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First Time With an Old Friend

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From someone who'd never even seen a hard cock other than his own in person.


I hadn't seen Keith in a couple of years. He was married to my wife Ann's good friend Katy, and we had become pretty good friends. After they divorced he moved out of town, and though we'd been in touch on a few occasions, we kind of drifted apart. We were still very close to Katy, so I think that probably kept us apart from Keith.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Keith. He said he was going to be in town soon and he wanted to catch up with some of his old friends. I told him that would be great, and I invited him to come over for dinner. It was kind of awkward when he got there at first, but soon it was like he'd never left. We had a good time talking about the 'old' times.

After dinner and a few drinks Ann said she was really tired and went off to bed. Keith and I stayed up and had a few more drinks. We watched some TV and talked about what had been going on in our lives over the past two years. Keith said he'd had a couple of girlfriends but nothing very serious. He mentioned how horny he was and how good Ann looked. He said that he was quite jealous because his sex life was in the gutter.

I was getting pretty tired and told him I was going to bed and he could have the couch. I told him it was ok to use Ann in his fantasies if he wanted to jack off after I left, and we both laughed. He said he probably would then. As I was getting up to leave he stopped me and suggested I stay and join him. I didn't know if he was kidding, so I said 'Yeah right!' He said he was seriously very horny and he'd like to do it with someone. I didn't know what to say. I'd actually never done anything with a guy before, and I told him that. He said it's no big deal, that he'd done it before, though not for a really long time. Apparently he'd done it with another friend before he was married.

I was actually feeling pretty loose and horny myself at that point so I said what the hell. I told him to start. I noticed then that he had a slight bulge in his jeans. He agreed to start, and he unzipped his jeans and pulled them completely off. His cock was now rock hard and having a hard time staying in his boxer briefs. I was starting to get hard myself, and I sat on the couch next to him. He said 'Are you ready for this?' He could see my eyes were on his raging cock. I said I was. I had actually never seen an erect cock in person other than my own. He then slipped the boxer briefs down so his head was poking out. It already had precum dripping out. He then pulled them off and let them slip off down his legs.

His cock was huge, much longer than mine, and a little thicker. I told him that. He said cocks come in all sizes and they're all good. He asked me if I was going to join him. I stood up, and he said, 'Looks like you're ready!' He was staring at my bulge as my jeans went down. I pulled my undies off and stood at attention. He commented that I had a nice cock. I kept my hair fairly short, but I noticed his was almost completely shaved. I don't know if that made it look bigger or not, but it was impressive.

He sat down and started rubbing his large tool. I couldn't stop staring at it. I never thought I would get so excited to watch another man beat off, but I was really enjoying it. I started to pump my own cock and had to slow down because I felt I wasn't going to last long. I stopped for a minute and Keith asked why I stopped. I told him I didn't want to cum yet and I was enjoying watching him.

He asked me if I wanted to pump his cock for a while. I hesitated a while and thought about it. I started wondering what would happen if Ann came in and saw us. Would she be upset or turned on. Suddenly I didn't care. I moved closer to Keith, and he let go of his member, and I took hold of it. Wow! It was a new feeling having a different cock than my own in my hand. Definitely felt bigger, and man was he hard! He leaned back, and I started rubbing his cock from bottom to top. I took the precum and lubed him with it. He started moaning saying this was actually the first time he ever had another guy jack him, and it felt awesome. He admitted he was now thinking about Ann doing this to him and he hoped I didn't mind. I said I didn't and told him to imagine she was sitting on his face while I stroked his hard cock. He told me that was going to put him over the edge. After a couple of minutes of me stroking and squeezing his cock and balls he told me he was going to cum if I didn't stop.

I asked him if he wanted to cum now. He said no because he wanted to feel my cock in his hands. So I stopped, and he paused to catch his breath. He then leaned over and grabbed my leaking cock and started to stroke it. At that point I was really wishing he would suck my cock. I couldn't believe I was thinking that, but I love having my cock sucked. I let that thought go not wanting to go too far.

I told him I was not going to last long and I wanted us to come together. I thought that once one of us came the other wouldn't be in the mood any longer. I then grabbed his cock while he stroked mine. After about a minute I told him I was going to cum. He stroked faster and then so did I. I actually came first with three long ropes of cum, the first of which hit my chin. Then three more shorter spurts came out all over his hand and my cock. Seeing me cum put Keith over the edge, and he shot four huge ropes all over his chest and stomach and the rest over my hand and his cock. I have to admit it was one of the best cums I'd ever had!

After cleaning up I told him I was really going to bed now. I mentioned I hoped that Ann wasn't awake and ready for sex. Don't know what I would have done then as I'm not that quick to recover. Turns out she was not awake. The next morning Ann asked Keith how his night was. He said it couldn't have been better. I have to agree!



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