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First Time With Another Girl

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I hate Christmas because for some reason, we have to entertain the entire family. Not once in my life have any of them ever offered to put us up or do the work...it always falls on my mom and dad. Naturally the others visiting us bring nothing, we pay for everything, and they do not give or take in the house either. They do no work and they refuse point blank to share rooms. That means me and my sister have to bunk together.


It's not so bad because at least she has a double bed. My single bed was taken by the son of my mothers sister..something I hate because I know he goes through my things and I also know he jacks off in my bed. On the last night for the past three years he has left my bed full of sperm..made no attempt to use a tissue, but my mom is so scared of her sister she won't say anything.

So, Anna and I were snuggled in bed having gone there as quickly as we could, to get away from the utterly false "happy families" that was going on in the lounge. Anna is younger than me and so far bunking with her has not been a problem.

We dozed off quickly, but in the middle of the night I woke up...very unusual for me since I swear I could sleep through an earthquake..in fact, I HAVE slept through one. Anna's hand was around my body, but it was also inside my panties. I had fallen asleep on my back and she on her tummy, but I could tell by the way her fingers were moving that she wasn't asleep now. I stared up at the ceiling, and tried to ignore what was going on but despite the weirdness of it, I was getting majorly turned on.

I haven't had a boyfriend and my sex life is my fingers and my rather dirty mind. I guess I have fantasizes about another girl, but most definitely not my own sister.

Anna's fingers were really working a number on my clit and I could feel the moisture. I could also (this sounds weird) feel myself getting bigger inside. Oh it's difficult to describe, but sometimes, I feel my vagina change shape inside and I need to push three fingers inside or an object.

I felt Anna probe lower and I did nothing to stop her when I felt a finger push in me. One thing for sure, I knew I could not keep up the pretence of sleep because any moment I was going to cum.

Then even as I had the thought it happened. I put my own hand on Anna's and held it tight against me as I rocked against the palm of her hand,

No turning back now.

After, I rolled onto my side and reached up her t shirt, feeling her small tight boobs before slipping my hand between her legs, she stayed on her side the whole time as I fingered her. She was clearly still intact so I couldn't really finger her hole properly..she has that pleasure yet to come....but she was wetter than even I was. As she built she leaned forward and it felt totally natural to kiss her.

Feeling my sister cum was really wonderful.

For the rest of that week from hell Anna and I made each other cum every night...sometimes twice or three times. Anna lost it totally on the third night and as she came she wet herself. Far from being disgusted, it was actually a turn on.

Now, though the family have left and I am back in my own room. Anna hasn't tried to sleep with me since, and in fact hasn't made any reference to what we did. Me? I'm still finding things that my cousin has cum into and I plan to have a showdown when they come back for New Years week.

I rather thought I might just tip the stained items out in the middle of the lounge and ask him why my bras and panties have his sperm on them.

It does mean that Anna and I will be sleeping together again. I hope it leads to more fun.



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