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First Time With Best Friend

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When I was a freshman in high school, I had my first boyfriend. We broke up after three months of dating and I was heartbroken. So, I went to hang out at my best friend Maddie's house to try and forget about him. Well after watching several movies she asked me if I could keep a secret. I said of course, and she confided in me that she was bi. I was amazed that she would tell me this, because she had had the same (amazing) boyfriend for over a year and I could not picture her as bi. I told her I was too, because I had recently discovered this within the last month or two.

She asked if I had ever had a orgasm, and I sadly said no. Her eyes lit up and she explained that she would change that answer by the end of the night. With a smile on our faces we went up to her room and locked the door. She slowly took off her shirt as if she were doing a strip tease and I could feel a slight wetness in my panties. Then she started to remove her shirts, and I saw her in her matching lacy panties and bra. She then unhooked her bra and continued to act as though she had done this a thousand times before. Finally, as she slowly slid down her panties, I saw her completely shaven pussy and stared in amazment. I had thought only porn stars did that, and the shock of seeing my innocent friend in the nude with a shaven pussy completely overwhelmed me. I hastily threw off my shirt and shorts to reveal my less than flattering unmatching bra and panties. She walked around behind me to unhook my bra, and after she did so, threw herself on the bed. I took off my panties and laid next to her. She began rubbing her clit and I saw her getting wet. I quickly understood she wanted me to do the same.

After we had been doing this for a while I noticed her muscles tighten. I was confused, but I then saw her shoot out a mess of cum all over her bed. She then turned to me and removed my hands from my pussy. She instead placed them on hers, and I began to rub her. She did the same to me, and as I began to feel my muscles tighen up, she kissed me harder and more passionately than I had ever felt before. I could no longer hold it in and squirted out a wet mess of cum on her already wet hands. Already out of breath, I began rubbing her harder as I felt more cum on my fingers. She then reached over my body and grabbed a toothbrush from her nightstand. I had thought about it when I walked in: 'why is her toothbrush in her bedroom?' my question was soon answered.

She turned on the toothbrush and placed it against her clit. I could feel her vibrating as she pulled her body closer to mine. Soon, my clit was against the toothbrush as well, and I didn't even notice when she turned it off and placed it back on the nightstand. She began thrusting her pelvis into mine even harder than before, and somehow I ended up on my back under her. She kissed me again, and we ended up cumming at the same time.

I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 9:57. Her mom had told us she was going to check on us at ten then leave us be for the night. I quickly kissed her once more and whispered 'we need to get dressed.' Within moments, we were standing and I had her clothes being thrown at me. I pulled on what she threw at me, which ended up being her lacy bra and panties, a pair of shorts, and a lacy tank top. We were soon both dressed, and we kissed once more seconds before I heard a knock on the door.

'Girls! I'm going to bed! Make sure to brush your teeth!' shouted her mom, as we ran to the door and opened it. 'okay!' we shouted in unison as she walked down the hall. I winked at her and her expression made me know that this would never happen again. I was extremely upset by this. We slept in her bed, but nothing else happened. To this day, I still have that bra and panties, and I continue to have dreams about that unforgettable night.



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