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First time with another boy

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spending a summer with my friend who moved away could have been more enlightening


Its funny I had more adventurous and kinky things happen to me before I was 20 then I have had since. I guess it came from sexual exploration and being game for it all but when I have shared them with girlfriends they always seem shocked. I just chalk it up to being lucky and curious. this was one of those times.

When I was 11 my best friend (john) moved to another state about 4-5 hours away. we would visit each other for a few weeks every summer, this happened when I was 13. John’s family had moved to a rural part of the state and had a big 3 story house with the 3 floor being one bedroom and bathroom which they gave to john. His family was conservative, mine not at all, so when I met Johns new friends I couldn't believe how much they talked about sex, even the girls, but to be honest there was really nothing else to do but talk and play in the fields and woods near his house.

One of the first nights I was there John said that he and his friends had found a bunch of pornos in the woods by the house and asked if I wanted to watch one. “of course” I said I had never seen a porno before that night but I had seen my neighbor naked before when we played Dr. together but never a “real adult” woman. The idea of watching a porno had me almost instantly hard. He put the video in the VHS and fast forwarded it to the first sex scene. I was fixated on the screen as I got my first glimpse of a hairy wet pussy being fucked by a giant cock. I squirmed in my bed as I tried to not give away my hard on as John sat on the floor in front of the TV. He must have heard me and to my surprise he asked if I have ever masturbated, I had been doing it quite regularly for almost a yr by then. I said “yes all the time” trying to act cool, he said “do you want to now?” I was nervous but excited and just said “sure”. Without even a word John paused the movie jumped up and ran to the bathroom he came back with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and said here “I like to use this, but I also do something different.” He then took out a plastic sandwich bag and a sock I looked at him kinda sideways to which his response was to pull down his underwear exposing a long smooth 6 inch hard dick about a foot from me. John was tall, blond, skinny and had fair skin with a little very light almost none visible pubic hair. This was the first time I had seen another boys dick and I was amazed at how turned on it got me. He then proceeded to smear Vaseline all over it and put the plastic bag around it then the sock over the bag. He said “here like this” wrapped his hand around the sock and started jerking off. he had me try doing it to myself but with another bag and sock but I preferred going without.

So we went back to our same position as he turned the movie back on, him on the floor me on the bed. But now my eyes were going back and forth from the movie to him stroking his dick, I can still recall the sound of the plastic bag as he did it. I wanted to get closer to him to see more so I said “I can't really see that good is it okay I join you on the floor?” “sure” he said to which I leaped off the bed and got close to him. As soon as I did that I noticed he was watching me just as much now. As we masturbated he said that he sometimes like to mimic the positions of the actors and that it made it “feel more real.” I was confused but he showed me, he said he does whatever the male actor does and told me to try it to. the actor was fucking the girl in missionary position so John got on all for and reached down to start rubbing his dick, his ass was right near me and the look of his asshole and balls almost pushed me over the edge I wanted to touch him so badly that my penis was oozing precum something new to me at the time. I don't know if John had this planned but he said his arm was getting tired because of the position, so I asked do you want help? hoping he would say yes which he did. I asked what do you want me to do? he put the hand that was stroking his dick on the ground spread his legs a bit and backed up towards me, as he did that the sock and bag fell off his dick leaving his swollen pink cock dangling. I turned and sat Indian style between his legs and was less than a few inches from his ass that really wanted to play with since he first put it up in the air. He then rather boldly put his elbows on the floor raising his as towards me and said go ahead. I nervously reached out and touched his ass running my hand down over his asshole down his balls and grabbed his cock. he was bucking and flinching the whole time as i did this. “whoa” he said “that feels great!” I couldn't believe how good it felt to rub him as I started to stroke him he started to pretend to fuck my hand which got me even more worked up so I started jerking myself off as well. he took more Vaseline and smeared it on his cock and my hand and said he wanted me to do it faster. I took the extra lube and rubbed it on my dick and then without a second thought all over his asshole and balls causing him to moan and grunt, I started to slide my finger into his pink tight little asshole when he clenched up let out a “ahhh” half sounding in pain but half pleasure and he pushed back onto it a little more. We stayed that way me milking his cock and fingering him for a minute or two when he turned back to look at me with wild eyes and said I have another idea, lay down on your back.” I did it as quick as i could lying back my dick was straight up in the air. He grabbed it at first a little too hard which made me jump and started to play with it, his touch felt new and amazing. then he said “lets do what they do” he climbed on top of me and started to grind his cock into mine, i grabbed his ass like the girl on the screen and pulled him into me. he actually started to giggle a little which made me laugh to. I don't think we actually could believe what we were doing. I heard the female actor say “fuck me” so I repeated it and he started saying he was getting close and so was I. There came a noise from downstairs which made us pause instantly and hold still I remember holding my breath and then asking “is it okay.” He paused and said yes he started grinding me again when the actors on the screen switched position he said rather sternly “flip over” the female was now on her belly with the man fucking her. I said “why I am close” he said that this is the game we are playing. so I did nervously, he then climbed on top of me again and I felt his dick resting on the crack of my ass he again spread the Vaseline on it and started to grind against my ass. the feeling of his dick sliding against the crack of my ass was amazing and I was moaning like the actress as he grinded me more. I pushed up into him slightly spreading my ass by doing so, then I felt his shaft running over my asshole again and again. he reached down and grabbed my cock, that was all it took I started to cum like crazy leaving a puddle on his wood floor. I collapsed under his weight and orgasm bliss feeling my cum squish onto my dick and belly while he kept rubbing his cock against my crack. I felt him sit back on my legs so I turned to look as he masturbated with one hand and rubbed and spread my ass with another he said he was getting ready to come he moved closer and I felt him press the head of his dick against my asshole hard like he was trying to put it in. I got scared and squeezed tight on instinct to stop him, with that I heard him moan and I felt his warm cum spray onto my hole and up my crack onto my back then I saw 3 more ropes launch onto the middle of my back. he climbed off and lay next to me...I think at that time we were both feeling a little embarrassed and confused by the craziness that just happened. But that only lasted as long as it took to get to the next scene in the porno, then we started fooling around again. It was the start of an amazing few weeks of sexual exploration between us, we loved to take turns doing everything the actors in the movie did, things I can't speak of here. I hope you like this experience, it is one of my favorite memories to masturbate to. If you like I will post others from past with John and others.



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