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First Time With a Guy - Part Two

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This is part two... plenty more where it comes from, comment if you'd like. Thanks to the ones who already did.

This is Part One for those who missed it.


Ok...I saw the comments...here's part 2. Enjoy!!
Dave pulled his hand away, and I sat up, moving towards him. I got within arm reach of him and grabbed his cock with my left hand, squirting lube on him with my right hand. I started to slowly stroke him, my hands slipping up and down his dick. I grabbed his balls and started to roll them in my hand as I stroked, feeling the hot skin beneath both of my hands. I started a rhythm up, feeling his heart beat as I sped up a bit, but still causing him great pleasure. I maintained this for a while, focusing on his head a lot, feeling precum leak out of him like a hose. He started to tense up, his breathing increasing, toes curling... and I let go. We both had agreed to make it last as long as we could, so we kept stopping right before we'd come. He took my cock back in his hand, and began stroking again. It didn't take long for me to get to the 'point of no return,' so after about a minute I was about to cum again. I pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock again. This went on for about an hour, after which, decided it was 'time.' I grabbed his cock for the last time that night and began stroking slowly, torturing him. I toyed with his balls, gently pulling at them and rolling them. His head came up off my pillow, his legs bent a bit, his toes curled...and then it happened. He hissed loudly as a stream of steaming hot semen flowed out of his cock, drenching my hand. I kept stroking, the semen making quiet squelching noises as I pumped, as he breathed heavily. I kept at it, milking all of the semen out of his twitching cock. After his breath returned to normal, I stopped, and pulled my soaked hand off of him. There must have been a gallon if cum there, I swear! He grabbed a towel that I had gotten and began wiping his abdomen and cock off, not saying anything. I sat there while he did so, stroking myself a bit as he cleaned up, using his hot boy juice as lube. He looked at me and said, 'Wow...' and then grabbed my cock. I leaned back, allowing him easy access, and watched his hand pump my dick.
I started to breath heavily, feeling my balls tighten under his massaging fingers. He stroked slowly, but not tortuously as I had done. I felt my hips starting to pump, meeting his strokes as they neared the base of my spear. My legs bent and my toes curled, I heard myself moan as my seed gushed forward. It flew upward, making long ropes between my dick and whatever it connected with. One hit my chest, the others the towel beneath us. I was in ecstasy; the feeling was incredible, far beyond anything I felt while handling myself. I think I moaned a few times, but can only remember one loud one as soon as I came. After I had calmed a bit, he released me and hurriedly wiped my semen off with a towel. I sat there, exhausted, as my dick cooled off. Eventually, I grabbed a towel and wiped up, putting all of the towels into the laundry. When I returned from the bathroom later, he was already asleep, so I lay down and relived the night in my mind.
This was the first of near 50 times since then. We also tried oral, but that's for next time!! Comment if you want more mutual j/o stories or whatever else...thanks for those of you who already have.



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