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First Time With Andrea

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Best friend's little sister


Growing up, I developed a great friendship with a buddy across the street who was the same age as me, Todd. He had a sister who was two years younger, Andrea, who I always thought was really pretty. When she was in the seventh grade, I couldn't help but get turned on by her developing body, but I was always drawn to her beautiful, thin and smooth legs. Sometimes I'd catch myself staring at her feet.

One day, I was pulling some weeds on the side of our house. It was close to the next door house, so kind of secluded, but had a direct line of sight to Todd's place. I glanced over and saw Andrea in the doorway in shorts and a t-shirt, her hot young thin self just standing there. I waved and she waved back. I sprung an instant boner and my teen hormones took over. With her standing there, I pulled my jeans down and exposed my cock to her. I saw her put her hand over her mouth, and I spit in my hand and started jacking off. She stood staring, and I was jacking passionately for her. Within minutes, I shot huge ropes of cum while I looked at her and her legs, and her eyes got huge. Sperm kept coming, my back arched, and I was panting, out of breath, when I was done. Now embarrassed, I moved out of her vision.

I guess she didn't say anything to Todd because we ran around the next few weeks as usual. I visited once and she started giggling when she was looking at me, but nothing else. I looked at her and she stuck her tongue out. Finally, I got the nerve to visit when I knew she was home alone. I asked if Todd was around and she said no. I asked if I could come in and wait for him. She looked around and said, sure. She was wearing shorts and had bare feet. She sat on the couch to watch tv. I asked if I could watch and she said yeah. I sat on the floor next to her legs. After a few minutes of stupid talk, I started tickling her feet. She was giggling and kicking, and said stop. I sat up and started tickling faster, she took one foot and tried to push me away but her foot pressed into my face. I immediately started licking it. She giggled, then purred, and said, what are you doing? I just said, please...and put her gorgeous toes in my mouth.

She moaned a little and pushed her other foot in my face. I was licking at her toes and feet and breathing heavily. I said, oh my god, Andrea, you are so pretty, your legs are so pretty, while I licked and sucked. I saw her touching her thighs and she was pushing her toes in my mouth. I pulled my rock-hard boner out and started stroking while I sucked on her toes. She pulled her feet away and said let me see. I moved back and pulled my jeans all the way down, sat on my knees and masturbated, fully exposed in front of her. I kept saying, Andrea, you are so pretty, I want you, please watch me, please let me lick your feet. Her eyes were huge again and she lifted one foot back to my mouth. I said, oh my god, I am going to sperm for you, and she took both feet and put them in front of my boner. I grabbed one and licked the top and she said Sperm for me and I let her foot go and blasted. It had to be my biggest cum ever. I shot and shot, the tops of her feet glistened from my hot sperm. I squeezed the last drops out and smiled, blushing at her. She raised her foot to my mouth and said please lick it. I lapped hungrily, taking both her feet and licking up all my cum. I kept licking and she asked how does it taste? I said delicious and scooped some for her. She smiled and said maybe next time, and I ate it in front of her. She giggled again and said she had to go to the bathroom. I said ok, I'll come back when Todd is home. I kissed the top of her foot again and said thank you. It only got better from there.



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