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First Time With a Man

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I must say that I really enjoy this site.
I have always been a horny guy and have wanted to experience some sort of masturbation with another guy. I am 37 and believe it or not, I am still a virgin. I take pride in this as not many people in general can say that. Well, I am an avid wanker though and have had more than my share of moments with myself.
However, this past October I was talking with a guy and we seemed to connect well as friends. We were in a very public and noisy area and so he said to go with him to a place where it was more quiet and private. He took me to this quiet park, which was very well treed and had plenty of bushes as well. We sat on the park bench and talked about the usual.
I need to add here that I had caught him staring at my crotch area a few times. I guess he was wondering what I had in my pants. You see I am 6' in a relaxed state and 9' when erect. So trying to keep my rod from being too noticeable in my pants can be difficult. I cannot hid the bulge that I have either way.
Anyway, as the conversation turned to sex, which I thought it would, I confronted him about staring at my groin. Well, he got a little red faced but said he did wonder how big I was since it looked big inside my pants. I told him I was 6 inches relaxed and 9 erect. He didn't believe me. So I said that if we found a more secluded area I would show him on the condition that he would show me his package as well.
We found a small clearing off the main path that went through this park. We then proceeded to take our shirts off. I should mention here that for October it was fairly warm which was unusual. We are both athletically built which was a great turn on for the both of us. We then simultaneously took our pants and underwear off. He nearly passed out when he saw my dick. He couldn't believe how big I was and I was still fairly flaccid. He was a small guy though he was about 3' flaccid and 5 erect. I said to him that if he wanted to touch it he could. I couldn't believe myself when I said that as no one has ever touched my manhood except me. He promptly reached out and grabbed my cock and proceeded to work me into a full blown raging erection. More intense than I have had in a long time. I also grabbed his cock and balls in my hand and proceeded to pump him up.
Well after about 4 minutes of working each other, I let go of his dick because I was about to cum and told him so. I went down on the ground with him and lay there while he gave me a good two-handed job. I was writhing and thrusting into his hands. I started to shake with excitement. The precum was flowing more so than usual. I wanted him to take me in his mouth but he wasn't comfortable with that just yet but he did say that he was having enough fun playing with my large pole. Then I was starting to convulse with pleasure as he grabbed my bag sensing that I was close to cumming. Well this sent me over the edge and I blew several shots of cum over my head then on my chest and stomach. Some of it bounced off of me and landed on his chest. He kept pumping me until all the cum was out. I was blown away at how intense this was and couldn't believe that I just had another guy jack me off. I told him to give me a minute to pull myself together and then I would do the same to him.
I told him I would take him orally since he was interested but he said not this time. I proceeded to start with his dick and balls by rubbing them. He felt kind of embarrassed because he was apologizing that his wasn't big enough to really grab a hold of. I told him that his was nothing to be ashamed of and take pride in what he was given. I got him to his full erection and it didn't take long for him to start shaking. I was teasing a little by occasionally bringing my mouth close to the head of his dick. Once I did manage to just quickly lick the top of his head. This put him over the edge and he came all over his chest and stomach. A little got on my face as I had licked him and was still fairly close to his dick when he shot off. He was shaking with excitement as I continued to pump his cum out of him.
We then exchanged smiles and winks. We both couldn't believe we had done this as we had never done this with a guy before. We then grabbed some leaves to clean ourselves up. Once we did this we stood to get dressed but he grabbed me again and gave me a big hug and kissed me on my face then down my chest and stomach. He then gave my pole a kiss and a big suck and lick. He told me that next time we would do things orally. We got dressed and then went to our cars and proceeded home.



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