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First Time With a Girl

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I've seen one or two requests for first time experiences, so this is my first time masturbating with a girl, any comments welcome.


I was about thirteen at the time, and had discovered the joys of masturbation about a year earlier when I also started to take an interest in girls. I used to masturbate frequently, often thinking of the girls in my class at school, in particular one called Jenny who had long blonde hair and was in my view as perfect as could be. In reality I was too shy to even say hello to her, never mind ask her out. Silly as it seems the more I fancied someone the less able I was to talk to them. My practical experience of girls was therefore zero and most of my sexual excitement came from photos in magazines and catching glimpses of my classmate's knickers if they bent too far over or sat in a revealing way. School skirts were rather short at this time.

It was the half term holiday and I had gone out cycling to the shops and by chance met a girl from my class, Janet, who was also out on her bike. I liked Janet, not as much as Jenny, but she was okay. She was a few inches shorter than me, slim, with shoulder length ginger hair and had quite a cute face. In fact that's how I thought of her, cute rather than attractive. I also found her fairly easy to talk to, she had an elder brother and I think that made her more used to being with boys.

We said 'Hi' and chatted for a while. It was a change to see her dressed in jeans and a T shirt rather than her school uniform, her tight jeans showing off her lovely bottom which was nicely rounded and pert. Janet then asked me if I'd like to come to her house and listen to some music and I said yes. I did quite fancy her and I was not going to turn down the chance to spend some time alone with her.

We cycled to her house and found that we had it to ourselves, her parents were at work and her brother was out. I followed her up to her bedroom where she put on some music and then the two of us lay on the bed, side by side and talked. I was quite relaxed and realised that being so close to a girl on her bed was beginning to get me a bit aroused. Suddenly Janet leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I was a bit surprised but thrilled too and did the same to her. Seconds later we had our arms round each other and were kissing on the lips. It was nothing too erotic, no open mouths or tongues, but she was the first girl I had ever really kissed properly and it felt wonderful. She broke away from me and laughing said that she could see I was enjoying it, pointing at my crotch. I realised that the kissing had given me a huge erection that was visible under my jeans and had been noticed by Janet.

I became really embarrassed and started to apologise and tried to hide it but Janet said it was okay it just showed I liked her. She then asked me if she could see it. She said she'd seen her brother's penis but never when it was stiff. I could feel myself blushing as I made excuses, as there was no way I could take it out for her I was far too shy and embarrassed. She then asked me if I'd ever seen a girl 'down there', and I said no. She said that if I let her see my 'willy' then she would show me her pussy. Curiosity got the better of me and I agreed.

Janet swung her legs off the bed, removed her shoes and socks, then stood up and started to unfasten her jeans. I did the same, heart pounding and fingers trembling as I struggled to undo the belt on my jeans. Janet pulled her jeans off and I saw her knickers, white cotton briefs with little pink flowers on them, that sight alone would have been enough to give me hours of blissful future masturbation. My jeans followed, my erection tenting out my underpants at the front, straining at the material.

We stood facing each other on opposite sides of the bed, both a little nervous and embarrassed about making the next move. With a little smile Janet's hands went to her waistband and she quickly pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them. I didn't get much of a view since when she straightened up her T shirt still covered her down to the top of her thighs. It was now my turn and I grasped my underpants and pulled them down taking them off completely. As I did so my erection sprang out and I could feel my cheeks burning furiously as I stood facing Janet, my stiff penis pointing straight at her.

We both got back on the bed and I lay back, my penis standing up like a flagpole while Janet looked at it. 'Can I touch it?' she asked, and I said okay. Her fingers closed round the shaft and she squeezed lightly, then she pulled on the foreskin causing the swollen purple head to push through. This alone practically had me cumming and when she started to gently rub her hand up and down the length it was too much. I mumbled to her that I was going to cum and then my penis was twitching, shooting out three or four streams of sperm that landed on my groin and ran down her hand. My embarrassment now reached new levels, no one had ever seen me with an erection before never mind see me ejaculate. Janet though was thrilled, she'd never seen a boy cum before and thought it was marvellous. She licked some of the sperm that was on her hand, pulled a face, and told me it tasted salty. She then got some tissues and wiped up the sticky little pool that had formed on my stomach and in my pubic hair.

Once done she told me it was my turn to look, and she lay back, pulled her T shirt up to her waist and opened her legs, raising her knees at the same time to give me a better view. Her pubic hair was curly and ginger, matching that on her head. Through it I could see the outer lips of her pussy, which were pouting slightly open. 'You can touch me if you want' she told me. Nervously I reached out and touched her thigh, her skin felt warm and soft as I ran my fingers along it and then into her pubic hair. Finally I touched her pussy, and with some encouragement from Janet, I started to explore further, stroking along the lips, which felt warm and moist to me. Janet seemed to be enjoying my touching, and with my confidence growing I asked her if I could see her breasts. It was now Janet's turn to be a little hesitant and embarrassed, as she didn't seem too keen, telling me 'they're not very big'. I knew Janet's breasts were rather small and not as big as some of the other girls at school but I told her they were big enough.

A bit reluctantly she agreed on the condition that I took my T shirt off too as she didn't want to be the only one in the nude. I quickly stripped off and Janet removed her T shirt revealing a little white bra with pink flowers on that matched her knickers. She leaned forward, unclasped it and took it off, and there were her breasts. They were rather small but nicely shaped, with puffed up nipples that stood out proudly. They were the first breasts I had ever seen, and to me they were beautiful which was what I told her, much to her delight. I asked if I could touch them and she nodded. My hand went to her little mounds, squeezing and fondling them, her nipples becoming harder as I rubbed them between my fingers.

Janet then asked me if I ever masturbated, she knew her brother did and thought most boys did it. Slightly embarrassed I admitted to her that I did do it occasionally, and she then told me that she did it too. This came as a surprise to me because it had never occurred to me that girls masturbated, I thought it was a boys thing, although it wasn't something that any of us really discussed. She then asked if I'd like to masturbate with her. My penis was already stiff again with all the touching and feeling I'd been doing to Janet and I really felt like relieving myself again. Besides she had already seen me cum and I was curious to see what she did to herself, so I agreed.

She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, one hand playing with her nipples while the other started to stroke between her legs. I propped myself up on one side and watched her, my left hand stroking my penis as I did so. I was fascinated as I watched her hand go to work, rubbing herself, then pushing one, then two fingers into her pussy which seemed to be getting wetter and more open all the time. She was breathing quicker and both hands were now rubbing frantically between her legs, as I too started pulling faster on my penis while trying not to make myself cum. Suddenly she squeezed her thighs together tightly on her hands, her bottom lifting off the bed as she gave out a little moan. I realised that this was Janet cumming and so I pulled hard on my erection making me cum too. I managed to spurt again with my sperm this time landing on Janet's stomach. It was the best ejaculation I had ever had.

We both lay there naked and recovering when we heard a noise downstairs, the front door was opening and we realised it was her brother. In a panic we both leapt up and started grabbing our clothes and getting dressed. We had just about made it when he came up the stairs and poked his head round the door to say hello. Judging by the smirk on his face, and probably the flushed faces Janet and I had, I think he guessed we had been up to something but little could he imagine quite what.

Following this afternoon Janet became my girlfriend and we spent many happy hours exploring and masturbating one another. We never had full sex since we both agreed we were too young and were frightened of the consequences, but we found many ways to enjoy one another without going the full way.



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