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First Time With a Girl in the Woods

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This was my first time I ever did anything sexual with a girl and it was great!


Kate was is great girl I know from school. We'd been hanging around in school quite a bit and I started to get quite a crush on her. We'd become close friends so when summer came we kept in touch and went out a bit, just as friends.

One such meeting took place in a park close to our houses. I say park but most of it is wooded and there's a lake. Kate looked great in her summer get up (I was used to seeing her in school uniform). She had her dark her down to her shoulders and she had a strappy top on and shorts with a thong underneath and sandals which always turn me on as I have a bit of a foot fetish. I got an erection the instant I saw her and struggled to walk. We walked around the lake talking about all sorts of stuff and we eventually got onto the topic of masturbation. We were both virgins and hadn't done anything with the opposite sex but we both admitted we masturbated several times a day. My erection swelled up again and Kate noticed. Then she came out with, 'We should masturbate together sometime!'. This was too much for me, I wanted to whip it out right there and then, but there were people about.

I finally replied to what she had said after thinking about this indecent exposure, 'Hell yeah, I'd love to masturbate with you, shall we go to your house or mine?'

'Nah, let's do it in the park, it will be more fun!'

My heart was pounding by then and I agreed. There I was with the girl I fancied like crazy and we were about to get off in the park!

We walked on a bit to a more secluded spot and went into the woods to find somewhere where we wouldn't get caught. It wasn't long before we were in the thick of the trees and no-one would have been able to see us from the path. Kate pulled me in close and we kissed, then she grinned a sexy grin 'I make you hard don't I?' she said.

'You sure do, you're so sexy I could just eat you up right now!' I came out with.

'Well you make me wet and I think of you every time I fiddle with my fanny so get your jeans off and let's have some fun!'

I didn't need telling twice. I pulled my jeans and boxers off and my hard dick sprang out and Kate's eyes widened. 'Wank' she said, and I started rubbing furiously. She pulled her shorts off and her thong and laid down on the ground with her legs apart and in the air, exposing her sweet pussy in all it's glory and frantically rubbed her clit with one hand and used the other to finger herself with two fingers. I just looked at her on the ground going at it with herself and her pussy with a small amount of pubes above it and her bare legs and ass and her sweet toes with painted toenails...it was all too much for me and I shot a load of cum all over the ground. Kate was still going however and started making noises and groaning which got louder until she let out a deep sigh as she orgasmed herself.

I laid down beside her and we kissed passionately. I fondled her breasts through her top and she squeezed me really tight. I started necking her as I had heard girls liked that and moved my hand to her pussy to see if I could get her off. I plunged my fingers into her wet pussy and fingered her hard and fast, occasionally letting off to give her clit attention, trying to copy what she had just done to herself. She grabbed my stiff cock and started wanking me. 'Oh Tom, I'm going to cum all over your hand! Oh, ohhhhh!'. She let out a little scream and tensed her hand round my cock as and shot a load all over her legs.

Having satisfied each other we made out some more and eventually put our clothes back on and left the park. Needless to see we went a lot further not long after and months later we're still going steady and we've got even better at pleasuring each other!



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