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First Time With Alan

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 at the time Posted on: 1 comments
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By the time this happened, I had been jacking off for about three years, but had been ejaculating for only about six months.


Alan and I had known each other since we began kindergarten. We were close friends as were our parents. I started masturbating when I was ten and having dry orgasms. Just after I reached 13, I began ejaculating. At first it was just a few drops, but after a few months I could shoot five or six ropes of come if I hadn't orgasmed for a week. Although the pleasure was irresistible, I was ashamed of what I was doing, and desperately concealed it. I was hugely afraid of Alan finding out, and never imagined that he might be as addicted to jacking off as I was. We usually spent the weekend with each other, sleeping over at each other's house. On this fateful Saturday night, as we usually did we showered together. While one of us was in the shower, the other waited in the bathroom for his turn. Ths time I went first, and since I hadn't come in a week, I got a huge hard-on while in the shower which refused to go away. Naturally Alan couldn't fail to see it when I got out to dry off. My dick was long and thin as I guess all 13 year old boys' are. Alan's certainly was as I found out later. When Alan saw my hard-on, he exclaimed saying how big it was, and asked why I was so hard. I hemmed and hawed, and blushed profusely. This amused Alan who said not to be ashamed, that his dick got hard too. Then he speculated that it was hard because I hadn't jacked off recently, asking if this wasn't so. I blushed ever more deeply, and eventually admitted that he was right. Next he asked me to jack off while he watched. For some reason that I'll never understand, I did as he asked. He watched avidly as I jacked away, and after a few minutes of this, I began to come. It began with a flow of thin white stuff followed by 6 or 7 ropes of thick white come. When the spasms ended, Alan exclained, 'God, what a load. It must be weeks since your last come.' By then, he was hard too, and had been gently jacking while he watched. My orgasm inspired him to greater effort, but his orgasm was much less than mine which he explained by volunteering that he had jacked off twice before I came over. We cleaned up the mess on the floor, Alan showered, and we returned to his bedroom. That night, we slept in the same bed nude, and did each other for the first time.



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