and chest, then back down to my erection. When he actually grasped my cock properly and started to rub my foreskin up and down I think I lasted all of 30 seconds. I had masturbated myself many times over the couple of years before that, but nothing copmpared to the feelings that Bryan gave me that night.

He said 'Thanks for that' and then he went back to his own bed. I wanted to lie there and think about it all but went to sleep almost right away. My next conscious memory was at around 5.00am when I woke up to some lovely feelings. Bryan had come across to my bed again and had taken the sheets off me (we were still both naked) and was caressing my cock again. He lay his head on my stomach facing my cock.

That was how Bryan and I discovered each other and our longing to be close in a lovely sensual sexual way. It went on until we were sixteen when I had to move away. But there are many more stories of our exploits, if you want to read more just say so.



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