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First Time With a Cousin

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This a great site for a guy my age and divorced for years.


I was 14 and my cousin was 13 and almost 14. His family lived in the next town, both small towns. I could walk to their house easily, which I often did during summer vacation from school. About that time, we began talking about getting boners and masturbating. Each of us had just begun to spurt loads of cum. We talked about girl cousins and getting them to take off their panties and showing their smooth bare cunnies.

From there we progressed to get hot and began comparing our hard cocks; we were both about the same size and got real hard at that age. Mine pointed up toward my chest when hard, and his was straight out and thicker than mine. Sometimes we would be in his room or often we went out to the garage to get away from the possibility of being busted.

Usually we talked about younger girls, one day he popped a new one on me by asking if I had ever seen my mother naked. I didn't know exactly what to say because I was embarrassed. Actually, I had but didn't want to admit it to him until he told me that he had peeked on his mother several times through a crack in their bathroom door while she was taking a bath. He told me about her tits and how they looked soft and bounced around.

We were both hard with boners by then, and he said that my mom had really big tits and I should try to peek on her. I then told him that I actually had seen her naked a couple of times late at night when my parents left their bedroom door partially open. He then started asking me how they looked, and I told him that he was right; she had really big tits with big dark nipples and round circles around them. When he asked if I looked in her dresser drawer for her bras, I admitted that I often did that to get real hard by feeling them. I told him that they were 42DD, and he said holy shit! His mom had 38D and he thought hers were big.

By this time we both had our cocks out and were stroking when he asked if I would like for him to rub me off. He said he did this with another cousin and it was better if someone else did it to you. So I let him start rubbing my cock, and immediately I reached over for his and started slowly stroking it. He kept breathing hard and kept asking me to describe my mom's big tits. I started to pick up the pace because I was reacting to my own impending orgasm. He hunched over, and I could tell he was about to squirt his cum. He began panting and I could feel the spasms start, which brought on my own orgasm. It was the best one I had ever had and spurted out all over the garage floor. Then I saw, almost at the same time, his huge ropes of cum as he was grunting.

From then on, all I had to do to get him hard was to tell him of other times I had seen mom's bare tits. Of course, I got hard as hell, too. Shortly after those meetings, we both had sex with a girl cousin of his who was a couple of years older than and we had developed a really nice body. We did jerk each other off a few times after that, but always talked about her body to get hot.

I am glad that I discovered this site;for an old guy it is a good substitute for Cialis;)



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