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First Time With Both Sisters

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This is a true story of the first time I masturbated with both my sisters.


The first time I masturbated with my sisters, my oldest sister was 17, I was 15, and my youngest was 13. During the summer, we had school off, so we would stay home and do chores around the house; dishes, laundry, etc. My older sister had the privilege of putting my parents laundry away this particular day. While she was putting my dads clothes away, she came across some of my dads porn videos. She came running out of the room showing us what she found. I was beyond excited because I had only heard of these videos, but never seen one. I have been masturbating regularly to magazines for a couple of years, but never to actual sex, so I was happy to know that he had these videos.

My older sister asked us if we wanted to watch it, just to see what it was like. I agreed excitedly while my younger sister just went with the flow. We all sat down on the couch as the video started, my younger sister on my right, me in the middle, and my older sister on my left. As the video started, I remember it being a big titted blonde getting fucked on a couch. As we sat there watching, I was starting to get extremely hard. I had to keep adjusting so I kept bumping into to my sisters. My younger sister asked what was wrong and I told her nothing. After 10 minutes of watching the video, the guy finally came all over the girls tits. Both my sisters looked at me with curiosity and both of them started asking if I could do that with my penis. I told them yes, since I had been masturbating for a few years before then. Surprisingly, they wanted to see, so naturally I agreed. As I pulled down my shorts and underwear, my boner came flopping out as it was hard as a rock and I was so excited to be masturbating in front of my sisters and seeing them naked. They would the first real naked girls I would see. As I stood there naked, cock pointed to the sky with a thick bush above it, both my sisters eyes were completely fixated on it. I told them to undress otherwise I would not show them. So they both stood up and slowly undressed. Both sisters had very different features about their bodies, but both turned me on. My older sister had about B-cup size tits with a nice patch of thick bush above her pussy. My younger sister had A-cup size tits with a very light patch of hair above her pussy. I was getting so turned on that I just had to get started.

I sat back down on the couch with both my sisters sitting next to me again. I grabbed my cock and slowly started stroking. I already had pre-cum dripping from the tip because I was excited with what was happening. As I sat there stroking, I kept looking at both my sisters tight pussies and noticed they had had began rubbing themselves while they were watching me. I asked if they would be willing to help me finish. Both of them agreed. My older sister grabbed my hard cock while I told my younger sister to start rubbing my balls. As my older sister started stroking, I leaned back and let out huge moans. I spread my legs wide open so it was easier for my sisters. My older sister then draped her right leg over my left and younger sister draped her left leg over my right. I decided to get really bold and without asking, I took both hands and stuck a finger deep inside both my sisters pussies. They both stopped what they were doing and let out huge moans as I started to finger them. I told them to keep going as I would do the same. So there we were sitting sitting on the couch, both my sisters jacking me off as I fingered both of them. I could tell I was getting close, so I started to finger them faster so they would go faster. We were all moaning as we all were getting close to climax. I told them I was going to cum. I arched my back and buried my fingers deep in my sisters pussies and stopped fingering them as I blew my load all over my chest, their hands, and their legs I shot out three or four huge ropes of cum all over as I kept letting out loads moans. After I collected myself, I continued to finger my sisters to orgasm as they both let out screams of ecstasy as they came all over my fingers. After we were all done, we cleaned up, put away the video, and continued to finish the chores.

It was a great day and the first of many times we masturbated together.



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